se, do you want to let her join the sect?”

Su Shi hesitated for a moment and shook his head, “I thank you for your offer, but I don’t want to involve Qing’er in the dispute between Righteous path and Demonic path.
She is a Super-grade perfect talent, she will be the second Zhan Qingchen.
The presence of another super genius in the Demonic path will only create ripples in the Nine Regions, and If the Imperial Dynasty and Righteous path take action against Bai Qing, I’m afraid the consequences will be unthinkable.”

“Okay, I understand.”

Yun Qiluo nodded, but did not force the issue.

Su Shi said carefully, “Your Majesty, you are not angry?”

After all, he had refused the Demon Empress’s invitation.

Yun Qiluo smiled lightly and said, “Of course I’m not angry, it’s enough that I have you.”

After saying that, she realized that something was wrong and hurriedly changed her words with a red face, “I mean, it’s enough for me to have you as my disciple.”

Bai Qing beside him was stunned.

Didn’t they say that the Netherworld Demon Empress was the most cold-blooded and heartless?

But this woman in front of her was so beautiful and charming that one couldn’t take their eyes off her.


Land of the Great Cloud.

At the top of a mountain in the clouds.

Two figures sat facing each other.

The two figures were still shrouded in clouds and mist, and their voices were indistinct, “Qingchen, you have made a breakthrough?”

Zhan Qingchen nodded, “There is an inheritance opportunity in Tianqu Mountain, and this disciple has entered the Middle Stage of Golden Elixir Realm.”

“Not bad.”

Sikong Lanyue said in satisfaction, “It seems that this trip to the Northern Region was not in vain.”

Then she asked, “What about Su Shi? What about him?”

Zhan Qingchen replied, “Su Shi is the top of all tests, and his realm has already entered the Late Stage of Golden Elixir, so no one can match him.”

The air became silent.

After a long time, Sikong Lanyue sighed and said, “I’m afraid that no one will be able to stop him in the future.”

Yun Qiluo is very protective, Feng Chaoge would not dare to act rashly.

But if this child is allowed to grow up, will it be a blessing or a curse to the world?

Zhan Qingchen hesitated for a moment and said, “Master, actually Su Shi is not a bad person ……”

Sikong Lanyue wondered, “What do you mean by that?”

Zhan Qingduan said, “In the secret realm of inheritance, Su Shi has helped many times, not only helped this disciple pass the test, but also saved everyone’s life in the end.”

“If it weren’t for him, this disciple would have fallen in the secret realm.”

The monster pretended to be an ancient emperor and the secret realm collapsed and shattered.

If it wasn’t for Su Shi, several people would have been buried along with the Immortal Palace.

Sikong Lanyue froze, “Really?”

Zhan Qingduan nodded, “That’s absolutely true.”

Seeing that she didn’t seem to be lying, Sikong Lanyue fell silent.

The best time for the Demonic path to get rid of the Righteous path’s Heavenly Pride was this time.

But not only did Su Shi not point the sword at her, but he even saved Qingchen’s life?

Yun Qiluo was so cold-blooded and crazy, treating human life like grass, how could she train such a disciple?

The clouds were swirling, obviously not calm inside.

“No wonder you and Chen Qingluan blocked Han Chen, so Su Shi is actually your life-saving benefactor?”

“He is also this disciple’-“

But this is something that Zhan Qingchen dare not say.

Thinking of what happened in Tianqu Mountain, her eyes were cold and her face was icy, “Su Shi didn’t do anything evil, just because his talent is too strong, he deserves to die?”

“Feng Chaoge is too unreasonable!”

Sikong Lanyue shook her head, “For the Imperial Dynasty, how can there be any distinction between good and evil? As long as the Imperial family is threatened, they are all enemies.”

Zhan Qingchen’s eyes lit up and she cautiously said, “Master, why don’t we bring Su Shi to become one of us?”

Sikong Zhangyue: “Hmm?”

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