Chapter 355: Little Sister Is a Little Angel Sent by the Heavens

When she turned her phone on, she received a series of text messages that showed her missed calls.

Jiang Yu looked down from above and raised her eyebrows.

The four Jiang Brothers have gathered together?

Grand slam?

Did something happen?

She randomly clicked on a news website and saw a familiar photo.
It suddenly dawned on her that she had been secretly photographed.

Jiang Yu skimmed through the news and was amused.

The news was well-written.
It said that she and Jiang Xingyi had gone to a love nest after leaving the hospital.
It said that she wore a loose hoodie to hide her growing stomach.
If they continued, they probably would be predicting her expected date of delivery.

Jiang Yu did not think much of it.
She looked up Jiang Xingyi’s phone number and dialed it.
The first thing she said was, “I saw the news online.”

However, Jiang Xingyi thought that Jiang Yu was here to denounce him.
He immediately said, “Little Sister, I can explain!”

Jiang Yu: “Huh?”

Jiang Xingyi: “I will clarify it.
I’ll clarify it right away!”

Jiang Yu asked curiously, “Didn’t I promise to help you block the suitors? Is there any need to clarify it?”

Jiang Xingyi: “Huh?”

Jiang Yu: “It’s up to you.
I don’t mind it.”

In the photo, she was wearing a hoodie and her face couldn’t be seen clearly.

As a result, Jiang Yu wouldn’t be disturbed, and there shouldn’t be any reporters waiting outside the school.

Jiang Xingyi was still hesitating, “Jiang Chenglang called me just now.
I think what he said makes sense.
You are my younger sister and clearly, I should be your shield, not the other way around.
The clarification is just a couple of words.
I didn’t think it through before.”

To think that he treated his little sister as his only family member, yet he couldn’t even handle such a small matter.

Jiang Yu was listening to the phone through her earpiece while her fingers were still scrolling through the unread messages on WeChat.


She logged into a chatroom and saw that there was a message thread left for her signed by “The Strongest Team in the Universe”.

After sending the message, they asked, “Boss, what should we do?”

After Jiang Yu finished reading the thread, her expression turned cold.

“Wait,” Jiang Yu said, “I’ve changed my mind.
I mind now.”

Jiang Xingyi: “Ah? What do you mind, Little Sister?”

Jiang Yu: “There’s no need to clarify anything for now.
On the contrary, you have to bite the bullet and not say anything.
Try your best to guide them in the wrong direction.”

Jiang Xingyi felt the little question marks above his head holding hands and dancing in a circle.

He asked in confusion, “Why?”

“Your contract with Huasheng is about to expire, right? Are you ready to leave?”

“Little Sister, how do you know about that?” Jiang Xingyi asked in surprise.
“Do you also follow such entertainment news?”

Jiang Xingyi’s train of thought had gone astray.
He instantly thought that Little Sister was concerned about him, right?

That was why she was watching the entertainment news, right?

Otherwise, if his little sister chose to watch television, she’d probably only watch shows about food…

Jiang Yu said briefly, “Occasionally.”

She continued, “Listen to me.
I promise that I’ll let you leave successfully.”

Jiang Xingyi agreed, although he only half-believed her.
He then asked carefully, “Little Sister, are you really not mad at me?”

“Why should I be angry?”

Jiang Yu said straightforwardly, “You chose to be a singer because it’s your interest and it was your hobby.
It’s just that this career has made you a public figure.
Just because of some stupid rules in that circle that you can’t avoid, such as this kind of secret photo, it’d be too unreasonable to take it out on you.”

Jiang Xingyi was touched and said, “Little Sister, you’re really a little angel sent by the Heavens!”

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