ain normal after one more sense is added, right? but at least I am very glad to know that it does not manifest itself in the real world.”

Miharu’s explanation was easier to understand than I had expected.

It is as if she understands this power much better than me, the owner of this odd ability.

“First of all, close your eyes.
It is said that people get 80% of their information from their eyes.
Closing it does not mean that you can immediately handle your sixth sense at will, but if you narrow down the information, you should be able to calm down a little.”

I closed my eyes in the middle of the battlefield as Miharu told me to.

While trying hard not to throw up, I certainly felt somewhat better than when I had my eyes open.

Even so, the sensation of feeling the enemy’s movement without being able to stop it was terrifying as if a swarm of insects had gathered around me.


“Not even going to last one minute from the start of the game? Let’s log out for a while.”

We dropped the grenade we had picked up before at our feet, and we self-destructed.

I hastily logged out and ran to the bathroom.

“One person learned to control by enduring a fever of nearly 40 degrees Celsius for three months shortly after birth in order to make his body more tolerant of their innate hyper-sensitivity~.
Another person was able to control his talent, but due to their weak constitution, they was unable to withstand the output and broke down.
The blossoming of a unique talent like this comes with its own pain and price.
I wonder how much time Miss Rokuro will spend controlling her sixth sense.”

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Miharu whispered about past cases as she rubbed my back after I finished vomiting, but I was too dazed to hear most of what she said.

I was only slightly relieved to know that there were others who had experienced similar pain.

After five minutes of sitting on the toilet, I rinsed my mouth out and stood up again.

“Let’s continue.”

“Yes, that was my intention as well~.”

Wiping my mouth, I logged into the virtual space once again.

It was incredibly painful, but if I didn’t control it, I wouldn’t be able to play the game properly from now on.
That is the only thing I wanted to avoid.

Ten minutes later, Miharu giggled as she watched me collapse in the bathroom again.

“Ufufu, it looks like you still have a long way to go…”

For the first three months of my training, I repeatedly battled headaches and nausea because I couldn’t process the flood of information.
My throat was burning with gastric juices from the constant vomiting, and most days, I couldn’t sleep without sleeping pills.

Miharu stayed with me and took care of me during that time.

When I was too weak to dive into the virtual space any longer, she would introduce me to her favorite manga and anime.

She even taught me the mundane things like how to cook and fold laundry.

Our relationship, which until now had been merely that of caretaker and cared for, had indeed taken a step forward.

After three months, I was able to organize information to the point where I could stand on the battlefield for an entire day without getting sick.

Of course, I still wasn’t much of a fighter, so my battle record was in shambles.

Still, once I got used to it, the rest was easy.

The sixth pseudo-sensory organ, which only manifests itself in virtual space, functioned as if I had been born with it, and my brain began to process the information without confusion.

By this time, I no longer needed Miharu’s help, and I was able to dive into ranked matches by myself.

However, the wall that stood between Miharu and me had been completely removed over the past three months, and we began to have more and more casual conversations.
This was also the first time that I began to enjoy talking with others.

Interestingly, as I became accustomed to my sixth sense, I also began to sharpen my other five senses, such as sight and hearing, with more acute and delicate accuracy.

“This is probably the result of a much greater capacity to receive and process information as a result of the addition of new sense….
as a result, you’re now able to process information from the six senses more clearly and separately,” Miharu said.

Her explanation is: I used to perceive milk coffee as one piece of information as one information, but now I can perceive coffee and milk separately as two different pieces of information.
As a result, I am able to understand them as more vivid information.

Miharu explained it this way, but it didn’t quite make sense to me.

In the end, it took me almost half a year to fully tame this rampaging talent.

No matter where I was or what I was doing, the fast-changing positional information of the players running around on the field would enter my brain.

But not all of them.
As a rule of thumb, I could detect about 50 players in order of proximity to me, so I don’t know where my enemies are located in the far distance.

Still, it means I always knew the whereabouts of about half the players per match.

“But you really did a great job! I can’t believe you made it in just six months.”

“It’s all thanks to you, Miharu.
Thanks for being so patient.”

“Please don’t be modest.
It’s not easy to endure so much pain and exhaustion while putting in so much effort.
At worst, the game itself could have been a traumatic experience.
I think Miss Rokuro’s greatest strength is the attitude that allows her to accumulate efforts without getting caught up in weakness.”

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Miharu said as she patted me on the head.

Since that day when my talent blossomed, Miharu has often treated me like a child.

I was embarrassed, but I was also happy that my past efforts had been recognized that my cheeks involuntarily broke into a smile.

“I’m going after the top spot this season.
So I’m going to start fresh with a new account to set the record straight.
Miharu, I’d like you to decide on my future account name, a player name just like [Rinne].”

“Is that okay? It’s a name that many people will be calling you from now on, you know~?”

“Yes, that’s exactly why.”

Now I have control over my talent, which I call my sixth sense.
The process was not easy and filled with pain like I had never felt before.

When I was in the institution, I rarely felt pain or suffering.
I was not naughty enough to get hurt, and I was not physically attacked, even by bullies in elementary school.

For me, who had such lukewarm life, the three months after my talent was awakened were truly hell.

There were times when I felt like my heart was going to break, and there were times when I literally couldn’t move at all.
There were times when I moaned from the pain of a burning throat, and there were times when the headaches drove me to the brink of insanity.

And during those times… Miharu was always there to support me.

Perhaps, it was just mental care to help me grow up to be an excellent gamer who would be useful to Rinne…

But for me, who was born without a family, those times had me wondering if this is what it feels like to have a mother or sister.

Such a warm feeling is what I got from Miharu.

“Then, let’s borrow a name from the hero I once admired, Superman, who is also my starting point, and even though it’s a cliché.
A sixth sense is exactly the kind of ability a hero would have.”

“Ehh, what’s with that reason?”

“The origin story is very important.
Besides, a player’s name should be catchy.”

Miharu said so and wrote letters on the screen of the tablet terminal with her finger.

With a confident expression on her face, she turned the screen toward us and said,

“Yes! How about [♡Suupaa♡]?”

“………………….can I remove the heart mark?”

“Why! That’s the charm point!”

“I don’t want it.
I don’t need it.
and it’s definitely not needed at all!!”

“That’s outrageous! You told me to decide it!”

While calming down, pouting Miharu, who booed with her lips pursed, I managed to get her to remove the heart mark.

Thus, the gamer tag [Suupaa] was born.

I, (me), would leave behind a legend for a year from this day onward.


A note:

Miharu is Karin’s aunt.
There is an age difference between her and Suupaa is about the same as a mother and daughter.
And yes, her naming sense is…

Anyway, there are only a few days left in the tournament!

Please lookout for the third volume of the comic!

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