Asteria: Dead island

Chapter 2: A Deserted town

It was a Monday afternoon in the fall of 2015 a group of High school students just left school and are on there way to there secret hideout in the woods.

”I want to explore more of the woods said Damien are you guys down? ”The group nods in excitement all agree, Maybe well find something cool to bring home.

They arrive at the edge of the forest the tall oak trees towering over them covering the sky leaving the forest slightly dark,There hideout wasn that far, in fact it was a 5 min walk from the edge, but the goal was further in then that

The group arrives at there hideout a tree house built by all of them including there parents. It had everything they could ever need including a slide to get down.

But this wasn there objective today

they walked past only to glance in its direction.

(10 mins go by)

”I think we
e lost ” stated Anna ”do you guys remember which way we came? ”

”Don worry about it ”replied Simon ” Ive been marking the trees. ”

the group heads deeper the grass starts to get taller and the path seems to get more and more narrow.

Then out of nowhere Damien trips and falls, little did he know there was a massive cave opening right in front of him.

As he started Falling his eyes grew wide with terror, there was no ground beneath him just a hole, dark pitch black the hole seemed to have no end.

The group seeing him fall try to help him but to no avail fail. His screams echoing against the cave wall as he falls.

It terrified them then

( Crunch )

he had hit the bottom.

April started crying screaming Damiens name.

”what are we gonna do?

we have to call the police! ”

”Screw that I Im not letting my friend die ” screamed Ezekiel.

Seeing him sit on the ground and enter the hole woke them up and they started following.

They all took out there phones and screamed Damiens distorted body laying on what seemed to be a stone platform

”HELP ” screamed Damien ”HELP ”

e coming ”screamed the group as they slowly made there way In. As they climed down they realized this wasn a cave at all but a man made room it seemed older than time itself. there wasn any new looking objects here, tribal relics littered the corners.

The floor has circles and strange letters where engraved Damiens blood filling the cracks like it was ment to.

The center of the room had an alter with a rams horn on it.

The group rushed to Damiens side and as they did they stepped on the engravings.

The horn shot up into the air, a blinding light came out of nowhere, it was like being sucked into a black hole.

Before they knew it they had all been swept up and sucked into the horn.

They where in a tornado the group was being thrown around and Damien was flying around lifelessly.

Simon reached out to Anna and April and grabbed them, then Ezekiel came after.

But Before they could grab Damien something hit him sending him off into the distance

”slam ”

the group hit a hard surface and blacking out.

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