Chapter 423: Invited Her Older Brothers Out to Play

But on second thought, it seemed a little strange for her to go out alone with him on New Year’s Eve and even out of the city?

So, it seemed normal for her to bring a few older brothers along.

Wasn’t it fun to have more people?

Jiang Yu quickly threw away the little bit of guilt that she had felt.
Time really flew by, it was almost the second year.

Jiang Yu wrapped her scarf around her neck and replied, “Yes, are you free?”

Jiang Jingnian’s fingers hovered over his phone.

On New Year’s Eve…

His little sister had sent him an invitation…

It seemed a little too much to reject?

But when he thought about Jiang Xingyi and the others, Jiang Jingnian immediately replied in a reserved manner, “I need to check with the Research Institute first.”

Jiang Yu calculated the days and said, “Give me a reply by tomorrow at the latest.
I need to book a room.”

It was definitely impossible to book double rooms.

Two brothers living in the same room…

That wasn’t something that she could imagine at the moment.

After a while, Jiang Xingyi called.

It seemed like he had just finished practicing his dance and was still a little out of breath.

“Little Sister, why are you moving? Do you need to move to my place?”

Jiang Yu wondered why Jiang Xingyi’s answer was so similar to Jiang Zeyu’s.
She replied, “No, I’ve already chosen a place to stay with Jiang Chenglang.”

Jiang Xingyi frowned.
“You’re still going to stay with him?”

Jiang Yu replied, “Yes.”

Jiang Xingyi asked curiously, “Why is Big Jiang moving? What happened?”

Jiang Yu didn’t hide anything from him.
“Jiang Chenglang wants to leave the old house to Jiang Wan.
So she can stay here and we’ll move out.”

Jiang Xingyi burst out laughing.
“That’s quite a mean move.”

Following Jiang Chenglang’s style, he must have already chosen a place.

But the question was, why did Jiang Chenglang suddenly want to move out?

Moreover, why did he want to leave Jiang Wan there?

Jiang Xingyi had heard that Jiang Wan had left the Jiang family to live elsewhere, but he didn’t take it seriously.

Firstly, he wasn’t close to Jiang Wan and didn’t care about her.
After he had left the Jiang family, he had selectively ignored all the news related to the Jiang family, let alone Jiang Wan.

Secondly, he didn’t know what Jiang Wan had done.
He thought that Jiang Chenglang was just like him and had a normal relationship with his little sister.
Since Jiang Yu had returned, why would he still keep Jiang Wan?

Of course, Jiang Yu’s feelings should come first.

Not to mention that he was heartless, this was something Father Jiang had taught him.

Wasn’t Father Jiang the one who wanted to change his sister’s name back then?

To have a stepdaughter live with the Jiang family and carry his little sister’s name.
Wasn’t that in really bad taste?

Jiang Xingyi asked, “Why are you suddenly moving out?”

Jiang Yu replied, “I’m just tired of living here.”

“Where’s the new place?”

Jiang Yu gave him the address and Jiang Xingyi jotted it down.
Jiang Yu then asked, “Are you free next weekend?”

Jiang Xingyi replied, “I’m going to a New Year’s Eve party.”

He was keenly aware that Jiang Yu was probably asking for another reason.
So, he asked, “Little Sister, do you have any plans?”

“I originally wanted to invite you to go skiing, but since you have a party, it’s ok then.”

Jiang Xingyi thought to himself.
The New Year’s Eve party had been set up a long time ago, and they had signed a contract.
It wouldn’t be good for him to miss the party and his professional ethics wouldn’t allow it.

But on the other hand, he really wanted to spend time with his little sister.

Jiang Xingyi said, “The New Year’s Eve party will end at midnight.
I have time to go over, and my program is in the front, so it’s fine if I leave a little earlier.
Little Sister, tell me where the place is and I’ll go there immediately after I finish my work.”

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