Chapter 385: I Really Want to Wear My Sister’s Soul… With Such Handsome Brothers

Recently, Weibo had been very lively.

#JiangXinyisConcert and #JiangXingyisLittleSister were just starting to die down when suddenly, another topic rushed up.

#JiangXingyiIsTheSecondGenerationOfThe RichJiangFamily

The reason was that the official account of the Jiang Corporation had posted a Weibo post listing a few marketing accounts that had previously slandered Jiang Xingyi.
Then, it said that seeing as he was the young master of the Jiang family, these accounts would be sued for slandering the young master of the Jiang family.

The netizens were shocked.

What the hell?

After all this time, Jiang Xingyi actually had been the young master of the Jiang Corporation?

Didn’t Jiang Xingyi have a miserable when he first debuted? He had clearly won first place in the talent contest, yet he had always gotten trampled on and robbed of resources by other people.

Thankfully, he was extremely talented and his fans strongly supported him.
In the end, he walked out with a heaven-defying ending.

Memories of all the other participants who had participated in the competition with him were extremely muddled.
No one even remembered their names.
Only Jiang Xingyi had remained popular until now.
Now, he has jumped to Tianhe Records and even has his own studio.
His future prospects were even brighter.

Now, you’re telling me that he is actually not the child of a poor ordinary family? Instead, he’s a scion who had been born with a silver spoon in his mouth? Then, why did he have so many bumps all throughout his career?

To experience real life?

He didn’t even dare to act like this in the script!

[I’m on my knees.
Jiang Xingyi is actually the second generation of a rich family.
If I wasn’t a long-time fan of his and knows about his past, I wouldn’t even dare to believe it.
Clearly, he could have relied on his family but he relied on his own strength to challenge the world?]

[I have to say, this kind of courageous brother is even more admirable! Oh my God, he didn’t rely on his family at all.
To reach this stage today, Brother is really too strong!]

[Since Jiang Xingyi has already reached this stage, it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t have the Jiang Corporation.
Then why did the Jiang Corporation suddenly come out? To gain popularity?]

[Forgive me for being blunt but the Jiang Corporation doesn’t need the popularity boost… You probably don’t understand the Jiang Corporation.
Although it can’t be compared to Feng Ling, the Fengs, the Qins, or the Jians, the Jiang Corporation is still very strong.
Their name is involved in many businesses.]

[But the entertainment company under the Jiang Corporation still can’t be compared to Tianhe Records.
They won’t try to pull Jiang Xingyi to their own entertainment company after Jiang Xingyi cancels his contract, right?]

[But Tianhe Records has already extended an olive branch and had even been in charge of his concert.
They won’t go so far as to burn the bridge after crossing the river, right? However, one side is home and the other side is a big platform.
It depends on which one he chooses…]

However, very soon, the official account of Jiang Corporation posted on Weibo:

[The announcement is only to support Jiang Xingyi.
Please understand, if anyone becomes enemies with Jiang Xingyi, they will become enemies with the Jiang Group as well.]

Everyone: ???

So, the announcement was just to show off.
In fact, this was also to show off to Huasheng, right?

If Huasheng really had the intention of not letting Jiang Xingyi leave, they would probably have to reconsider now…

Then, there was someone who had not forgotten about the concert.
She was even more shocked and sent a Weibo post:

[So no one else noticed?! Jiang Xingyi is the young master of the Jiang family.
Then his little sister must be the daughter of the Jiang Family! Oh my God, she has good looks, a good voice, a good background, and a brother like Jiang Xingyi! She stands at the top of the world!]

[Envy +1]

[Envy +2]

One of them replied, [Jiang Xingyi is one of her brothers.
Why don’t you take a look at the other brother? The current president of the Jiang Corporation?]

She attached a magazine photo of Jiang Chenglang being interviewed.

The man in the photo was wearing a custom-made gray suit.
He had a high nose bridge and a well-defined jaw line.
He had a handsome face that belonged to a successful person.

[Thank you for the information, Sister! Oh my God, I just found out that the president of the Jiang Corporation is so handsome! He’s so young, rich, and not bald.
He’s practically the biggest diamond among the Diamond Kings!]

[I really want to wear my sister’s soul… With such handsome brothers, ordinary people probably won’t interest her, right?]

[To be honest, if I had Sister Jiang’s face, I would only look at myself.
I wouldn’t even want to look at other men…]

[ … My Sister’s heart is hurt.]

[To be honest, Sister Jiang is completely in line with my aesthetic tastes! I feel that if my sister were to enter the entertainment industry, many of the characters in the script would be tailored for her.
Be it a little fairy or a big sister, she can choose her character at will.
I’m already imagining my sister acting.]

[Are the Jiang family’s genes all so good… I’m already as sour as a lemon…]

Gradually, the comments went awry again.

A blogger who claimed to be his sister’s classmate posted a few photos of Jiang Yu in school.

Even without the makeup, she looked stunning in her school uniform.

[She looks so good in her school uniform…]

[This looks like the school uniform of A High in Beijing.
Although A High’s uniform isn’t ugly, no one else looks so good in it.
She really has the face to pull off any outfit.]

[Ah, did my sister just wake up? There’s still hair plastered to her face.
She’s so cute!]

[How old is my sister? She’s still a high school student.
Has she taken the college entrance exam? If she hasn’t and isn’t nervous about her studies, I would really like to see my sister’s daily life.
With such a face, I can watch her all day!]

[Upvote! Upvote! I could too! Sister, can you open a Weibo and post some videos? I will definitely watch every day!]

No matter how much Jiang Chenglang thought about it, he never expected that after Jiang Xingyi’s identity was announced, the comments would go completely astray and return to Jiang Yu again.

He was at the door of Jiang Xingyi’s studio, but Wu Ting had already been chased away by Rong Qi.

Wu Ting walked away in a daze.
Even though it was a sunny day, he felt cold all over and his future was uncertain.

How did things turn out like this?

He just wanted to earn money.
He had wanted to take advantage of Jiang Xingyi’s fame to secure more gigs and earn some quick money.

People came and went in the entertainment industry.
Those who were still popular today might be trampled on by fans tomorrow because of one wrong sentence.
Jiang Xingyi spent all his time working on his music.
How could he maintain his popularity if he didn’t get more exposure?

He clearly didn’t do anything wrong.
He was doing it for Jiang Xingyi’s own good.
How did it end up like this?

At this moment, Chen Chuanhui’s assistant called him.

“Brother Wu, President Chen asked me to tell you that the company suffered a huge loss because of Jiang Xingyi.
So… your salary has been deducted for the next three years, and you have to be demoted by one grade.
The company is already very kind to not dismiss you.
Brother Wu, that’s it.
I’m hanging up.”

Wu Ting felt as if he had been struck by lightning.

In the end, Jiang Xingyi refused Jiang Chenglang’s proposal to return to the Jiang family home.

The estrangement between brothers was not so easily resolved.

Even though Jiang Xingyi saw that the Jiang family’s Weibo and even Jiang Chenglang’s Weibo account, which had not been used for eons, had forwarded a Weibo post asking why the Jiang family had previously not made public their doubts and had replied, [It’s inconvenient to disclose family matters.
The fault lies with the Jiang family, not with Xingyi.]

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