Jiang Xingyi: [I only have one little sister.]

Everyone: [I’m jealous.]

[Sorry, I’m jealous too.]

[Okay, okay, we know you only have one little sister.]

[I never thought that you would be this kind of brother Xingyi.]

[I have to say, today is also the day that I want to wear my sister’s soul…]

Later on, his fans flooded his Weibo with tens of thousands of comments, but Jiang Xingyi wasn’t replying anymore.

The news that was published by the media also disappeared without a trace.

What a joke.
They already knew that she was his biological sister, so why was she still hanging there?

Were they trying to slap their own faces?

It was just that the hot topic of Jiang Xingyi’s sister was ignored for a short while.
Then, a few marketing accounts started releasing the same Weibo post.

[A certain male star surnamed J hasn’t had any work recently, nor has he been trending.
That’s why he dragged his little sister out for a spin and purposely created a hot topic for gossip, right? This matter, which had already been hyped once before, was hyped up again.
The same routine, the same formula.
Does he really think that the Internet has no memory?]

[At that time, a certain male star surnamed J was dissatisfied with the arrangement of his previous agency.
After the contract expired, he ignored his old employer’s training for many years and went to another company to seek development.
Why did he go back to the same path that his old employer, who was unwilling to accept at that time, arranged for him? Moreover, I think this move is quite enjoyable? Are you satisfied with the results?]

[A certain male star surnamed J still claims to be a singer.
If he wants to use his work to speak, isn’t he walking the path of an idol? When he saw that he was no longer popular, he quickly revealed a scandal to maintain his popularity.
However, he didn’t dare to be a real con artist, so he released a fake rumor and used his little sister as a shield.
His little sister was the real tool.
I would like to see how many more times he plans to play this trick.]

[You guys are too naive.
Isn’t there a character that spoils his little sister? If you can’t be a girlfriend, you can still dream of being a sister.
This trick of a male star with the surname J was indeed powerful.
It fully satisfied the fantasies of the fans, and it will also attract a lot of sister fans, right? The sales of the next album will be more or less settled.]

[Anyway, even if a certain singer with the surname J’s new song is always at the top of the bestseller list, I won’t click on it to listen to it.
I’m afraid it will pollute my ears.]

The marketing accounts uniformly scrolled through the front page.
Jiang Xingyi’s fans couldn’t help it.

As expected, someone had bought a marketing account to defame their older brother!

It was definitely a rival!

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As a top-rated celebrity in the entertainment industry, Jiang Xingyi could casually post a Weibo post.
Even if it was just two words, the comments below could instantly reach tens of thousands, and after a few hours, hundreds of thousands, the popularity was something that many A-list celebrities couldn’t compare to.

It was precise because he was so popular that a lot of people liked him and a lot of people didn’t like him.
This caused an even greater controversy.

For example, if a random passerby posted a negative comment about him on Weibo, it would attract a lot of counter-comments.

Therefore, some people who wanted to be popular took pleasure in criticizing Jiang Xingyi.
After all, the words “Jiang Xingyi” had their own traffic.

And many people were jealous of him.
Of course, they thought of ways to drag him down.
In this way, some people on the internet followed the trend and blindly criticized him.
In fact, other than Jiang Xingyi’s fans… Many people didn’t care about Jiang Xingyi’s music.

Even after Jiang Xingyi’s new song was released and he got first place on the charts, he even ridiculed Jiang Xingyi’s fans for scouring the charts too much and making Jiang Xingyi lose face.

Just one sentence.

First place? Was Jiang Xingyi worthy of it?

The two sides began to fight on the Internet.

The anti-fans said that apart from Jiang Xingyi’s good face, what else could he do?

The fans said that their brother was good at dancing and singing and that he was good at performing on stage.

The haters said that it was true.
As a singer, he was good at dancing.
Anyway, all he had to do was turn up on stage.
Oh, no, it wasn’t just turning up on stage anymore.
He has to look pretty and that sure costs a lot.
He was worthy of the treatment of a popular dance star.

The fans said that these haters had never even listened to their brother’s song.
What right did they have to say that! Their brother’s dancing was just to better present the stage!

As he spoke, Jiang Xingyi went online again.

He directly forwarded a Weibo post of his anti-fan and commented: [Here’s a slap to your face.]

Everyone: ???

Wait, what the hell?

What are you going to slap?

Everyone clicked into Jiang Xingyi’s Weibo with a dumbfounded look.
After carefully reading through his previous Weibo post, they realized that he had tagged a Weibo post from an account called “Songwriter”.


What is this?

Everyone clicked on Songwriter’s Weibo and found that the Weibo post was verified as “The official Weibo of the TV program Songwriter.”

A program?

After a thought, everyone remembered that today was the day that the official Weibo of Songwriters would officially announce their list of guests.
In the end, after the incident with Jiang Xingyi, their popularity fell to the bottom, so much so that it was ignored by others.

Jiang Xingyi’s fans had already known that Jiang Xingyi would be participating in this variety show.
At that time, they had also helped him build momentum.
After all, this news was not a very well-kept secret.

“Songwriter” had already been given a fixed airing schedule.
It was said that it would be recorded in one day and broadcast almost immediately after.
The tempo was faster.
For example, the first episode would be recorded tomorrow, and it would be broadcast on Friday night.
Unlike other programs, it would not be recorded too many episodes in advance, or only broadcast after everything had been recorded.

Jiang Xingyi’s fans cheered and cheered.
They could see their brother on a program again!

But… Eh, what’s this about a lucky draw?

As everyone browsed through Weibo, they found that the official Weibo had mentioned that tomorrow’s recording of the first episode would give each participating guest a special privilege.
Each person could draw three fans to watch the program live.
And after the list was set, they would report it to the program team, and the program team would make a unified arrangement.

They looked toward other guests and saw that it was a joyous atmosphere all around as they picked the names of big fans or familiar fans.
There were those who also, for the sake of not having to go through the trouble, used an automatic lottery picker.

Then, they looked at Jiang Xingyi’s side.
In this short time, he chose to invite three anti-fans in a row, and they were all the ones who had scolded him the most.

The fans: “…”

Brother was really letting himself go today, wasn’t he?

Although the audience that was drawn out did not participate in the voting of the public judging for the sake of fairness, it was really unique for Jiang Xingyi to pick his anti-fans.

And they were not just ordinary anti-fans.

They were anti-fans who had extremely sharp tongues and could scold the streets.

As a result, the anti-fans had taken advantage of him and even started to scold him on the Internet.

[Don’t think that I’ll be grateful to you just because you let me go to the venue.
I don’t even want to listen to your lousy song! Blergh!]

[Do you think you can bribe me just like that? Don’t think too highly of yourself.
Even if I go, it’s not for you..
Don’t flatter yourself.]

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