Rotary machine gun replaced the arm, metal parts replaced joints, and with special neural connection technology, Queen completed his modifications in just one day.

Although Scotch’s body became much bulkier after the modification, he still maintained his combat effectiveness.
With his talents, this actually served to enhance his fighting abilities.

Even in the New World, not everyone is proficient in Haki or capable of cutting through steel.
In many situations, cyborgs can actually play a more significant role.

However, there are still few people willing to modify themselves, so the greater attention was focused on Babanuki.

“How long has Babanuki been sleeping?”

“Two days and two nights, it’s already the third day.
Who knows what’s going on with him.”

From curiosity to bewilderment, to now discussing spiritedly, ordinary pirates thought Babanuki would get a huge sum of money or something else, but it seems that the result is too different.

It wasn’t until noon on the third day, sixty hours after Babanuki fell asleep, that he opened his eyes.

“Hey! Guys, Babanuki’s awake!”

The surrounding pirates rushed over to surround the awakened Babanuki, and then curiously asked, “It’s already the third day, what did you get in the end?”

“We can talk about it later, do you have anything to eat?”

The duration of learning time mainly depends on talent.
Shayna mastered Swords Dance to a proficient level in seven hours, Kaido did it even faster, while Babanuki took sixty hours, which was two months in the learning space, and moreover, he only reached the entry level.

At the same time, it also brought spiritual exhaustion and physical hunger.
The other pirates have been feasting all this time, although not as grand as at the beginning, the food has always been abundant.

He went directly to the side to eat, and only stood up again under the urging of the pirates.

“Don’t be in a hurry, let me show you what I got.”

Saying that, he looked around as if looking for something suitable.
In the end, a half-buried giant boulder caught his eye.
He walked up to the boulder and then embraced it with both arms.

“Are you still dazed from sleeping? Could it be that you want to pull it out?”

The exposed part of the boulder was taller than others, and the part below the ground is unknown, and it may even be connected to the rock layer below.
They knew what Babanuki was capable of, and this was impossible to achieve.

However, in the next moment, Babanuki’s arms seemed to expand twice their size, and with a roar, he dragged the half-buried boulder out of the ground and lifted it over his head before throwing it towards the distant sea.

He was quite lucky.
It was just a broken part of a boulder, and although the bottom part’s weight wasn’t light, it was not “deeply rooted”.

Seeing the shocked expressions of the pirates around him, Babanuki felt a special sense of satisfaction.

If you just get the strength and can’t show it off in front of others, the effect will be much worse.

Although using Super Strength skill consumes more energy, the resulting strength was entirely worth it.
Previously, he would have been too exhausted to throw this stone so far, let alone a stone buried in the ground.

“See that? If you want this power, go fight and go find what we need.
As long as you can bring these things back, you all have a chance to get this power!”

Money may disappear, but power would not.
Those who have set foot on the path of pirates would not dislike having too much power.

Babanuki’s performance almost stirred up a new wave of frenzy, and Arceus’s position was elevated even higher.

Not all pirates could be fearless, and there were also many cautious ones.

Since the source of power was Arceus, and Kaido only negotiated with Arceus, he could not command the other party.
In other words, if they could gain Arceus’s approval, they could also gain power.

Thus, a special group was born in the Beasts Pirates, a group that pushed the ‘licking dog spirit’* to the extreme, but their goal was Arceus.

[TN: *It refers to a person who is willing to do anything for something, often to an excessive or even self-degrading extent.]

Under their instigation and the temptation of power, Arceus’ position in the Beasts Pirates continued to rise and he became an object of worship.
With Shayna as the core, a prototype of a religious group was born among the early members of the Beasts Pirates.

At the same time, some information was also circulated in the black market.
The pirate’s underground world is very chaotic, with complicated relationships.
Even notices requesting the heads of Marine leaders could be seen here.

Anyway, they dared to spread any kind of information, but whether anyone would trust it was another matter.
The information about the Beasts Pirates was also spread around, where they were targeting some minerals, Zoan-type Devil Fruits, specially shaped plates, and so on.

However, the black market is ultimately not reliable, and Arceus’s current policy was just to cast a wide net.
Therefore, a high reward was also posted in the black market.

In the black market, hard currency is still gold, and items like Devil Fruits, Treasure Tree Adam are stable and have guaranteed value, and even Berries is slightly inferior to them.
The reward that Beasts Pirates offered was in Berries.

Moreover, there are many troublesome things in the black market, such as shady deals, fraud, and entrapment by law enforcement.
Anything that one can imagine can happen in this place.

The most important things in the black market are reliable strength and excellent vision.

As for intermediaries, they are intermediaries when your strengths are equal.
However, if your strengths are not equal and you enter this ruthless market, your biggest luck is to be able to leave alive and free.

Then, it was the development period.
Kaido, Arceus, and Shayna split into three groups to search for the traces of the plate on nearby islands.
After all, Kaido still needs to stabilize his territory, so it was better not to venture too far away for the time being.

Meanwhile, the Beasts Pirates were also developing their economy.
Many things cannot be solved by force alone, and Berries is also very important.

For example, the materials needed for shipbuilding, a timber that can produce high-quality keel, are pricey in the black market, as it can almost determine the lifespan of a ship.

With Babanuki as an example, the members of the Beasts Pirates became even more fierce in battle, especially Babanuki.
This reward is not something that can only be obtained once.
With the Super Strength skill, he now often wields heavy weapons and charges at the front line.

Everything was developing smoothly until the arrival of News Coo.
In addition to newspapers, these News Coos also bring the latest bounties.

It was precisely this bounty that caused Shayna to flip the table again, and the flames of her outburst even ignited the room.

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