Chapter 634: She Can Cure Old Master Qin?


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Jiang Yu said, “You’re welcome.
There’s no need to thank me.”

Compared to Old Master Qin, she was calm and collected.

Qin Fangfei was still in a daze.

Qin Yi was also shocked.

She had saved Grandpa?

Old Master Qin said again, “Thank you for coming to our house today.
Our family is really honored! Little Godly Doctor, sit over here… Hey, why are you guys just standing there? Why aren’t you bringing water for the guest?”
The butler quickly got someone to fetch some water.

However, Jiang Yu frowned.

She looked at Qin Yi and asked, “Didn’t you say that dinner is ready?”

Qin Yi didn’t understand what Jiang Yu meant.
Qin Fangfei, on the other hand, reacted quickly and immediately said, “Tl go and ask the kitchen.
It’s probably not served yet!”

Based on her understanding of Jiang Yu, Jiang Yu must mean that she was already prepared to sit down to eat, but now they wanted her to sit and drink water?

This was a peeve for someone who was a foodie, and only Qin Fangfei could understand Jiang Yu’s point right away.

However, Shi Shufang soon realized what was going on.

As a mother who knew her daughter very well, she knew that Qin Fangfei often asked the kitchen to make something and bring it to school.

At that time, she thought that her daughter’s appetite had become better because of the pressure on her to study.
But now, it looks like it had all been prepared for her friend.

Qin Fangfei said to the butler, “Zhou, go and tell the kitchen…”

Before she could finish, Old Master Qin interrupted her.

Old Master Qin said loudly, “Didn’t you hear that? Hurry up and serve the dishes! The Little Godly Doctor is hungry.
Hurry Up!”

Then, he said, “Little Godly Doctor, sit over here.”

Old Master Qin led Jiang Yu to the main seat.
Jiang Yu insisted, “Til sit with Fangfei.”

Qin Fangfei also said unhappily, “Grandpa, this is a friend that I invited.
Why are you snatching her from me? Also, what Little Godly Doctor? What happened between the two of you that I don’t know about?”
The news of Old Master Qin’s episode had been kept quiet.
Only the Qin couple and Old Madam Qin knew about it.
They had hidden it from the two Qin juniors.

Old Master Qin’s eyes flickered.
“Ah, this…”

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Qin Yi’s brows immediately tightened.
“Grandpa, did you have another episode?”

Old Master Qin rubbed his nose and coughed dryly.
“Yes, yes, I did.
But only for a short while, it was nothin;

He gestured with his fingers and said, “It was all thanks to Little Godly Doctor here.
The episode this time didn’t even last ten minutes!”

Qin Yi didn’t quite believe it.

“Of course! Otherwise, why would I call her Little Godly Doctor!” Old Master Qin said gratefully, “The Little Godly Doctor is my benefact savior! I didn’t expect her to be your friend, Fangfei! This really is fate!”
Qin Fangfei was still digesting the information about Old Master Qin’s illness and had yet to come back to her senses.

She asked seriously, “Grandpa, tell me, What’s wrong with your body?”

It was a coincidence that Old Master Qin had never been ill in front of Qin Fangfei.
Every time he fell ill and was hospitalized, the members of the Qins would claim that he had gone out to visit an old friend, or that Old Madam Qin had simply disappeared.
They would use the excuse that they had gone out
onatrip together to fool her.

‘Therefore, Qin Fangfei was the only one in the Qins who didn’t know that Old Master Qin was in such a terrible state.
Old Master Qin evasively said, “There’s nothing wrong.
It’s just a small problem…”

Qin Fangfei obviously didn’t believe him.
“Is it very serious? It’s very dangerous to have an illness, isn’t it?”

Qin Wenyan helped to smooth things over.
“It’s not as bad as you think.
It’s just an old illness.”

After saying that, he glanced at the Dus again.
The meaning was very clear.

It meant that they should stop talking about the topic in front of the Dus.

In order not to cause a commotion, it was better for as few people to know about Old Master Qin’s illness.
Even if the Dus was a relative of the Qins, Old Madam Qin was not muddle-headed about this fact and did not tell the Dus.
‘The Dus did not say anything, but Mother Du and Father Du looked at each other.

Old Master Qin was sick?

And it was very serious?

This was big news!

If Old Master Qin died, the most respected elder in the Qin family would become Old Madam Qin.
Wouldn’t that make it easier for them to borrow things from the Qins in the future?

Although Qin Fangfei understood what Qin Wenyan meant, she couldn’t control the panic in her heart when she suddenly heard the news.
She subconsciously held Jiang Yu’s hand and said, “Sister Yu, please help.
You must cure my grandfather!”
Jiang Yu replied, “Okay.”

She said it calmly and casually, while the members of the Qin family stood rooted to the ground.

She said, okay?

Jiang Yu had already saved Old Master Qin once, so no one dared to doubt her words.
They also knew that she understood Old Master Qin’s condition.

But, she said just now that she could cure Old Master Qin?

Old Madam Qin didn’t care about anything else.
She needed to confirm once more and asked, “You said that you can cure his illness?”

Jiang Yu replied once more, “Yes.”

Qin Fangfei hugged Jiang Yu happily.
“I knew you could do it, Sister Yu!”

Jiang Yu had said before that she would never go back on her words when she makes a promise, so she would definitely do it!

Although she didn’t know where Jiang Yu had learned her medical skills, as long as it was Sister Yu, Qin Fangfei had full confidence in her!

Nothing was impossible for Sister Yu!

Qin Wenyan’s expression was solemn as he promised, “If you can cure Father, the Qins will owe you a huge favor! We will reward you with a lot of money! No matter what request you make, we will satisfy it!”

The Dus was shocked.

This was the Qin promise!

If this little girl did well, not just the Qins, but everyone who wanted to be on good terms with the Qins would do their best to please this little girl!

After all, she would be saving Old Master Qin and would be the Qins’ great savior! As long as she did not do anything to harm the Qins, she would never have to ever worry again as the Qins would protect her for the rest of her life
However, when Old Master Qin fell ill, he must have used the full strength of the Qin family to find many famous doctors locally and abroad.
If those doctors could not do anything, what could this little girl possibly do?

Father Du frowned.

He had a nagging feeling that he had overlooked something, but he couldn’t recall what it was.

What was it?

At this moment, Jiang Yu said calmly, “Let’s not talk about that for now.
Are we going to eat?”

After saying this, her stomach let out a loud growl.


Jiang Yu started showing signs that she was really hungry.
She had thought that she would be able to sit down for a meal with the Qins and leave right after.
Who knew that there would be so much to be done before the meal.

First, she met the Dus at the front door.
They had wasted her time in trying to find fault with her.
Then, Qin Fangfei took her for a stroll.
And when they got to the dining hall, she was trapped in another round of discussion.
Couldn’t they just sit down and chat after the meal?

Even though she already had some fruits from Qin Fangfei’s private orchard and had eaten them to fill her stomach, it was not enough.

Jiang Yu’s face revealed a sense of impatience..

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