I couldn believe it really I couldn believe it what the hell is a giant anyway?

The guard had an expression of amazement on his face as he looked at the results of the test.

The guard then noticed Qingtings confused expression and then told him about his giant bloodline.

He first explained about the three dominant races in the world dragons, demons, and in recent years humans.

He told Qingting that the giant race are the weaker descendants of a race of beings known as titans and how long ago the titans were a mighty and feared people.

Apparently, the titans were a race that towered over mountains and could tear apart dragons with their bare hands but a thousand years ago they were brought to the brink of extinction by the Immortal Thearch.

Wait a minute I have no idea who this immortal thearch is but whoever he was he sounds terrifying to bring a race of beings larger than mountains to near extinction.

The guard noticed my confusion in regards to the immortal thearch and once again explained things to me he said that the immortal thearch was an incredibly powerful human cultivator who single-handedly elevated the human race to a new status of power.

Originally the human race was very weak and they were constantly preyed upon by the other races until the immortal thearch appeared and crushed those other races.

It was him who over a thousand years ago made humans into a dominant superpower among the other races.

Also, there have been other immortal thearchs after the first one but they couldn compare to the strength of the original immortal thearch.

Apparently, a thearch successor appears every twenty years or so but a true immortal thearch hasn arisen in over two hundred years, and honestly many preferred that.

Nowadays no one wants another to appear the immortal thearchs were all arrogant tyrants who were also extremely racist.

In this world where many races live side by side with humans, the immortal thearchs racist and tyrannical ideology is considered outdated and even could pose a threat to the current worlds stability.

The guard finished his explanation by saying the titan race was one of many races wiped out by the immortal thearch but before they completely died out they attempted to preserve their race by infusing their bloodline with that of the humans.

However, the human bloodline and the titan bloodline did not mix well when the two fused they mutated creating an all-new bloodline otherwise known as the giant bloodline that Qingting possessed.

The giants are a small but mighty race of barbarians that all lived in the frozen and mountainous northern lands.

They are well known for their monstrous physical bodies and their great height the average giant stood around nine to thirteen feet tall and possessed extraordinary musculature.

Its said an individual giants strength is as great as a dragons but their population is too small in number and too primitive in technology to be considered one of the dominant races.

It was extremely rare to find someone with a giant bloodline, especially outside the northern lands, and for Qingtings bloodline to be so pure he truly was one of a kind.

His bloodline was probably one of the purest giant bloodlines in the world the guard had to recruit him into the royal sect.

In the eastern lands, there were many sects but they usually weren very large or had much authority or resources it was actually the kingdoms and their militaries that held the most power in the eastern land.

However, the royal sect was different because it was run by the dragon palace itself, and the true dragon emperor himself was the sect leader.

The cultivators in the royal sect held more authority than even the kingdoms nobles or the armys officials it was truly a rare honor to join this sect.

the guards all worked for the palace but they also acted as recruiters for the kingdoms royal sect looking for great talent among those that take the awakening ceremony and this guard has sure found some talent.

Hold on there boy Qingting was is asked the guard with a big smile on his face which was completely different from his previous cold demeanor.

Qingting was surprised by the guards sudden change in demeanor but still answered him saying that was in fact his name.

The guard only smiled bigger and gave him two things a book that contained the pureblood technique something only given to those who awaken good enough bloodlines and a jade badge.

Qingting knew about the pureblood technique but not the jade badge it was a fiery red color and had a large dragon on both sides of it.

Qingting asked about this badge and the guard told him that was proof he could join the royal sect when Qingting heard this he nearly passed out the royal sect for real!!!

Everyone in the kingdom knew about that sect they also knew only those cultivation geniuses monsters could join and this guard is now saying I can join this is the happiest day of my life.

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