Chapter 170: 100,000 Yuan.
Will That Be Enough?

An Yimin said nervously, “Sir, are you alright? Are your injuries serious? Do you want me to send you to the hospital?”

Ji Guomin bent over.
“Aiya, I’m in so much pain.
I can’t straighten my back.

An Yimin wanted to support him but he was afraid of hurting him any further.

He said helplessly, “Hold on.
I… I’ll call an ambulance for you.”

“There’s no need for that.”

Ji Guomin grabbed his hand.
“There’s no need to call an ambulance.
You’ve injured me.
You just have to compensate me.
I don’t want much.
10,000 yuan will do!”

An Yimin was stunned.

How could someone ask for such a sky-high price?!

He looked at Ji Guomin’s sinister eyes and finally understood.

Why was this person really injured? He was clearly trying to cheat his money!

That’s right.
He had just been walking and it was Ji Guomin who had bumped into him.

He was thinner and weaker than Ji Guomin.
He was even knocked back a step, but Ji Guomin had looked just fine.
Then, he opened his mouth and asked for money.
It was clear that this man just wanted to extort him!

An Yimin frowned and said, “Sir, you are clearly not injured.
How can you lie about this?”

“Who says I’m lying?!” Ji Guomin raised his voice.
“You’re the one who wants to skip out on your debt!”

He grabbed An Yimin’s hand tightly and even tugged at him.
He shouted, “Who here is your child? How can you refuse to admit when you’ve injured someone? What kind of parent are you? The child you raised must be a liar as well!”

“Everyone, come and take a look.
Let’s see if this person still refuses to admit he’s wrong!”

He shouted loudly to attract the attention of the people around them.
He continued to cover his chest with his other hand and pretended to be weak.
“Ah, it hurts.
I’m injured.
It hurts so much.
Ah ah ah ah…”

The parent-teacher meeting was about to begin.
An Yimin did not want to continue arguing with him but this person continued to hold on to him tightly.

An Yimin has never met such a scoundrel before.
For a moment, he did not know what to do.

He had always been an honest man.
He has never been angry at anyone, let alone quarrel in public.

Now, facing such a scoundrel, An Yimin’s face turned red.
He felt angry and helpless, “How can you be so unreasonable? I said I wanted to take you to the hospital but you refused.
If you go to the hospital for a check-up and if there really is a problem, I’m willing to bear the medical expenses.”

“But if you directly ask for 10,000 yuan, aren’t you just trying to swindle my money?”

Ji Guomin pointed at An Yimin unhappily and said, “Clean your mouth.
Who’s trying to swindle your money? I just want the money I deserve right now! You’ve hurt me, shouldn’t you pay for it?”

His finger was about to poke An Yimin’s face when suddenly, a hand reached out.

That hand grabbed Ji Guomin’s wrist and twisted it gently.


Ji Guomin cried out in pain.
He let go of his hand and An Yimin regained his freedom.
He immediately took a step back.

Ji Guomin was really in pain this time.
He cursed, “What are you doing?!”

The man who grabbed his wrist had a cold expression, like a sheet of ice.
His face was expressionless.

Ji Guomin shouted, “Who are you?! Oh, I understand! You guys are in cahoots, aren’t you?!”

The man didn’t say anything but the strength in his hand grew even stronger.

Ji Guomin’s face turned pale from the pain.
Other than “Ahhh”, he couldn’t say anything else.

At this moment, a calm and cold voice came from the side, “You want money?”

A handsome and noble-looking man slowly walked over and said lightly, “How about I cripple this hand and give you 100,000 yuan.
Will that be enough?”

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