Chapter 1 – You can only become the protagonist after going through a lot of hardship and hard work.

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“Do you have any last words?”

Under the moonlight, Zhan Qingchen stood with her sword pointed above his head, staring down at Shu Shi.

Shu Shi was lying on the ground, his chest had been pierced, blood rushing out like a fountain that instantly dyed the surrounding ground red.

A direct hit to the heart, his death was certain.

Judging from the wound, he would not survive less than half a burning incense stick.

“It’s finally all over…”

Shu Shi was a transmigrator.

He was forcibly transferred to the cultivation world.

But unfortunately, he was not the protagonist of this story.

As a villain, his role was merely a tool to draw hatred from everyone.

Destined to be a tool, he knew what fate awaited him.

Fortunately, Shu Shi got the system.

According to the system prompt, as long as he played a role based on the plot and eventually died under the heroine’s sword, he would be reborn as the protagonist in another world.

And finally that day came!

“You can only become a protagonist after going through a lot of hardship and hard work!”

“Finally, it’s my turn to have some fun!”

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Zhan Qingchen slightly furrowed her brows and asked in surprise “You’re going to die soon, how can you still laugh?”

Could this man be going crazy?

Shu Shi returned to his senses.

The woman in front of him was wearing a white dress, her facial expression was cold, and she looked like an extravagant fairy under the moonlight.

Zhan Qingchen.

She was the chief disciple of Tianji Pavilion, the number one genius of Linlang Kingdom.

She had already practiced Qi at the age of eight, built a foundation at the age of 10, and entered the Realm of Golden Elixir at the age of 21!

Her beauty was alluring, her temperament was refined, and she had been in the top five of the Stunning Beauties list for many years, and had countless fans from various countries.

She was the perfect heroine template.

They were both mortal enemies who had fought openly or secretly.

But how can a villain be her enemy?

Although Shu Shi had all sorts of means, all he could do was obey the plot arranged and pressured by Zhan Qingchen from all directions.

Recalling the humiliation he suffered so far, Shu Shi felt hatred in his heart.

“I’m going to die soon anyway, it’s better to leave a memory for her.”

Shu Shi’s eyes rolled, and he said with a cough.

“Cough, cough! Come closer, I have something to say.”

Zhan Qingchen hesitated for a moment, but immediately moved towards him.

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If someone was about to die, his last words usually had an important meaning.

After all, this devilish demon had only one breath left, so there was no harm in letting him finish his last words.

“Closer, I don’t have the strength to speak out loud.”

“Alright, let’s just consider it a good deed.”

Zhan Qingchen leaned over slightly and turned her ears.

“Go ahead, I’m listening.”


Shu Shi suddenly grabbed her wrist.

Zhan Qingchen’s ex

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