nt it.
It was inevitable, and that’s why I wanted to leave something behind.
And since I managed to do it, there’s no reason for regret, right?”

Looking at the expression on Rinne’s face, it is clear that there was not the slightest trace of regret.

What kind of fear is it to know that you are going to lose your talent? Wouldn’t that mean losing the entire foundation that supports you?

It gives me chills just to imagine it, but at least Rinne didn’t get scared or disheartened after she found out about it.
Instead, she went full throttle to her goal.

That’s amazing.
I’m sure I can’t be that tough.

“I’ve done everything I wanted to do, and it’s hard to improve myself beyond what I used to be.
But because of that… I want to nurture someone other than myself.
That’s why I created HEROES.
I created my own professional gaming team that I would nurture.”

“Looking at HEROES’ current success, I think that plan is quite realistic.”

“I’m the one who hasn’t done well, you know? I thought we could get ten or twenty world championships, but it’s hard to predict other people will grow up, isn’t it?”

“I think it’s good enough that you’re scouting for players who aren’t that stand out and developing their talent, and you’re getting some good results.”

With the exception of the initial members and a few players with special backgrounds, most of the players in HEROES have been recruited from the middle ranks of the game, and they all have shown amazing growth.

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HEROES pick up players who have one or two noticeable talents but do not mesh well or are underutilized and develop their talents.

That is why many HEROES members have a very strong faith in Rinne, who guided and strengthened them ever since they were still in bud.

This is a well-known story in the community, and the common perception that [HEROES is a group of Rinne admirers] is widespread thanks to this.

Faith aside, there is no doubt that there are only a few people who can match Rinne’s skill in identifying talent and bringing it to full fruition.

That is how tremendous the progress of HEROES has been.

“It’s not good enough.
We have to be strong enough to be recognized as the best in every game.”

“After all, we’re going to be the strongest professional gaming team in the world, aren’t we?”

“That’s right!”

I was relieved to see Rinne confidently cross her arms and say something akin to a childish dream.
This current Rinne who talked about her dream seems to be the real her.

Then I suddenly realized something.

“……Well, in that sense, what about Nana? I don’t know if I should put it this way, but that person is the strongest without needing to be nurtured.”

Even if we leave aside the matter of the middle class in the ranking, it is clear that Rinne gives advice to the members of HEROES and encourages them to grow without exception.

I know because I, too, have benefited from it.
The advice given was hard to understand, but needless to say, it was thanks to Rinne’s support for setting up the environment and stationed Miharu by my side.

Still, Nana is a little different.

She is the strongest from the beginning.

That is why I was recruited; I was expected to be Nana’s companion, pushing her growth, even if only slightly.

And I don’t mean her ability.
I was here only to add more color to her life.

When I told Rinne my hypothesis, she simply nodded her head.

“That’s right.
The VR space was originally only a place for Nana and me to have fun.
That’s why I recruited you to join the VR department.
I saw your potential to be her equal within this space, which didn’t even exist at the time.”

“I understand, but… I see, so I’m in a slightly different position in HEROES.”

“The reason why the establishment of this team was delayed for so many years after the rise of VR is that the Nana, who was supposed to be the center of the team was still not ready to fill her position.
And because of that, we lost one of our planned members.”

It was almost half a year ago that Rinne officially announced the establishment of the VR division.

Nana joined about two months ago.
Is the difference of a few months because it took that much time to prepare?

Rinne seemed to have noticed my thought about this and continued her explanation.

First of all, Nana had been working three part-time jobs until just before her debut two months ago.

However, she was fired from all of them.
The reason she was fired was because of the store’s circumstances, or more specifically, the parent company’s circumstances that caused the store to go out of business.

If you had been following the news, you would have known that the cause was an incident of food poisoning and the restaurant’s mismanagement over a long period of time.
And because Nana basically a don’t care about such a thing, there is no way for her to know.

It was easy to imagine that Rinne already knew she was going to be fired after that happened.

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Rinne, who had been aware of the unrest, gathered information and tried to estimate when the impact would spread to the store where Nana was working.
And it turned out that all three of her part-time jobs would likely disappear around the same time.

Apparently, the time of the accident was also the time when she officially announced the HEROES VR division establishment.

The rest she needed to do was made a call to Nana, who ‘coincidentally’ became a NEET.

That was about two months ago, and it seemed that this was how they were able to successfully bring Nana, the main character, into HEROES within a few months of the declaration of the establishment of the division.

“Must been hard.”

“I’ve been trying to get her to join us for a while now, but she has a strange sense of duty.
Whenever I asked to join, she would refuse because of her part-time work.
Of course, if I force her to do something, she will listen to me, but it’s not something I want to force her to.
Even if the power of the Takajou group could destroy Nana’s part-time job, Nana wouldn’t be pleased.
So, you see, it was a blessing in disguise that all three locations went under for good.” {…is it really?}

It may not be a good thing from the perspective of the stores or the company that went under, but from Rinne’s point of view, it was all a result of good fortune.

Well, if Rinne was really not involved in the whole thing, then it is definitely a blessing in disguise.

What I mean by [whole thing] is that I was including the fact that I was able to make it in time for the competition using Zero Wars VR, where I would be most active.

“Everything is for Nana…… No, it’s for the stage for Nana and Rinne.”

“You hate it?”

“More like relieved.
I would be more afraid if I were given so much without you expecting anything.
And above all, now I have clear role to play on this stage.”

In other words, I am just a catalyst.

To Rinne, I’m probably just a tool for enriching Nana’s world.

But, considering everything, and more importantly… I can stand here right now, and that itself is making everything worth it.

And for that,

“Thank you.”

“Fufu, what is that for?”

“For everything Rinne has done for me from the first time we met until now.
Thanks to you, I finally feel like I can move forward for myself.”

The reason I participated in this tournament was partly thanks to the existence of the [Witch of Magic Bullet Witch], but in the end, I also wanted to give something back to Rinne.

Ever since I was born, all I have had to do is receive and thanks to their favor I could go this far.

Both when I was in the orphanage and in that house.

It’s about time I repaid at least a bit of those favors.

“Yeah, I feel like I can do anything now.”

That’s the motivation!”

Rinne simply laughed hearing these words, which I unintentionally spilled out after I finally found where to place my conviction.

For now, let’s begin the final round.

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