Chapter 19

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「If there is something I don’t know, I’ll come again and ask」

I will be eagerly waiting for your return」

Being seen off by the receptionist lady (it seems her name is Nadia-san), I left the job registration site.

Earlier after choosing my job, what Nadia-san explained was about the job’s expertise.

Levels, masteries, expertise, it’s really confusing but, I did my best to fight the sleepiness from listening.

Expertise are, from level 21, its a value you receive from level up, 1 point per 1 level.

If you didn’t choose a job after 21 and continued fighting then, it would save up until you chose a job, and the moment you chose one, it would instantly put itself in.

The point when you register at level 20, your expertise is at 0.
If it’s at 30 then it’s 10 but, it will only be put once in your job.

When raising this expertise, you would remember arts, and the increase rate of your status will increase but, what’s more important is that to a certain degree , you will unlock the 《Advance Job》.

For example raising 《Swordsman》 expertise to 30 will evolve into 《Sword Master》.
If its 《Magician》then 《Sorcerer》.

Since you gain 1 point of expertise per level, so if you level up to 50, then those 2 jobs would evolve to the advanced jobs.

And also, the arts you gained from jobs you raised, even if you have a different job you could use it.

For example, a swordsman’s arts 《Sharp Edge》.

It has the simple effect of raising the sharpness of the weapon but, if you raise the expertise once, even a magician can use it.

And like that, if you separately raise the expertise of others jobs, it could branch into 《Magic Swordsman》 it seems.

Regarding 《Douji》, as of now, Nadia-san said that she hasn’t confirmed her advance job.

But, there is always supposed to be something.

Basically, 「The next one is displayed as 《???》, even the job registration site does not understand.
Since it has a slot then there must be something」.

There are other players who have the same Douji as me.

However the fact that it’s still not confirmed as of now, there is some sort of special condition other than expertise to it.

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Maybe, it’s just simply that the magic resistance is too low that they can’t level up, or that they still lack the expertise level.

Roughly putting it in order.

The job you register too, its expertise increases as you level up.

If you just normally raise the expertise then, on a fixed value it would change into an advance job.
It will be something like 《Sword Master》 or 《Sorcerer》.

When changing jobs, the expertise from the other job will be added, and depending on the case a special advance job will appear.

This is a job like 《Magic Swordsman》.

Though it’s unrelated to me who can’t change jobs, I won’t lose anything from learning about it.

Right now, imagining my job at my status, The job: 《Douji》has an expertise of 1.

And as of now the physical stats, or basically strength, toughness, agility, the 3 of those, has an increase rate of 5% according to the info.

But still, it’s only that.
In the first place, the job 《Douji》I have no idea if it has arts.

Regarding the merits of raising the expertise, It seems that I need to research it.

The time right now is around 6, it had become dark to the point that you could see stars.

「Looks like it took quite some time…..About this, what would you want about this kind of stream? please comment about it」

Like the red wolf in the morning too, Is impossible to always put my attention towards the viewers as I play.

It’s also possible that there will be a very long boss battle from now on, just like now we would be listening to explanations, and there would be scenes where I would be forced to role play.

As a streamer, I’m still nothing but a chick.

It’s also fine If I could ask Rin-chan but, I’m sure that Rin-chan’s streaming style is something she had built up to this point.

For me to be me, since I’m at this topic, I should ask the viewers opinion.

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『Focusing on gameplay』

『yeah yeah』

『Go do more rampaging(heart)』

『with Nadia-san…』

『If you could react to the comments occasionally (whispering)』

『Since we can watch the video in real time , i’d like to see your real figure on stream too』

「I see….Then I will do what I want okay」

『You’re going to kill as you want….?』(9: in way in jp, sometimes “do” can be considered kill and something else)

『As what you want, you say』

『As I thought the brutal ogre girl is on another level』

『I believe that Sukuna-tan is an owner of a kind heart okay!』

「Is everyone’s evaluation of me….gghu」

This is weird.
I wonder why I had such a violent image?

Even though I am such a kind girl at heart.

…..well, I guess it’s harsh to say girl.
I can’t do it that young.

「Well, let’s hunt for a bit more, is what I thought but….it had gotten dark so, I’m going to stop streaming around here.
And also, I still haven’t bought the sub feature for streaming at night」

It’s still okay in town where there is light from the lamps and streets but outside of the town is ruled by darkness.

Actually, the streaming services of WLO are on a subscription system.

1000 yen monthly, for 3 hours per day streaming.

Me and Rin-chan have no limitations with 3000 yen monthly.

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The fact that it takes money is the key point, so this is a part of the reason that not a lot of player stream.

And among those, there is an option where the viewers can see in the dark during the stream at night.

This only brightens up the visions for the viewers so the player’s vision stays dark.

That’s why, even if the viewers sees the ambush, the player can get killed without noticing.

By the way, for the full option streaming authority, it costs about 10,000 yen monthly.
It’s expensive.

Obviously full options are for gamers who could profit more than losing but, Rin-chan could gain many times more than that during 1 stream.

While on topic, let’s talk about how we earn income.

The time when this job called streamer became a job, not really depending on the number of watchers of the stream, they have the feature where you could directly support the streamer.

Aka 『Donation』.

Depending on the site it could be called differently but it’s normally called donation anywhere.

「Liverz」who is collaborating with WLO, they have this joke like the name of 「Live tickets」 though.

Mostly from the donation funds a percentage of it is taken by the admin, and the remaining is given to the streamer.

And the point of this support is that it’s not「just donating money」but, there are some merits for the donator too.

For example, depending on the amount of the donation their name would be displayed in the stream’s supporters column.

And when you left a comment as you donate, it could keep getting displayed without getting moved away from the flooding comments.

And moreover, if you support with lots of money then the streamer might remember your name.

The famous streamers do earn money this way.

Rin-chan herself earns more than millions in a month from just streaming, and moreover she is also working as a pro regarding the corporation……basically she earns a lot.
(9: does streaming earn you millions?)

Though I myself am earning some donations here and there while streaming.

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They might have done it during the previous stream but I didn’t have any leisure to think about it.

「Tomorrow will be… expected I wouldn’t start early in the morning.
So I think I will start around 10am.
I will give out a notice so, if you’d like to please subscribe to my channel」

『I subscribed』

『I forgot』

『It helps since it’s hard to be on early morning』

『Can’t watch cause of work….』

『Corporate slave bro….』

『A model of a streamers who doesn’t forget to announce』

Well, somewhat my number of subscribers to the channel is gradually increasing, which is good.

To work on a Sunday tomorrow….Is what I thought but, I also worked 7 days a week.

Since in the service industry, the day off is its main.
And it’s not like corporate slaves have no work on day offs too.

「Well then, Thank you very much for today.
Hope you well~」



『A good job to you』



『Who was that one that gave out some tea』

While being grateful to that fact that you can log out anywhere inside the town, I logged out as I was sent off by the comment section.

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