Chapter 669: Is There Something Wrong With Jiang Xingyi?

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Jiang Xingyi’s indifference toward female celebrities was well-known in the industry.

He was not a fan of variety shows.
Every time he attended a celebration, he would never walk the red carpet with the female celebrities.
He would always walk alone.

However, this did not deter some female celebrities who still wanted to be in the same frame as him.

Jiang Xingyi would always treat them coldly.

Therefore, his diehard fans were already aware of his attitude.
They even mocked him behind his back about whether he was a straight man.
In the end, they were slapped in the face by Jiang Xingyi’s recent performance.
He could wake his sister up so gently and proudly announce her identity.
He even wrote songs and sang songs for her.
Whatever she liked, he wanted to buy it and put it in front of her.

His girl fans were brought back to life.

Jiang Xingyi could treat his sister so well.
Would he not spoil his girlfriend even more?

Ye Jie thought so too.

But she also knew that she could not rush things.

So she slowly tried to get closer to Jiang Xingyi, hoping that he would realize her existence and be moved by her.

However, she was still anxious.

Ye Jie lowered her eyes with a gloomy expression and said, “I got it.
I’m sorry, Senior Jiang.”

Behind her back, she clenched her fists tightly.

She would not give up!

(Ah, ah, ah, my heart hurts so much! The look in precious Jie’s eyes is too fragile!]

[Jiang Xingyi is such a pig head!)

[He will just watch his sister grow old and will die alone!]

[I think he’s sick.
He’s so concerned about his sister.
He can’t even stand it when other men treat his sister better.
He’s so controlling.
Could he be mentally ill?)

[I think you guys are the ones who are sick! Is there a problem with treating your sister well? You’re probably orphans, right?]

The bullet comments started to quarrel again.

On the other side of the ocean, the young girl sitting in front of the French window was watching the bullet comments on the screen with interest.

As if she had seen something interesting, she held the mouse with her slender hand and let the cursor slide upwards.
It just happened to land on the comment that scolded Jiang Xingyi for being sick.
The cursor slid to the right again and landed at the bottom of the words “mentally ill.”

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The girl controlled the mouse and drew a circle on the words.
Suddenly, her lips curved into a smile.

Qin Fangfei looked at it and felt that something was wrong.
Awoman’s sixth sense told her that this man and Jiang Yu must know each other.

Otherwise, why would he be taking care of Jiang Yu in a disguised way, even though it seemed like he did not really mean anything by it?

Moreover, Jiang Yu did not reject his good intentions.

From her understanding of Jiang Yu, she knew that Jiang Yu would usually not accept it calmly.
But from this man

After Shi Shufang saw Feng Linbai appear, the smile on her face disappeared.
Looking at the situation, she was sure now.

This kid from the Feng family was also eyeing Jiang Yu.

She confirmed it from another point of view.

Jiang Xingyi obviously new him.
Otherwise, why would he be so hostile toward this kid from the Feng family?

It was likely that this kid had already started making a move on Jiang Yu.
Jiang Xingyi was protecting his sister, but it seemed like Jiang Yu was about to be abducted by this kid.
Shi Shufang was unwilling.
Little Yu was not even eighteen yet, and a wolf already wanted to take her away?

Why was this little brat so useless? Why did he not come back and get to know Jiang Yu earlier?

Qin Yi felt uncomfortable.

Jiang Yu

Was she smiling at that man?

After dinner, they filmed the scene of them tidying up the dining table, officially ending today’s recording.
After all, they had already recorded for a whole day.
They had to leave them some private time to rest.

The program team packed up their equipment and left.

Before that, Feng Linbai left first.

Jiang Yu yawned, glanced at her phone, and went upstairs.

After she entered the room, she walked around the room and placed her phone on the table.

The program team still respected their privacy.
The cameras were installed only on the stairs and corridors.
Unlike other programs, there were no cameras installed in the bedrooms.
Jiang Yu had already checked and confirmed this in the afternoon.
However, her vigilance made her observe again.

After confirming that there were no abnormalities like in the afternoon, Jiang Yu turned off the lights.

Then, she went out the window and went to a street behind the house.
There was an inconspicuous minibus parked there.

Jiang Yu got into the car and was instantly embraced by a person.

Jiang Yu did not resist.

The person had a clean and pleasant smell.
Although he was tall, he was like a small animal.
He rubbed his head against her shoulder and said affectionately, “Ywer…”

Jiang Yu comforted him like a large dog.
She scratched his hair and even messed it up badly.
Ke Yanbin: …[ don’t see anything.

Feng Linbai also noticed that this irrelevant person had not left yet.
He said coldly, “Yanbin…”
Ke Yanbin said “yes” out of reflex.
He suddenly realized something and quickly got out of the car.

Ke Yanbin: …[ should be under the car, not in it.

He couldn’t be under the car either.
Ke Yanbin moved far away.

Now that they were alone, Feng Linbai hugged Jiang Yu even more brazenly.
“I really want to announce to the world that you’re mine.”
Jiang Yu asked, “Why are you here all of a sudden?”

“Tmissed you.”

Jiang Yu: “T’m asking, why are you participating in the recording?”

He had come to visit her and they could have just had dinner together.
Participating in the recording was something that he could have refused.

Feng Linbai smiled.
“As expected, you’re my girl.”

Feng Zhiyi would definitely be very unhappy that he had appeared in a variety show.

As the head of the Feng family, the chances of Feng Zhiyi appearing in public every year could be counted on one hand.

Other than the warmly received invitations from some famous financial weekly magazines in the country and grand occasions attended by some big shots, Feng Zhiyi would not even think about going to other events.
To put it nicely, it was to maintain his prestige.
To put it bluntly, it was to maintain his
This was also what he required of his children.
Therefore, even the idle Feng Le‘an would not easily participate in the ribbon cutting of his company.

Of course, Feng Junhao, who was still underage and needed to participate in various competitions to win awards, was not on this list for the time being.

“There’s no need to say why you want to appear with me.
You can do it in the future, but you agreed to it this time becaus
Jiang Yu asked calmly, “You finally couldn’t hold it in anymore?”

Feng Linbai’s smile deepened.

As expected of his Yu’er.

It felt so good to be understood by her.

“You could say that I couldn’t hold it in anymore, or you could say that…”

“It’s time.”

Jiang Yu was not surprised by this answer.

She simply nodded her head, “Although I know that you’ve already made your arrangements and don’t need anyone’s help, I still want to let you know that you’re welcome..”

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