Jiang Yu: “…”


After a brief pause, she let out a sigh and said, “I think you should not be called by this name.
You should change to one that carries the word ‘bai’.”


Feng Linbai was unabashed, in fact, he was elated.
“No matter what Yu’er calls me, I will accept it.”


Jiang Yu: “Today, the conversation is really awkward.”


She had long guessed that Feng Linbai must have planted a mole in the Jiang family, otherwise, how would he have been able to send an invitation at such a crucial moment.


However, she was still surprised that Feng Linbai was so open-minded and made no effort to hide his emotions.


In the book, Feng Linbai had been described by the author as a very mysterious character.
Even after he passed away due to illness three years later, his true identity was never revealed.
This had always remained one of the mysteries of the book.


The little sister in her group had made many guesses about this detail in front of her.
However, she was not the author, so she would never know what the author was thinking.


After all, Feng Lin Bai was only a male supporting character in the book.


According to her little sister’s hypothesis, the author probably just wanted to create a male supporting character to give some competition to the male lead.
However, upon writing the story, she had not expected the popularity of the male supporting character to outweigh that of the male lead, so she simply killed him off in the book.


Before they got to know each other, Jiang Yu did not have any opinions of Feng Linbai.
After the last few encounters though, she started to understand something deeply…


His shamelessness.


However, Feng Linbai was indeed right about this.


Jiang Chenglang called her Xiao Yu and she had accepted it.
Why couldn’t she accept Yu’er as a title?


Thinking about it, it didn’t seem like it should be a problem.


However, his request to hold hands earlier was a little too much.


Jiang Yu was a little unhappy.
Just then, a servant brought over a rope.


Feng Linbai held on to one end of the rope.
After the servant left, he said casually, “I’m part of the Feng family.
Simply put, I’m the fifth young master, but I don’t have anyone close to me.”


“It’s not easy to meet someone who treats me well, so I can’t help but want to get closer.
If I offended you earlier, please forgive me.”


The smile on Feng Linbai’s lips turned bitter.
“You know, when you’ve been in the dark for so long, you always want to find some light.”


Jiang Yu held onto the other end of the rope and commented, “You’re really good at talking.”


Feng Linbai gave the same reply once more, “Thank you for the compliment.”


Jiang Yu had never come into contact with such a man before.
She tugged on one end of the rope and said, “Stop talking nonsense and let’s go.”




Jiang Yu went at a slow pace and Feng Linbai followed behind her slowly.


Jiang Yu felt that she had been played by Feng Linbai and she wasn’t happy about it.
She couldn’t help but say in a spiteful tone, “You really should walk around more or you won’t be able to do in the future.”


Feng Linbai couldn’t help but laugh.
This little girl had quite a sharp tongue.


He originally wanted to say, “That’s why I need you to walk more with me” but he swallowed his words.


He had provoked the little lady earlier because he wanted to take a step closer.
It was better not to take an inch and wait for a mile instead.
Otherwise, the little lady would be unhappy and run away.


Without waiting for Feng Linbai’s reply, Jiang Yu turned around and looked at him.
She saw that he had his head down and could not discern what he was thinking.


She turned around again and said to him, “This road is about to come to an end.
There will be a turning soon.”


Feng Linbai grunted.


He felt the thin rope in his hand and suddenly felt annoyed.


If he had not horsed around so much and teased the little lady earlier, he might have been about to hold onto her sleeve now.


If that had happened, perhaps he could “accidentally” touch the little lady’s hand.


But now?


A cold rope is no comparison to a sleeve that could catch her temperature.


Feng Linbai: I regret now, so much regret.

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