It’s just that Arceus was not very satisfied.
He found that granting abilities directly seems to consume a great deal of energy.

Arceus has the ability to create legendary pokemons like Dialga and Palkia, but he needs to rely on the power of plates.
Currently, he only has two plates and his power is not intact, so this consumption seems to be a bit huge.

But it also verified what he found about his own ability.
With the human body as the foundation, he can directly impart the Pokémon’s abilities, but at the cost of his own energy.

The “ability user” that appears from this is not afraid of sea water.
To be precise, the ability users are not afraid of sea water or Seastone, but a special component called “PYROBROIN”.

It is precisely because there are a lot of PYROBROIN particles in Seastone that it nullifies the ability of Devil Fruit, and the seawater in this world also contains PYROBROIN component, so the sea have the same effect as Seastone on those ability users.

And this particle has no effect on Pokémon’s abilities.

As for conserving energy, Arceus already has an idea.
One is to transform the Devil Fruit, or try to transform people who have eaten Devil Fruit.

Of course, he has to experiment a lot of times to know the result.
Now, it is time to see the specific effect.

Shayna’s body didn’t change much, she just grew a few centimeters taller and besides the flames at her back, fierce flames also erupted out on her feet and wrists.

By transforming the bloodline, the Pokémon ability is just like Devil Fruit, and Shayna’s ability at this time is Blaziken’s ability.

Saying it in terms of this world, it should be called the Bird-Bird Fruit-Mythical Zoan-Blaziken Form.

And what he has imparted is the final form, and the ability imparted is fixed.

If he created a Pokémon directly, it can slowly evolve from its initial form.

However, if he imparts the ability, then they have to go through him if they want to evolve from the initial form.

As for why he chose Blaziken, it is because Lunarians use flames.
Shayna is expert in kicking, and one of the two plates he has at this time is of Fire Type.
He is able to create an attribute as long as he has that attribute’s plate.

The energy consumption of creation is proportional to the strength of the person who has been imparted the ability and the strength of the Pokémon itself.

At first, he wanted to try to create a fire-type legendary pokemon, but the energy consumption caused him to dispel this idea for the time being.

The scarlet mask was covering most of her face and her long white hair was parted on both sides and hanging down, and the outside of her body was covered with red feathers.
At this time, she was in a human-beast form, but the difference between Blaziken’s beast form and this form was not particularly obvious, and partially exposed skin was the only characteristic.

But in that case, no one can recognize her original identity, and it’s not as if there weren’t people with dark skin.

“Well, now you both have ability.
Since you think you won’t lose if you fight 1 on 1, then try again.”

Hearing Arceus’ words, Queen’s forehead broke out into cold sweat.
Just now, he was only acting stubborn as he didn’t want to admit defeat.

Shayna or King, who had no ability, were already very difficult to deal with.
Now Shayna has suddenly obtained an ability, and it looks similar to Mythical Zoan’s ability, then fight what?

Looking at Shayna, who was getting restless, Queen put his hope on Kaido.

“Forget it, forget it, everyone will be on the same side from now on.
Fighting and killing will just harm the peace, don’t you think so, Big brother Kaido?”

He hoped Kaido would stop them, but he didn’t get an answer.

So, he looked towards Kaido, and found that his face was red and his eyes were wandering around as if he had seen some great treasure.

The wine jar in his hand had fallen to the ground at some point and shattered.

This was followed by a burst of uncontrollable laughter.
The turbulent sea is bound to become more interesting because of this, Kaido thought.

Creating ability users out of thin air, compared to feeling shocked at the emergence of this power, he feels that the changes brought about by this power are the most important.

“Amazing, amazing, such a perfect power.
Queen, you are joining my pirate crew, right?”

“Yeah, Big Brother Kaido.
That’s why it’s not good to fight among ourselves.”

“No, this is the best way to show your worth.
As the captain, my first order for you is to fight her again, and this time it would be 1 on 1.”

He wanted to see what this ability was.
He was just a spectator to the fight just now, so if they fight again, he would be able to better perceive the changes.


Queen was confused about Kaido’s request.
At this moment, he has an illusion that he had stepped on the wrong boat.

His mood was very complicated right now.
He does not have Lunarian’s bloodline, and neither does he worship Arceus.

And he also doesn’t have Kaido’s psychological qualities.
Seeing an ability user appear out of thin air, he was just excited as it was too magical.

Magical enough to break his common sense of all these years.

And the next few minutes could be said to be the darkest few minutes of Queen’s life.

Shayna, who got Blaziken’s ability, has completely changed.
Her physique greatly improved, especially the strength of her legs which has increased by who knows how much times.

Blaziken can easily jump to a height of thirty floors with its leg strength.
When this strength is converted into kicks, even Zoan users will find it difficult to block, not to mention that the temperature of the flame attached to them is countless times higher than before.

After a few rounds, Queen lay down flat on the ground as he simply chose to admit defeat.

While Arceus on the side was full of disgust at Kaido.
A burly man several meters tall showing such a creepy expression, he could feel goosebumps all over his body.

“Is this the ability you speak of?”

“Yes, you find the plates for me, and I can impart similar abilities to the people you choose.
By the way, the more plates, the stronger my ability, and the stronger the abilities I can create.”

As for whether someone will betray him or not, since he was the one who imparted the ability, he naturally has a way to take it back.
It is completely impossible to use his abilities to deal with him.

“No problem, where are those plates? I can’t wait, let’s go find them now!”

“If I knew where those plates went, would I still need to make this deal with you? I just need more people to inquire about their news, and I can sense the plates if they are near me.
By the way, do you have a Devil Fruit? I also want to try other things to see if I can transform ordinary Zoan abilities into Mythical Zoan, so that the ability can be preserved for a long time while you slowly look for a suitable person.

He did not say that direct transformation is too strenuous, but changed the reason.
As for why Zoan-type fruit, it is because Zoan fruit has specific features.
They can not only impart abilities to inanimate objects, but also have their own unique will.

It would probably be more strenuous to transform fruits of other types than to directly impart abilities to people.

“No, they are very rare, but I am thinking of creating a Zoan users army, so I’m going to look for them slowly.”

As they were talking, a plump black-purple fruit rolled over to their feet.

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