Chapter 230: This Little Girl.
She Was the True Piano Genius!

This time, the music was not as relaxed as before.
Instead, it was passionate, as if they had suddenly entered a battlefield.

War flags fluttered, war drums sounded out, and soldiers charged forward to kill the enemy.
Weapons clashed, blood flowed like rivers.

The brave soldiers, at the defeat of the enemy forces, wanted to take advantage of the victory and pursued their enemy but fell into a trap.

The music changed once again.
They watched as the soldiers, who thought that victory was in their hands, were killed.

They were not willing to admit defeat but they could not do anything about it.
Fresh blood splattered all over the flag, the eagle soaring between heaven and earth cried out.
The mountains, rivers, and sunsets witnessed the fall of many unyielding, iron souls.

Since ancient times, the winners and losers had their own beliefs.
They only fought for their country, not for themselves.

The song ended.

This time, everyone did not come back to their senses for a long time.

How relaxed and comfortable the first half was.
The second part had been cruel and intense!

In the second half, they did not dare to breathe loudly.
They were deeply immersed in the atmosphere created by this piano song.
Even when it ended, they could not quickly pull themselves out of the dream.

This piano song gave them a feeling that was too shocking! It was too exciting!

Their hearts were beating so fast that they almost couldn’t breathe!

From the looks of it, the piano piece that Jiang Wan had just played was instantly reduced to dust.
What was there to compare?

It wasn’t even good enough!

The difficulty of this song was obviously much higher than the previous one.
They had originally thought that Jiang Yu couldn’t play very well.
After all, the first part wasn’t outstanding.
Who would have thought that the second half of the song was the best part? Had Jiang Yu been deliberately holding back to whet their appetite?

That was such a sudden reversal.
Their jaws almost couldn’t close!

Today’s banquet was really worth it.
They never thought that there would be such an interesting show.
It was too good.
It was like listening to a concert!

This piano skill was superb.
Truly superb!

Chen Miaoyi clapped loudly.
If it weren’t for the occasion, she would have screamed.

Jiang Yu was indeed worthy of being her Goddess!

She was a girl with a treasure trove of talents!

Feng Wenshu was stunned.

Jiang Yu… She plays the piano so well?

Feng Junhao’s eyes were filled with interest.

This girl had good grades and played the piano well.
She was the daughter of the Jiang family and was a good match for him.
She was perfect for him.

Ni Manman was in disbelief.

Was she hallucinating?

Was it really Jiang Yu who had played that piece?

She tugged at Jiang Wan and said incoherently, “Wan Wan, did you hear that? Was… was that Jiang Yu? How can Jiang Yu play so well? She, she, she… how is that possible?!”

Jiang Wan did not reply.

If one had to guess who was most frightened, they would be correct in saying that it was her.

She couldn’t accept it at all.
How could Jiang Yu possibly be better than her?!

How could she?!

She had been prepared to embarrass Jiang Yu but who knew that Jiang Yu would end up killing her instead!

Right now, she couldn’t even hold her head up and couldn’t wait to find a hole to hide in so that she wouldn’t be scrutinized by everyone here!

Moreover, when she thought about how these people were comparing her to Jiang Yu and how they were praising her, it was like they were slapping her face.
Her face really hurt!

Wang Qingping was completely stunned.

Was this the debut of the country’s most talented player?

The capital was truly a place with crouching tigers and hidden dragons.
Compared to such a piece, Jiang Wan’s performance just now was simply too mediocre.
He was even embarrassed by his praise for Jiang Wan!

This little girl.
She was the true piano genius!

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