Chapter 500: How Is This Possible?!

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Jiang Yu smiled again.

The two idiots.

Now, they were talking as if they were certain that there was something wrong with them.

But, she was too lazy to argue with them anymore.
She had already dragged the two of them down with her.
That was enough.

Jiang Yu nodded.
“I won’t go back on my words.
I’ll let everyone here be my witness.”

After a moment of silence, Yan Zuo raised his cap and asked, “Are you that confident?”

Jiang Yu glanced at him.

His words were very irritating.
“He’s a team member, yet he keeps saying that he’s doing this for the team.
This sense of honor is so strong.
Why aren’t you saying anything yourself, Captain?”

Yan Zuo: “???”

Wait, wasn’t this going off-topic?

Why was he being shot all of a sudden?

Jiang Zeyu covered his mouth to suppress his laughter.

For some reason, he didn’t feel any nervousness or fear as he stood next to his little sister.

In any case, he came back because his little sister was with him.

If she wanted to leave, he would leave with her.

Of course, Jiang Zeyu didn’t think that his little sister would do anything against the rules.
But seeing Ma Hao and Jing Zhengyang jumping around so much, he could guess what they had done behind their backs.

But he still trusted his little sister more.

Because she was omnipotent!

And it was so great to see her fighting against him!

His little sister was so awesome!

Jiang Zeyu and Jiang Yu left to go for a check-up.

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Because the results of the check-up would take an hour and a half, all the team members went straight to the meeting room to wait for the results.

While they waited, Jing Zhengyang and Ma Hao seemed to have seen that Jiang Zeyu and Jiang Yu were about to be kicked out of the team, and no team would accept their miserable *sses in the future.

They suppressed the smile on their lips and tried their best to remain calm.
However, it was easy to tell that they were excited.

Yan Zuo sat at the back.

He supported his head with one hand and lowered the brim of his hat.
He looked like he was resting, but he glanced at Jing Zhengyang and Ma Hao silently, thinking about something.

An hour and a half passed.

Xue Wen came back with Jiang Zeyu and Jiang Yu.

At this moment, Jing Zhengyang and Ma Hao could hold their breath and wait for Xue Wen to announce the results.

Xue Wen’s gaze swept around the meeting room, then fell on Jing Zhengyang and Ma Hao.
He said in a deep voice, “The results are out.”

“Jiang Zeyu and Jiang Yu…”

“They didn’t do anything illegal!”

After saying this, two boys exclaimed at the same time.

“How is this possible?!”

“This is impossible!”

Jing Zhengyang and Ma Hao exclaimed in unison, “Is there something wrong with the examination?! Is the examination not thorough enough?! How is this possible?!”

How could there be no problem?!

He had clearly seen the two of them drink the spiked water.
How could there be no problem with the examination?!

“Seeing the results and claiming that there should be a problem, the two of you must be very disappointed, right?”

Jiang Zeyu said smugly, “But that’s the truth.
What else do you have to say?”

Xue Wen also asked, “Jing Zhengyang, Ma Hao, do you have anything else to say?”

Ma Hao still couldn’t believe it.
“Coach, are you serious? Did they really find nothing wrong in the examination?”

Jing Zhengyang was also suspicious.
“Coach, could it be that our equipment has been in storage for too many years and has malfunctioned? Coach, there must be something wrong with our equipment!”

“So, why are you so sure that we have taken illegal drugs?”

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