Chapter 663: Was About to Have a Heart Attack Because of Jiang Yu


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Jiang Xingyi didn’t have any objections because he could finally show off his improved cooking skills in front of Jiang Yu.
After Jiang Yu heard the rules of the game, she felt as if a few horses had run through her heart.

She couldn’t help but complain, “Are you sure this show isn’t called ‘Playing All Kinds of Tricks to Stop You From Eating Properly?”
The program team: … Isn’t that name quite long?

‘The program team: “We still provided something!”

Jiang Yu went straight to the depths of her soul.
“What else? Do you want us to chop wood to make fire and raise our animals?”
The director team: “… That’s not necessary.
We’ll provide the fire…”

Jiang Yu asked in return, “What else can we do? Did you not plan to give us fire in the beginning?”

‘The program team was so guilty that they didn’t dare to say a word.

‘They had really prepared the flint.

After thinking about it, they realized that they were too ruthless and decided to give up.

After seeing the director’s expression, Jiang Yu knew that she had guessed correctly.
She was reminded by the program team’s reaction and immediately asked again, “What did you say? You only asked us to look for ingredients.
The cooking tools are provided, right? Pots, pans, spatulas, stoves, etc.
aren’t in the category of ingredients, right?”

The film crew: … As expected, we should be wary of this bug named Jiang Yu! How did she react so quickly?!

They were really prepared to take advantage of this loophole and let them show off their superb skills and make them borrow things from the residents.

The film crew didn’t respond for a moment, so everyone reacted.

They had really thought of making them do that!

Liu Jiejing frowned and said unhappily, “Utensils aren’t ingredients, Director.”

Nie Kaifeng added, “That’s right! Even a clever woman can’t cook without rice, but she can’t cook without a pot either!”

Jiang Yu stoked the fire again.
“I’ve looked at where we live.
There’s no pot.”

The program team: ???

‘When had she noticed this?

Oh, when she entered the house, she seemed to have looked around.
Did she notice such details?

Every guest that came in had gone to look at the rooms first.
This person who went into the kitchen first.

Forget it.
When they thought about how she was a secret foodie, they were not too surprised.

The program team could only admit defeat and say, “The utensils will be prepared for you.
You guys can just look for the ingredients.”

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Jiang Yu: “I still have two questions.”

The program team: … Why does she still have questions?! And two?!

Could she not ask them?!

Even though she was thinking about not asking anymore, the program team could only agree, “Go ahead.”

Jiang Yu: “The first question, each ingredient card here should contain many types of ingredients, right? It can’t be just one type on one card, right? The second question is, is there a portion marked on the card? It can’t be something like a grain of corn, right?”

The program team:


Could someone please call the police?

In order to make the program look good, the highlight of the prank was immediately exposed by a person who was about to participate in the game.
There was no way to set it up.
This was going to give them a heart attack.
Could they arrange for an ambulance to pick them up?
‘The production team gritted their teeth.

On the other side, they waved their hands and got someone to remove the items.

Uiang Yu’s questions are on point.
I feel like the production team is having difficulty breathing.

[Does she usually play this kind of game? Why is she so clear about it?)

[Her logical thinking is strong.
Sister Yu is a straight-A student after all! Get to know the first place in the five-subject examination!]

[If Jiang Yu didn’t say it out loud, the production team would be really ruthless.
But I don’t quite understand one thing.
Even if Jiang Yu had said it, the production team could have just admitted it and played with it.
Why did they have to cancel it?]
[That’s because Jiang Yu had already said it.
The effects of the pre-designed are gone! And if the production team admitted it, it would really dampen the enthusiasm of the guests.
No one would want to spend half a day looking for a corn kernel for dinner, right?]
The production team was really in a difficult position.

Worried that Jiang Yu still had a third or fourth question, the production team immediately announced the start of the game and told them to go up the hill to look for the cards.

The hill was not high, and the mountain path was not rugged.
Nie Kaifeng and Bu Hanhai walked quickly and took the lead.

Deng Bochao and Yao Xinning were not willing to be outdone and followed closely behind.

Behind them were Liu Jiejing and Yu Zhengchu and then the sisters.
Jiang Xingyi and Jiang Yu were at the back.

Jiang Xingyi and Jiang Yu walked leisurely without any signs of anxiety.

The program team looked at the two of them as they looked around.
They did not look like they were looking for something, but more like they were here to enjoy the natural scenery.
A question mark slowly appeared above their heads.
‘Wasn’t Jiang Yu a foodie?

‘Wasn’t she very serious before the game started? Why was she being so passive after the game started?

The program team could not figure it out.

In the blink of an eye, Jiang Xingyi and Jiang Yu were far behind the others.
Some of the other teams had already found cards, but these two were still strolling around.
The program team was worried for them.

‘They watched them pass by a small patch of grass that had a hidden card inside.
The program team estimated that it would be difficult to notice it due to their leisurely attitude.
They were thinking about whether they should give them a hint.
Then, they saw Jiang Yu lowering her head.

It seemed like she had just taken a casual glance before squatting.
Her fingers brushed past the patch of grass as she took out a card.

‘The program team: ???

What was going on?

Was this a coincidence?

It seemed like she didn’t even put in any effort and she had already found a card.

Jiang Xingyi seemed surprised as well.
He said happily, “Little Sister, you found a card.”

Jiang Yu: “Yeah.”

She looked at the word on the card—celery.

Jiang Yu’s eyes drooped as she said slowly, “I hate celery the most.”

She wanted to throw it away, but after some thought, she put the card away.
“Forget it.
I won’t litter.
Let’s see if we can exchange it.”

After all, there was still someone who owed her a favor.

The two of them continued to walk forward slowly.
As a result, the program team witnessed something even more miraculous.

No matter where the card was hidden, Jiang Yu could find it effortlessly.
It was as if she had installed an invisible scanner.

Asa result, the program team looked toward the group of people who had hidden the card and asked them seriously, “Were you guys bribed by Jiang Yu?”

After receiving a unanimous denial, the program team began to doubt life.

Was this really so strange?

He sniffed the card.
There wasn’t any special smell.

Jiang Yu could not possibly have x-ray vision, right?

C City airport.

A person exited the airport.
A car was parked by the roadside and was waiting for him.

He got into the car and looked at the time.
The person in the passenger seat had already said respectfully, “Everything has been arranged.
It’ll be about time for dinner when we get there…”
The person nodded, leaned back, and closed his eyes to rest.

He was waiting to meet..

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