Chapter 473: Cooking for Little Sister

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Jiang Xingyi’s mouth wasn’t usually this vicious.

Today, he had suffered at the hands of Feng Linbai and hadn’t slept enough last night.
He hadn’t got to spend much time with Jiang Yu either, so he was in a bad mood.

His temper was instantly ignited.

Jiang Chenglang didn’t feel angry though.
“Then, can you teach me?”

Jiang Xingyi rubbed his temples.
“Alright, hurry up.
Little Sister should be back anytime now.”

The two of them entered the kitchen together.
Then, Jiang Xingyi’s uncontrollable roar came from the kitchen several times.

Jiang Zeyu leaned against the door of the kitchen and said, “Hey, explosive freak, you’re a singer.
Pay attention to the volume of your voice.”

Jiang Xingyi immediately retorted, “Do you think I want to be this loud?”

Jiang Zeyu shrugged.

If his fans were to find out that their cool and ascetic brother was secretly an explosive freak, who knew what they would think.

Perhaps it would be the end of humanity?

Fans: You’ve underestimated our ability to disengage from reality.
We just follow our instincts and see only the good, got it?

As Jiang Chenglang carried the dishes out of the kitchen under Jiang Xingyi’s orders, Jiang Yu and Feng Linbai arrived back at the villa.

Jiang Yu took a sniff.
Why was the air filled with the smell of smoke?

She walked toward the dining table.
When she saw the dishes on the table, the lines on her forehead twitched violently.

There was a piece of bloody red steak, a bowl of egg fried rice, and a plate of tomato-and-egg stir-fry that was so badly burnt that even the mother of the egg wouldn’t have been able to recognize it…

The only thing that looked edible to her was the egg fried rice.

Did were they all supposed to eat it?

Six people?

And just one bowl of egg fried rice?

Jiang Yu did not have the heart to strike down the fruits of the three brothers’ hard work, but looking at the appearance of the dishes, they couldn’t be very tasty.

She wanted to treat her stomach well, especially since it had been spoiled recently.

Feng Linbai fell silent and began to wonder if he had made the wrong decision.

The ones suffering from this cooking exercise weren’t the three brothers, right? The true victim was Jiang Yu.

Just as he was about to say that they should just give up their efforts, he saw Jiang Yu pull out a chair and sit down before picking up her chopsticks.

She was still considerate of her three brothers’ feelings, so she didn’t want to reject their offer and discourage them.

When the three brothers saw that Jiang Yu had returned, they followed her to the dining table and looked at Jiang Yu with anticipation.

Under everyone’s gaze, Jiang Yu hesitated for a while before she took a bite of the egg fried rice.

Yes, it was edible.

The taste was just so-so.

It was far from what Ji Churan could cook.

Jiang Xingyi was delighted.
His little sister had tried his dish first!

As expected, he was the best cook!

Jiang Yu picked up a fork and poked at the steak.

It looked medium-rare and could be eaten.

Jiang Yu cut a small piece of steak and put it in her mouth.

Well, the steak was quite tender.

Finally, Jiang Yu looked at the plate of tomato-and-egg stir-fry.

After some mental preparation, Jiang Yu picked up a piece and took a bite.
Suddenly… she felt like she had taken a bite out of a piece of rock sugar.

Although she liked sweet things, wasn’t the egg a little too sweet?

Even though it was the truth, Jiang Yu didn’t say anything out loud.

She silently tasted everything once and felt that if she wanted to fill her belly tonight, she would have no choice but to eat out.

Jiang Yu deliberated and said, “The portions of the dishes aren’t enough for everybody here.
Should we order more dishes?”

Feng Linbai was already on the phone.
“I’ll order some dishes and have them sent over.”

Jiang Yu nodded.

The other three brothers had a rough idea of the dishes they had prepared.

They were already very touched that Jiang Yu could eat even a bite of it.

Still, they wanted to know the standards of their dishes..

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