On the ship, a few men in black had appeared at some point, and even many of the remaining crew members were standing on their side.

World Pirates had split into two factions at this point.

The leader of one of the factions was a member who had joined the pirate crew just recently.

“We’ve been getting along pretty well for a while, but unfortunately, we’re not your companions.
Finger Gun!”

After shooting World, who had fallen to the ground, a few more times, they breathed a sigh of relief when they were sure he wouldn’t suddenly get up.

The situation suddenly changed, and the orders from above to lay in wait for the World Pirates and trap them in a siege, turned into a play-it-by-ear approach, to see if they could take down the heavily wounded World

This was an opportunity.
If they waited for his injuries to heal, they would likely have to pay a greater price to capture him.

After observing, the undercover agents on the ship believed that the World Pirates have entered a rare state of weakness.

The captain was heavily injured, and the two main combatants, Gairam and Sebastian, were also injured and were severely exhausted.
The only one who was unscathed was Byojack, who had no combat ability.

That was why the rebellion was launched ahead of schedule.

“You ba*tards! Why did you let World Government’s agents sneak onto the ship?! You’ve been on this ship for a long time.
Aren’t we comrades?!”

Byojack’s tone was filled with sadness.
The new people who sneaked onto the ship were secret agents, so their actions were reasonable, but the rest of the people, including some of their companions who have been with them from the start, have been crew members for many years.

They actually chose to rebel and even pointed their guns at their own comrades

“I’m sorry, Brother Byojack, but Captain World has gone insane.
He actually wants to destroy the World Government.
How could that ever succeed? And besides…”

He couldn’t speak the rest of the words for a while as if he was too embarrassed to say them, so the CP on the side took over the conversation.

“And we promised them that if we can capture World and his officers, everyone else’s charges will be pardoned.
If you don’t want to suffer, just surrender.”

Thinking of his brother who was lying down in a pool of blood, Byojack endured the pain and shouted, “I, as the acting captain, declare that World Pirates is now temporarily disbanded.
Everyone should prioritize survival and break through separately!”

World Pirates, who had just broken through to a safe place, were thrown into chaos again.
Sebastian and others, who were severely exhausted, could only struggle to break through their traitorous subordinates.

“Kampo Kempo Secret Medicine: Ginseng Newcomer!”

The ship’s doctor, Nightin sprinkled a powder over her own people, briefly stimulating their energy.
Although there will inevitably be a price to pay afterwards, there is no time to hesitate at this moment.

Sebastian used his last bit of strength to hold several officers in his arms, and jumped into the water, taking multiple bullets as he did so.
He relied on his Fish-Man’s stamina to escape into the distance.

Although these officers were able to escape, World was already captured, making this plan a great success for them.

“Umm, sir, we have done as you instructed.

“Oh, you mean the pardon? We will do it.” The moment he said that, a finger gun pierced through that person’s chest, and the rest of the CP agents also began to act.

Facing these superhumans cultivated by the World Government, these foot soldiers were no match at all.

Their main goal was to bring back World.
Without World, his few officers could not cause any trouble.
These people who rebelled are unstable factors and naturally had to be eliminated after the matter was over.

“How could the government forgive the pirates? There are always naive people who will believe in such stupid talk.”

“Isn’t this good? The more fools there are, the smoother our plans will be.”

Actually, it’s not absolute.
After a few more years, the Seven Warlords of the Sea system will be proposed.

Being selected as one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea means being a special pirate with a legal right to plunder.
But even these pirates need to demonstrate their value.
Common lackeys without any background don’t have the qualifications to negotiate with the World Government.

“How did the photo collection go?” After restraining World with Seastone handcuffs, the agents led him to the target location.
As long as they hand him over to the prison ship, their mission will be considered complete.

At the same time, the leader of the agents asked his subordinates a question.

As a spy agency of the World Government, they also moonlight as the best profession – photographers – obtaining photos of certain wanted criminals.

“We’ve taken pictures of almost all the officers, and as for these ones, we can let the people above decide for them later.”

He pointed to the small camera in his arms, looking like he can be trusted to get the job done.

A few days later, the banquet of Beasts Pirates had also ended.
They had occupied nearby islands and gained a foothold in the New World.

The celebration has ended and it’s time for business.
The island where Kaido and World battled has become a deserted island.
Arceus transformed it into a cemetery for Beasts Pirates.
The deceased members’ tombstones have been placed here.

For most pirates, this is an unprecedented act as the common fate for many of them is a burial at sea.
They float aimlessly on the sea, and few people care about the ordinary subordinates who died in battle, let alone arranging a cemetery for them.

This action has slightly improved the sense of belonging of the Beasts Pirates, making them feel that the messy rules of the Beasts Pirates are quite worthwhile.

The banquet has ended, the deceased have been buried, and most of the injured have been treated.
What’s left is the reward promised by Kaido.

The most basic reward is material goods, which is also the thing that most pirates need.

Regardless of whether it’s alcohol or anything else, they must spend money to purchase it within the territory.
Acier introduced a discount for crew members to purchase goods at cost, but opposes any form of freeloading, in all senses of the word.
[Here freeloading also means whor*ng]

Likewise, if someone really wants to freeload, they still have to pay for it.
The s*x industry on the seas has always been very developed.
He knows that this kind of thing can’t be controlled, and even the Marines don’t prohibit it.

He can only establish regulations that prohibit harassment of ordinary civilians.
It was a bit difficult to implement at first, but after Shayna dealt with several typical cases, it got much better.

However, it cannot just be punishment without rewards.
At this point, the rules that Acier and Arceus had previously discussed came into play.
The person who receives the ultimate reward must be someone who has not violated any rules for a continuous period of time.

The first person to rush onto World’s ship this time happened to be such a person, and he was also the first one to jump down and rescue Queen.
So he became the first beneficiary of the Beasts Pirates.

“Babanuki, come up here.
Today, I will let you know why you must show respect to him as Lord sacred beast!”

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