Chapter 133: As a Woman, I Feel Ashamed of You

She walked to Yan Xia’s side and her cold eyes swept across Ji Guomin, before finally landing on Tong Manyun.

Her eyes were emotionless and her words were equally as cold, “As a woman, I feel ashamed of you.”

Ji Guomin was indeed a shameful thing, but Tong Manyun was not much better.

“You have a wound on your neck.
It must be a result of this man’s abuse, right?”

Tong Manyun subconsciously covered her neck.

Ji Guomin looked at her fiercely.

Tong Manyun quickly denied, “No, no.
I accidentally bumped into something.
It has nothing to do with my husband.”

Her daughter had already given up her husband.
Of course, she couldn’t produce herself as another witness!

Jiang Yu remained expressionless as if she had already guessed how Tong Manyun would react.

“You were once a victim of domestic violence but now you want to be an accomplice to it.
You’ve suffered the same pain yourself, yet you insist on forcing your daughter to accept it.
You can’t resist it, so you decide to do your own share of abuse instead.”

“Do you have a heart? Are you worthy of being someone’s mother?”

“When it comes to domestic violence, there is either none of it or an unfathomable amount.
He’s not hitting you now because he favors the one in your stomach, not you.
You have your own hands and feet but you want to be this man’s slave.

As she said the last sentence, Jiang Yu’s eyes were filled with disgust.

She turned to Yan Xia and said, “Aren’t you going to take him away? What are you waiting for? The New Year?”

The young man behind Yan Xia was already moving to detain Ji Guomin.
Tong Manyun was a little confused by Jiang Yu’s words but when she saw Ji Guomin being handcuffed, she immediately became emotional.

“No! Officer! This can’t be! If he’s taken away, what will I do?!”

Tong Manyun shouted, “I don’t have a job! If he goes to jail and doesn’t go to work, the company will definitely find out! If the company finds out that he has this on his record, they will definitely fire him and then he won’t have a job!”

“Without a job, how can he support us, mother and son?! What will I do then? I will not be able to stay alive! I will starve to death at home!”

As Tong Manyun threw herself at him, Yan Xia was concerned because she was pregnant.
He even moved aside to avoid touching her stomach.

As a result, Tong Manyun grew even more fearless.
She deliberately bumped into Yan Xia because she knew that he didn’t dare touch her.

“If you want to take him away, then take me with you! We can go to jail together.
That should be enough, right? Will you be satisfied then, Ran Ran?”

She still wanted to drag Ji Churan through the mud even at this moment.

“Ran Ran, I know that you hate us in your heart.
Now that we are going to be taken away by the police together, are you happy? Becoming an orphan, you got what you wanted, right?”

Ji Churan clenched her fists and said slowly, word by word, “With parents like you, I would rather be an orphan.”

Ji Guomin said, “Listen to what she said.
We gave birth to her and raised her, and we’re at fault? She’s saying we shouldn’t have given her clothes, food, shelter? She’s so heartless, and you lot are not doing anything about it? You only know how to bully honest people like us?”

The voices of these two people were extremely loud and the door was wide open.
Slowly, a crowd of people came to watch the show.

Watching a crowd gather, Ji Guomin became arrogant again, “Everyone, come and take a look.
My daughter wants to sue me! I gave birth to her and raised her.
I gave her a life and wants to lock me away in jail! I raised an ingrate! In the future, you guys have to be careful too.
Maybe one day, the child you raised will bite you back!”

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