Chen Miao Yi, who sat behind them squeaked, “That’s right! Sigh, if only I had a brother like him.”

“Don’t talk nonsense!” Jiang Wan chided.
“I don’t know what Fourth Brother is up to.
You know he barely talks to me and he doesn’t live with the family.
I have no idea why he would show up suddenly…”

“Wan Wan, don’t lie to us.
If you didn’t tell him, how would your fourth brother know?”

Ni Man teased, “Your eldest brother pampers you and now we see that your fourth brother dotes on you as well.
There’s the second and third brother you have not met as well.
Do you think they favor you too? We’re so envious of you!”

“Ok, ok, stop it.
It’ll be embarrassing if someone overheard us.” Jiang Wan said quietly.
“Besides, he might not say yes…”

Chen Miao Yi continued to tease her, “Who is he? Are you talking about Feng Jun Hao? Ah, my face is turning red!”

“You guys only know how to make fun of me,” Jiang Wan said as she blushed a fierce red.

It always seemed like Fourth Brother never cared about me, Jiang Wan thought to herself.
Perhaps he does still hold a place for her in his heart.

Then when he was talking and laughing with Jiang Yu, did he do it deliberately to make her pay attention to him?

If that was the case, she couldn’t be mad at Jiang Ze Yu.

Jiang Wan thought of forgiving Jiang Ze Yu.
Meanwhile, Jiang Ze Yu, who was standing at the front of the class, followed Feng Jun Hao’s gaze.
His eyes lingered on Jiang Wan and her posse for a moment.

He cared little for what Jiang Wan and her gang was saying but when he remembered how Jiang Wan’s best friends had challenged Jiang Yu, he found his temper rising.

His little sister was naturally competitive but if they had not mocked and goaded her, would she have acted so recklessly?

It was a good thing that his little sister was studying hard but what if she exhausted herself?

He had to protect his little sister.

Jiang Ze Yu looked away.
“Who said I’m giving it to Jiang Wan?’

“Jiang Wan isn’t your little sister?”

“Sigh, if you had not said her name, I wouldn’t have even remembered her,” Jiang Ze Yu said with a note of impatience.
“I only have one biological sister, Jiang Yu.
I’m here to help her get the notes.
She made a bet with someone in your class…”


“Forget it.
Why am I telling you all this? You don’t even care.
Young Master Feng, please help me and lend me your notebook.”

Feng Jun Hao frowned.

He had heard about the Jiang family finding a long lost daughter.

However, if he remembered correctly, it had only happened two days ago.
Why would the Fourth Young Master Jiang be so concerned about her?

“I can lend you my notebook but you have to promise me one thing.

‘What is it?”

“Don’t ask me anything if you get stuck on a problem.
Please remember that I am a very busy man and don’t have the time.”

This angered Jiang Ze Yu but he kept himself in check because he was addressing the young master of the Feng family.

On top of that, he was asking for his help so he should be more polite.

“Ok, ok, ok.” Jiang Ze Yu stretched out his hand.

Feng Jun Hao took out a few notebooks from under his desk and handed them to Jiang Ze Yu.
“Return them to me next Monday.”

“Ok! Thank you.”

Upon getting what he had come for, Jiang Ze Yu happily dashed out.
He did not even glance at Jiang Wan.

The crowd outside the classroom was left stunned.

So the school bully came all the way here just to help Jiang Yu borrow the notes from the school genius?

He had even proclaimed that Jiang Yu was his only biological sister?

Hmmm… This was big news…

Then who was Jiang Wan? Wasn’t she his biological sister too?


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