Queen’s massive body suddenly plummeted down and hit Beasts Pirates’ ship.
The ship’s side couldn’t stop his enormous body, and he fell straight into the sea.

“That good-for-nothing.
You guys, go and fish him out!”


Queen left the battlefield at an even faster speed, making King who was fighting on the ship speechless.
He had to rely on his men to fish up Queen as he was an ability user and couldn’t swim, moreover he was also fighting and couldn’t just leave.

Fortunately, the Beast Pirates had the advantage at the moment, and it was easy to spare a few people to help.

Moreover, Queen was also somewhat related to this advantage, as the pirates who were freed up by Queen defeating the enemy were able to go down and rescue him.
Besides ability users, there is almost no one in the crew who couldn’t swim.

Swimming is a required course for survival in the sea.

And the feat of knocking Queen down into the sea with a single blow could only be achieved by one person and i.e.
Byrnndi World.
As the battle between the ship’s officers came to a close, King looked up at World in the sky with some caution.

It was the Geppo technique, and World had learned it from who knows where.

His condition was not good.
One of his eyes was swollen shut, and the Armament Haki that covered his entire body had dissipated.
This was a sign of exhaustion.

Although he was gasping for air, King had no intention of letting his guard down.
A starved camel is still larger than a horse, even in a nearing death state, pirates like these monsters can still deliver one final blow.

Judging from how he was able to knock Queen down with a single strike, although his condition was bad, he still hadn’t lost his fighting strength.

The most critical issue was that World appeared here again.
Then, what happened to Kaido, who was fighting him?

However, Kaido, who followed right behind, dispelled King’s doubts.

“Hey! Don’t run! I was just starting to enjoy myself.
I haven’t encountered an opponent worth going all out for in a long time!”

He didn’t do much during John’s incident, and just profited from it.

After John, he didn’t encounter another opponent of this caliber.
If it weren’t for possessing this bug-level skill, he would have to exert a lot of effort to deal with World during this period, and it might even take several days and nights.

Although Kaido had just been overpowering World in the previous battle, at this level, it is very difficult to keep the opponent if they are determined to escape.

Not long ago, World made a feint and used the maximum amplification of 100x speed on himself, disengaging from the battle with Kaido.
In this situation, Kaido couldn’t match World in terms of speed.

World’s body couldn’t withstand using 100x speed amplification another time.
The reason he retreated is firstly because he was unsure if he could penetrate Kaido’s defense with this attack, and secondly because he noticed that his subordinates were at a disadvantage.

He still had some feelings for his subordinates who had not betrayed him yet.
Even if he could defeat Kaido, his pirate crew would no longer exist, including his elder brother.

That’s why he has made the decision to retreat.

Byojack, who had spent many years with World, also understood his intentions.

“Sebastian, come back quickly! Gairam! Emergency plan!”

Kaido didn’t know what Byojack’s emergency plan was, but he wouldn’t let him have his way.
His body ignited with flames and he headed straight for World’s ship.

“Kaen Daiko!”

Under the flames, a shield barrier was added.
With the indestructible characteristic of the barrier, there was no reason not to use it in the attack.

The members of the Beast Pirates quickly ran back to their original ship, and King also quickly broke away from the battle to evade.
However, World did not back down in the face of the giant dragon that came crashing down.

“I am Byrnndi World! Amplification: 100x speed!”

His body was already unable to withstand the added strength.
This kind of strength amplification was also a burden on the body, which was one of the reasons he practiced full body Armament Haki.

Facing Kaido’s attack, he had already overdrafted his body.
Even before the collision, several cracks had already appeared on his skin, and blood was flowing out from his nose and mouth.

After a brief stalemate between the fist and the giant dragon’s head, World was knocked down, but he also successfully blocked Kaido’s attack.
When Kaido was about to continue his attack, World’s ship suddenly underwent a massive transformation.

During the short exchange between Kaido and World, Sebastian had already returned, and Gairam had directly unleashed Cubreak.
The ship disintegrated and reassembled into a new structure.

“Amplification: 50x Speedboat!”

The ship’s engine began to run at full power and it surprisingly rushed out at an exaggerated speed, and in the blink of an eye, only a white line left behind by the ship remained on the sea.

This is Byojack’s emergency plan, and also World Pirates’ retreat plan.
Gairam used his ability to enhance the ship’s structural integrity, allowing it to withstand the burden of acceleration.

Later, the engine is run in overdrive to take the ship to a safe zone, but the downside is that it can only go in a straight line and can cause irreversible damage to the body of the ship.

Even Golden Lion with his ability can’t keep up with World.
Relying on this ability he can always break through the Marine’s encirclement before they close in, which has made more and more people hate the World Pirates.

With too few people, they cannot defeat him; with too many people, they cannot keep him.
Yet, he has both immense strength and a strong inclination towards destruction.

As they watched World Pirates run away, the people of Beasts Pirates looked at each other helplessly.

“We won, right?”

“What nonsense are you talking about? Of course, we won! Boys, get ready to party!” Displeased, Kaido scolded his subordinates as he changed back into his human form, and at the same time, he also found a reason to hold a party.

Although there were casualties in the battle, it’s nothing unusual for pirates to have casualties.

They also feel sad, but they do not dwell on their sadness.
A party is always a good place to vent emotions.

Among the officers, there were not many casualties, but their strength was depleted.
The most pitiable one now seems to be Queen who fell into the water.
He was too heavy, and a group of subordinates had to use all their strength for a while to pull him out.

Arceus’s supply ship also came over, but it seems that the supplies are not needed for now.

“It’s been a few months, and you finally came out.
Did you make that thing?”

“I made it.
I’ll tell you slowly after the party is over.” If he told him now, he would have to emphasize it again when he sobers up, so Arceus did not waste his time.

On the other side, World Pirates also withdrew to a safe distance.
But compared to Beasts Pirates, their condition was much worse.
World was collapsed on the deck, and several officers were also seriously injured.

Just when they wanted to take a break and reorganize, gunshots rang out, and several bullet holes appeared on World’s already wounded body.

“What are you guys doing!”

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