Qingting waited in the bushes for the right time to strike all the while keeping a close eye on Xiao Tu.

Xiao Tu sat on a log and counted Qingtings coins one by one with an ugly shit-eating grin on his stupid rabbit face.

God, I want to kill him so badly but I can not right now anyway I have to wait for just the right moment.

After all, he still awakened a bloodline its a weak one but he still has one so his physical body is stronger than any ordinary human, especially his lower body.

His legs are very powerful one kick is strong enough to crush stone, in fact, the only reason I survived his kicks is because he held back significantly when he would kick me so I must be cautious otherwise I could die.

I waited and waited until I finally saw an opportunity to strike while he counted the coins he dropped one so he bent down to pick it up thats when I struck.

I jump out of the bushes and slashed at his exposed neck and Xiao Tu having awakened a rabbit bloodline had a strong sense of hearing when Qingting charged he made a lot of noise so he quickly turned around.

However, when he turned Xiao Tu saw no one there he then felt a strong searing pain as he quickly grabbed his neck as blood gushed out of his sliced open throat.

What the hell Xiao Tu choked out as he gargled on his own blood and his face turned pale from his extreme blood loss.

Just before he lost consciousness he saw a dirt-covered little boy whose body was unnaturally thin.

Oh, ** me was Xiao Tus last thought before he blacked out from blood loss and died from his lethal neck wound.

Qingting could only stand there as he stared at his corpse and think about how he took someones life however he felt no guilt and thats what scared him he felt nothing at all for killing Xiao Tu.

If this was his old self he would be panicking right now you know what scratch that he wouldn even have the balls to even think of killing anyone but Im no longer Logan anymore.

Im Qingting Feng I will never forget the experiences of my old life but if I want to move forward I must reject my old self and embrace who I am now.

Yes I am Qingting Feng and I will stand atop the world of cultivation and crush all who get in my way and those foolish enough to earn my wrath today is the first step in my cultivation journey.

Qingting picked up all his coins and put them back in his sack making sure he had exactly one million when he was sure he had them all he went back to his house and hid his coins under the floorboards along with his bloody sickle.

Before he slept though he made sure to check for even the smallest speck of blood and only after he checked three times did he go to bed after all tomorrow was the day he was to go to the capital.


(Time Skip)

Qingting woke up at the crack of dawn with a tired yawn but unlike when he normally woke up in the morning today he was happy because today was the day he was going to the capital of the blaze dragon kingdom.

The blaze dragon kingdom was the most powerful of all the other kingdoms in the eastern lands with the dragon emperor Pan Huang possessing the bloodline of a true dragon the strongest of all dragons.

As I grew older I found out about how this world is structured well at least about the common knowledge thats available to anyone of the eastern lands.

There are five lands first are the northern lands, then the eastern lands, after that are the southern lands, followed by the western lands, and finally the central plains.

I don know anything about those other places or how they work but I do know about the eastern lands where I live.

For example, we are sworn enemies with the people of the central plains but Im not sure why and I don really care for now whats really important to talk about are bloodlines.

In the eastern lands, a persons bloodline is everything since all cultivation techniques in the eastern land focus on cultivating bloodlines whether or not you have a strong bloodline will determine your future.

For example, Xiao Tu had a common and weak bloodline so he couldn find anyone to offer him guidance or support in cultivating so he ended up as worthless trash nobody liked.

So to succeed in the eastern lands a rare or strong bloodline is very important which is why I must attend the awakening ceremony so I can awaken my bloodline and start cultivating.

Without a moment to lose, I quickly got up and put on my clothes then grabbed my hidden coins for the entrance fee and headed out towards the village.

I arrived near the villages gates in just a few minutes and walked up to an old man stuffing things onto a large cart he was the farmer that employed me to work in his fields hes also the guy who transports kids to the awakening ceremony in the capital.

He looked at me and the sack of coins understanding that I was going to attempt to awaken this year he only nodded his head and pointed to his cart.

He never talked only nodded his head or grunted thats what I like about him hes simple and doesn mock or abuse me he even gave me a job so I was very thankful to him.

I nodded back to him and hopped into the back but I saw no one else inside guess that meant he was the only one this year actually it was better that way now I won have to deal with anyone else on this trip.

It would take a week to get there but I couldn care less I waited three years for this I diffidently could wait for a week all I got to do is sit back and relax.

After a little while, the farmer hooked up a large white bison to the cart and we started moving toward the capital this marked the next step on my cultivation journey.

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