Of exotic breed and somewhat similar to dragon fruit, it seemed to be covered with bat-wing-like branches and leaves as it stopped at Arceus’s feet.

“This thing is Devil Fruit, right?”

Arceus was bewildered at its grotesque patterns.
This was the first time he was seeing this thing.
It was supposed to be a Devil Fruit, but he couldn’t comprehend how it appeared.

Known as the rare treasure of the sea, its market value is estimated to be at least 100 million Berry according to future price, and even the current price is an astronomical figure.
And if the ability of a fruit is known, it will only be more expensive.

One second ago Kaido was saying that it is a rare thing, the next second it rolled over to him.
This situation was so magical that he was a little confused.

Standing beside them, Queen looked at the fruit that had rolled over and was confused.
After being completely crushed by Shayna, he was somewhat in a bad mood, but he could say nothing, so he vented his anger on the things on the roadside.

There just happened to be a box of apples placed next to him, and an ordinary wooden box naturally couldn’t withstand his kick.
Among the apples that rolled out, there was this fruit.

Kaido bent over to pick up the fruit.
He feels that he hasn’t sobered up yet.
The way this fruit has appeared is quite magical, but it doesn’t matter.
Something like Devil Fruit, there was no reason to not take it.

As for why Arceus didn’t pick it up, because he doesn’t have hands and he cannot use telekinesis, and he refuses to pick it up with his mouth.
According to his estimate, he can solve this problem after he has a few more plates.

And if it won’t work, he will just go and look for Human-Human Fruit.

“Worororo, no matter what one say my luck is really good, but I wonder what type of fruit of it is.”

“I’ve read the Devil Fruit illustration book in the research institute.
Looking at its patterns, it should be Dragon-Dragon Fruit-Ancient Zoan-Pteranodon form.”

Queen thought for a moment, and then took out a rubbing from somewhere to compare it.
There are no Devil Fruits with the same abilities.
Only when the previous user of a fruit dies, then that fruit will randomly appear somewhere in the world.

Many of the abilities that have appeared in the past have been recorded in the illustration book.
Previously, MADS’ research also included Devil Fruits.
The members of MADS were from all over the world, and there is no lack of people with broad fields of knowledge among them.
So, they naturally had an illustrated book, which is the rubbing drawn by Queen.

“Is it an ancient type, or a flying type? It looks quite rare.
Muhahahha, a kick caused a Devil Fruit to appear, as expected of me.”

No one knows how many Devil Fruits there are, but Zoan-type fruits have the most sub-classes.
Mythical Zoan, which is claimed to be rarer than Logia-type, and Ancient Zoan which is rarely seen across the world, are all rare-types of fruit.

Among these fruits, those with flying abilities are even rarer.
Not all powerful people can fly.
Even a special skill such as Rokushiki-Geppo, only a few people know.

The sea occupies most of the area in this world, and mastering the ability to fly almost means occupying the advantage of the venue.
In the sea, destroying the opponent’s ship is enough to cause devastation to many ability users.

Therefore, in naval battles, the main goal of some ability users is to protect their ships.

Just now Arceus said he needed Devil Fruit, and a Devil Fruit soon appeared.
Kaido turned to look at Arceus beside him.

“Now that there is a fruit, what do you want to do?”

“Of course, it’s modification! Ancient Zoan’s Pteranodon, right? I am going to try an idea of mine.”

This time, it would no longer be a single plate, but two plates.
He is not going to use the power of attributes, but the pure power of creation contained in the plates.

Shayna’s Blaziken is the result of the evolution after he controlled his own power to apply an attribute, and now he wants to try if he does not guide and apply an attribute and just simply mutate it, what will happen.

In the fruit, he even sensed a special will, but facing Arceus’ powerful pressure, it quickly chose to surrender.
Kaido saw as the Devil Fruit in his hand changed and a grayish white color covered the fruit’s surface.

【It is much easier.
Random mutation is indeed much easier than fixed mutation, but such mutation seems to be determined by the type of fruit itself.
There are not enough parameters, so I still have to try many things.

Thinking this, he said to Kaido: “It’s successful, but I still want to make some more attempts.
One fruit is not enough.
Alber, eat this fruit.”

Shayna already has ability.
Queen and Kaido are ability users themselves.
The original characteristics of the Devil Fruit he transformed still exist.
You can only eat one and after eating it, you will be powerless when encountering seawater, and completely turn into someone who cannot swim.

But for the Lunarians who can fly, it doesn’t matter whether they can swim or not.

“Do you want to eat it? This thing is very unpalatable.
Its taste is something that you will not be able to forget for your whole life.
It is even more unpalatable than feces.”

Queen whispered in King’s ear.
After King ate the fruit, he was afraid that King would be able to defeat him.
So, he could only try to deter him verbally, but Shayna didn’t let him.

“Really? So you’ve eaten that thing?”

“Hm? What are you talking about? I am an ability user, didn’t you see it?”

“No, I mean you’ve eaten feces, so that’s how you know it tastes worse than feces?”

“It’s well known in the sea! Don’t you know anything? You bastard!” Queen didn’t know who said it, and how they made the comparison, but the rumors about Devil Fruits have always been such.

He couldn’t allow Shayna to put this accusation on him.

Kaido is also an ability user, why didn’t he say such a thing? It means you really have tried it.”

“….” Powerless and furious, these can perfectly describe Queen’s current state.
Neither could he outspeak her, not defeat her.
Because of her experience in the research institute, Shayna felt hatred for everyone from the research institute.

It couldn’t be counteracted by beating.
It wasn’t easy for Arceus to judge whether Shayna has a poisonous tongue attribute or she is specifically targeting Queen.

However, their behavior did not affect King’s movements.
He took the fruit and ate it without hesitation, moreover he ate it in one whole bite.

“You are really a resolute person.
One bite of it was enough.
Just by taking the first bite, you would have gained the ability, and the rest is just trash.”

King didn’t pay attention to Queen, instead he placed his attention on the huge changes that his body had undergone.
His skin has turned ash gray, and his entire body had transformed into a huge pterosaur.
Although it was still a pterosaur, Queen was sure that it was not Pteranodon as there were sharp teeth in its mouth and its stone-like skin was different from Pteranodon.

King’s ability is now called Aerodactyl.

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