Chapter 2

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The next day, just before noon.

Before me was a huge multi story apartment that looking up at the roof would be tiring.

Greeting the guard that I’m acquaintance with more than just a face recognition, I told the manager my business and have them contact Rin-chan

With overprotective parents, The mansion that Rin-chan lives in, is dozens of hundreds of meters above ground.

There are about 40 floors but one floor of it was bought just for Rin-chan.

I know that it’s to guarantee her safety but, I heard that most of the rooms aren’t in use, it makes me wanna say that I don’t really know what rich people think.

While being hit with a feeling of being out-of-place, I used the elevator and arrived at the 40th floor above ground.

Pushing the fancy intercom, instead of a reply, there was a sound of a door opening.

「Welcome, I was waiting for you」

「Yeah, thanks for the welcome」

Consenting to Rin-chan’s ushering, I welcome myself in her house.

It has been a long time since I have come here.
I think that the last time I came here was just before when Rin-chan graduated from high school, so about 3 years.

「aaah…..for the first in years, it is time to replenish my Nana vitamins….


Me who was moving towards the living room, from behind me, I was hugged by Rin-chan strongly that there was a sound.

Rin-chan has a very glamorous wagamama(curvy) body, and moreover she is a woman on the taller side of a height up until 170cm.

To me who is about 155cm, If i were hugged then it would look like my face is wrapped up by her soft breasts(Oppai).
(9: oppai)

While feeling the softness that I could never experience with my petite breasts, I let her continue her deed.

「Rin-chan, I can’t move」

「Just a bit more…just a bit more…」

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She continued clinging on me for 5 minutes.

「It’s been a year since we’ve met again.
Though the time where we could take our time, was since high school graduation was it?」

「Well, I was swamped with part time job in that 1 year after all」

「Even if I invite you, there’s a part time job, and when I invite again there’s another part time job.
Think about my feelings who kept being rejected」


While taking a meal that seemed prepared for my liking, I had a bitter smile as I avoided her blunt statement.

Honestly, there’s a part of my life that I had to part time jobs to live.

Certainly I have to work so that I can live.

But, at most, working for 5 night shifts a week was enough funds to live alone.

I particularly mostly don’t have any greed so, I pretty much have a lot saved up.

But still I am working because I’m just an earnest person without any hobbies, no other reason than that.

I have no greed because I have no hobbies, I have no hobbies because I have no greed.

When I have a day where I have nothing to do, I won’t do anything but live aimlessly.

Since I felt that it’s such a waste, I worked all the time just to kill the time where I do nothing at all.

「Well, fine.
Since we have met each for such a long time after all」

Rin-chan put off her frowning face into a smile, and I was also relieved.

「Though I have to search for a job once again」

While drinking tea after eating, I grumble those words.

That’s right, Me who had become a NEET needs to search for a job once again.

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「About that, there is no problem」

「Eh? why?」

「Though I planned to talk about it during last night’s call」

Rin-chan cut off the depressing feeling of job hunting with a prideful face, I unintentionally opened my eyes wide.

Now that I think about it, yesterday, Rin-chan called me because she has some business with me.

I remember she put it off after hearing my circumstances.

「Nana, do you remember my current Job?」

「Let’s see, If I’m not wrong, game contests, something like those」

Well it’s not only that though, what’s correct is I am a pro gamer.
Tentatively I belong to a corporation」

「With the Takajou Group?」

「Well yeah」

Rin-chan nodded as if it was natural, I reflexively laughed.

It’s the Takajou Group that even has a pro baseball team.

Having a gaming version of that is totally not a strange thing, as always it’s sure is a corporation that works on many industries.

Rin-chan being a pro gamer, and If I remember it correctly she also does live streaming.

On that platform she is quite a famous player, even without her connections she is an owner of a great ability.

We have known each other for a long time but, since Rin-chan was young she was totally in love with games, In class she was always number one in games.

I love Rin-chan who enjoys games, so we both do it together, looking back I remember those times.

「Nana, do you know about《WorldLive-ONLINE》?」

Some of the kids at work might have talked about it.
It’s that right, that virtual game?」

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「That’s right.
It’s an online game that just started 10 days ago.
It’s the hot topic in Japan’s VR industry」


It is something that was made with an extraordinary amount of money, a really outstanding online game.

I have a junior at my part time job that is attached to me, a boy.
He put a lot of emphasis on that game but that’s all I understand about it.
(9: don’t worry about the boy)

「Well, Nana won’t know the amazing parts of this game even If I told you so, if I were to summarize it.
《WorldLive-ONLINE》is you see, a full dive game but at the same time it’s a game where you can live stream」

「I don’t really get it but, was there no other games that could do it?」

「That’s right.
The game on itself is on another generation but, it can’t be helped for Nana who have no idea about VR games」

Full dive.
That is a function where your consciousness is brought into a virtual world.

It has been many years since it was announced but, during the early days Rin-chan let me experience it.

At that time I couldn’t move really well but, right now I heard that you could freely move.

It seems that the full dive game wasn’t able to do live streams.

In this world there aren’t only VR Games.

A game where you could live stream is the mainstream in this current period, I could imagine that VR games are not suited for earning money.

And then 《WorldLive-Online》, was the game that turned that around.

「I’m guessing that you get it now.
That’s right, since 10 days ago I have started this game.
As a pro gamer, I can’t be late with the current wave after all」

「I see.
So, why did you bring that topic up to me?」

「It seems like you’re dense on that part.
Well, If I went round about It might not be able to reach you so.
I’ll say it straight…..Nana, let’s play the Game together」

Those words seem light but at the same time serious.

Rin-chan gave me a bit of an upward glance, facing towards me with pleading eyes.

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We have known each other for a long time but, when Rin-chan asks like this, Her heart is really anxious that it seems like it would get smashed.

She is not asking for a favor.
it’s not an invitation.
If i were to say the word for I guess it’s 「pleading」.

And then I am really weak against Rin-chan like this.

「Yeah, it’s fine.
For the first time in a long time, let’s play the game together」


「What would a lie do for me?」

「You’re right.
That’s great, I thought you would refuse it, I was really worried you know」

「Well, if I had a part time job then I might refused but….there aren’t any right now」

The great timing that she said yesterday must’ve been about this.

Certainly if my workplace didn’t go bankrupt then there would be a chance that I might have refused.

But still, I couldn’t imagine Rin-chan not expecting that.

Most likely, so that I would agree there are various things she didn’t explain yet.

Looking at Rin-chan who had a relieved face, returning to reality she now had a serious face.

「I am a pro gamer, and also a live streamer.
It’s not like I am always live streaming but, Now that you’re going to be playing with me, there would be many opportunities that Nana would come out during live streaming 」

「Well, obviously」

If I were to play with a live streamer, I’m sure that these opportunities would increase.

I don’t really mind it myself but, I don’t really know about the viewers though.

「So, I was thinking various ways but….Nana, why don’t try being a pro gamer?」


Rin-chan who thought up about that proposal, it was something totally outside of my expectation.

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