Chapter 643: Brother Xingyi and Her Are Already So Old, It’s Not Appropriate

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‘When Jiang Yu and Jiang Xingyi arrived at the photoshoot site, the set had already been prepared and almost immediately, a staff member came to receive them.

Zhong Na was also there, she was in charge of communicating with the other party regarding work matters.
Jiang Yu and Jiang Xingyi were not worried.

The two of them stood together and started discussing what to eat after work.

When a program team staff came over, they heard Jiang Xingyi ask with his mesmerizing voice, “Would hot pot be better or barbecue?”

The staff: 2??

Zhong Na glared at him and reminded him, “Both are off the table.
It’s almost time for the shoot.
Control yourselves.”

Jiang Xingyi shrugged.

Jiang Yu looked disappointed.

‘When Zhong Na turned around to face Jiang Yu, her tone softened by a few octaves.
“Little Yu is still growing.
You can eat more, but neither of those options is very healthy.
You should eat less of them.

“But I know a good hotpot restaurant.
I’ll bring you there later to try it.”

Jiang Yu: “Sure.”

Jiang Xingyi: 2??

Staff: 2??

She was Jiang Xingyi’s manager, but why did it feel like Zhong Na cared more about Jiang Yu than she did about Jiang Xingyi?

Ah, it was probably just their imagination.

After all, Jiang Yu was Jiang Xingyi’s younger sister, and Jiang Xingyi had a reputation for doting on his younger sister that had spread far and wide.
It was probably because Zhong Na knew about this that she cared so much about Jiang Yu, to make Jiang Xingyi have a good impression of her.
As expected of an ace manager.
Amazing, amazing.

The staff member thought that he had already grasped the trick, so he said politely to Zhong Na, “Sister Na, we’re almost ready.
Let’s get someone to take Mr.
Jiang and Ms.
Jiang to wardrobe and have them change their clothes first.
We still need time to put on makeup.”

Zhong Na first confirmed their outfits, then confirmed Jiang Xingyi’s dressing room.
After knowing that Jiang Xingyi had his own dressing room, she asked with concern, “What about Little Yu?”

The other party was stunned for a moment before realizing that Zhong Na was talking about Jiang Yu.
He replied, “We had arranged for her to have her own dressing room at first, but it has been given to Sister Jing, so the other female guests will have to share one dressing room…”
His voice became weaker and weaker, but he had no choice but to finish his sentence in one go.
After all, this was something that couldn’t be helped, and he believed that Zhong Na would understand.

Zhong Na did indeed understand.

Sister Jing, also known as Liu Jiejing, had been the winner of the White Deer Award for Best Actress.
She had a high status in the industry, and indeed, she should have her own private dressing room.

This was what the industry was like.
Whoever was famous would be fawned over by everyone.

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According to the program team’s publicity, the program team had first invited the male actor, Yu Zhengchu, to participate.
After that, Yu Zhengchu invited his wife to be his partner, the best actress, Liu Jiejing.

Yu Zhengchu had debuted longer than Liu Jiejing, but he had not had much success in the industry for many years.
The time he was most famous was when he had announced the news of his marriage to Liu Jiejing.
Many people could not remember his name and always referred to him as Liu Jiejing’s


In terms of fame, he was indeed inferior to Jiang Xingyi.
It was no wonder that Jiang Xingyi had his own separate dressing room from the other male guests.
Upon hearing that Jiang Yu was going to share the dressing room with the other female guests, Jiang Xingyi was unhappy.

“Little Sister will share the dressing room with me.”

The staff member hesitated, “This…”

Zhong Na did not stand on ceremony and said bluntly, “If Sister Jing had made this request, would you have hesitated?”

The staff member did not say a word.

Zhong Na said directly, “Bring Little Yu’s clothes over.
Xingyi can just step out when Jiang Yu needs to change.”

Jiang Xingyi hurriedly nodded and said, “Yes, I can step out.”

The staff had no choice but to agree.

He thought to himself, she really is an ace manager.
She managed to grasp Jiang Xingyi’s thoughts so accurately and even suggested it first.
Amazing, amazing.

Chi Yixuan and Ye Jie were already in the dressing room preparing.
The two of them were the first to arrive, and they waited for a long time, but only Yao Xinning arrived.

Yao Xinning was the host of a popular variety show on Apple TV.
This time, she had come with another male host.

The three of them greeted each other.
When they had changed and their makeup was almost done, Ye Jie asked curiously, “Isn’t there another female guest? She isn’t here yet.
Is she not participating in today’s shoot?”
Yao Xinning asked, “Are you talking about Sister Jing?”

Ye Jie shook her head.
“Sister Jing… She wouldn’t be in the same dressing room as us, right?”

‘When she arrived, she saw that Liu Jiejing had her own dressing room.

Being a part of a duo, Chi Yixuan and Ye Jie had been together for a long time, so she naturally knew what the other was thinking.

“You’re talking about Brother Xingyi’s sister.
Why isn’t she here yet?”

Ye Jie said hesitantly, “Brother Xingyi should be here today, right? Then his sister must have come with him too…”

“Oh, you mean her.” Yao Xinning was suddenly enlightened.
“They’re here.
I saw them when I came, but that little girl seemed to have gone with him to his dressing room.”

Chi Yixuan paused.
“You’re saying that Brother Xingyi’s sister is sharing the same dressing room with him?”

Yao Xinning nodded.
“Yes, is there a problem with that?”

Ye Jie stammered, “But, but, there are differences between men and women.
Moreover, Brother Xingyi and her are already so old.
It’s not appropriate…”

Yao Xinning asked curiously, “What’s not appropriate about that? It’s just putting on make-up, not something else.
There are many other people in the dressing room, and they’re brother and sister.
What’s the problem with that?”

Maybe she felt that she had been too direct, that was why Yao Xinning stopped herself and changed the topic, “There’s not much time left.
Let’s hurry up and finish getting ready.”

Yao Xinning already had a plan for the sisters.

The biggest taboo in the entertainment industry was to have too many thoughts and use them in places that shouldn’t be used.

From today’s interaction, it seemed like she shouldn’t get too close to them.

After they finished putting on their makeup, they politely complimented each other and then left the dressing room one by one.

As they left, they bumped into Liu Jiejing and Yu Zhengchu.

Just like Jiang Xingyi, Liu Jiejing and Yu Zhengchu had shared the same dressing room.
Coincidentally, they were also ready.

‘As they were participating in a variety show, everyone was dressed casually.
Even if it was a dress, it would not look like they were going to walk down the red carpet or participate in a fashion shoot.

Ye Jie was wearing a pair of overalls, looking youthful and beautiful.

Chi Yixuan was wearing a crop top and wide-legged pants, while Liu Jiejing was wearing a blazer paired with a short black skirt.
She looked neat and simple.

As for the male guests, other than Yu Zhengchu who was wearing a blazer, the other three male guests were wearing simple shirts or T-shirts with long pants.

All that was left was Jiang Xingyi and Jiang Yu.

At this moment, the door of the dressing room opened and a man and woman stepped out..

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