Transfer 01 [Beginning Player (Liber)]


<<6 months ago


Kuro Kanata.
He was just an ordinary high school student.
You could even say it's too ordinary.

He didn't get good grades in class so he couldn't be called smart or genius.

He is not a rich man or a descendant of a businessman.

He doesn't have many friends.
The number of friends at school can even be counted with the fingers.




Who cares about that?

His parent said to make 100 friends when entering school, but Kuro didn't do it.

No, From the start it was impossible for him.

He's the type of person who doesn't get along easily.
Maybe this is the reason he has no friends.

He came home from school as usual.
Alone, without friends.
His only friend was a bamboo sword that he always carried with him wherever he went.

He is not a member of the kendo club.
He carried a bamboo sword only to protect himself.

From what? From all the things that made him feel threatened.

Even though it's a bit useless in this day and age but it never hurts to be on guard.


The year 2039.


Technology is now very advanced.
Now it can even be compared to the technology in science fiction films.
But the most advanced technology is probably VR (Virtual Reality) technology and all computer things




He stopped at a red light and saw a giant screen that was on a high-rise building.

The big screen displayed news about Celestial Soul Online, the most famous VR Game at the moment.

Since its launch 1.5 years ago, Celestial Soul Online, which is abbreviated as CSO, has had 2 billion players worldwide.
That is the amount of 1/4 the current number of humans.

His classmates always talk about CSO at every break.
They were always discussing how to defeat monsters, get rare items, and so on.

Kuro didn't understand all that.

He wasn't one of the CSO Players, so this was natural.
In the first place, he didn't want to know.

The light turns green.
He walked again along with dozens of other people.

He went to the station and boarded one of the Shinkansen.

Even though it was crowded, hot, and uncomfortable, Kuro remained silent and didn't complain.
This happens everyday and probably, it's the same for most people.

He doesn't care even if he saw people taking advantage of the odds.
He doesn't want to be a late hero.

After an hour, Kuro arrived at his hometown, Fubuku City.

He walks to his house.

About 15 minutes, he arrived home in old Japanese style.

Kuro's house is actually rare nowadays.
Most of the buildings have been replaced with apartments and concrete buildings.

Kuro's house is not too big but has a large yard.
His house was his grandfather's long-dead house.

He doesn't live alone.
There was one person who lived with him in the house.

Ruko Kanata.
She is Kuro's younger sister.

They were cousins ​​and were not related by blood, but since they had been together since childhood, she was like Kuro's little sister.

He went up the stairs and reached his room.

There was a cute decoration with a heart that said 'Kuro's room' on the door.
Of course, it wasn't made by him, it was Ruko's gift for his 14th birthday.

He turned the doorknob and slowly opened the door.




He was shocked and felt pain in his stomach from being hit by an attack.
The attack was a ramming of Ruko's head.

Kuro's consciousness disappeared for a moment and upon awakening, he found Ruko already on top of him.

His bamboo sword and bag lay not far from his current position.







He didn't quite understand, but he was indeed surprised.

He didn't expect to be attacked by his sister.


“Thanks for the surprise.”

Onii-chan baka.”

“What do you mean? Get up, you're heavy!!”


Ruko's face immediately turned red.
Not out of shame, but out of anger.


“Onii-chan baka.
Why do you say I'm fat? I'm the prettiest girl in my school.
Nobody ever said I was fat…
I've indeed gained weight lately, but it's only 0.5 kg.
onii-chan do You know how many people want to be you in your current position, but you just don't care!.
Uguuu…  Onii-chan baka…!!”




Kuro didn't understand what Ruko meant.

He admits Ruko is the cutest girl he knows.

Straight black hair like a goddess.
Slim body, and beautiful curves.
Her breasts are not too big, but not too small either.

She is a goddess.

But to Kuro, Ruko is just a little sister.
Even though he was now wearing a thin t-shirt that exposed most of his snow-white skin, or even now that Ruko was on top of him, Kuro didn't feel anything.

A spoiled sister.
That's Ruko in Kuro's eyes.


Baka! Uguu…ua uaaasuaauau…”


Ruko sobbing.

Seeing that, Kuro sighed deeply.


“Stop your tears and get out of the way.
I want to quickly change clothes and train at the dojo.”



Ruko twisted her tongue and stopped crying.


“Onii-chan, are you a normal boy?”


Ruko got up and moved away from Kuro's body.


“What do you mean? I'm normal.”


Kuro took his bag and bamboo sword.
He went into his room, but a foot blocked him like a railroad bar.


“You know, I can see your red panties.”

“That's what I mean by a normal boy.
Onii-chan is not interested at all, even though you see my panties.”

“I'm not disinterested, but if I thought of you as a girl, I would rape you every day.”



Ruko's face turned bright red.

Taking the opportunity when Ruko was caught off guard, Kuro was finally able to enter his room.

Kuro's room is not too big.
One bedroom.
Desks for study, bookshelves, computers, and porn magazines.




Wait, Porn magazines?

Why is that thing in his room?


You messed up my room again?”

“Onii-chan is cruel.
I didn't expect you to have big breasts on your taste…”



He didn't want to reply.

He was a normal teenage boy, of course, he was interested in such things, but the porn magazines in his room were not his.

It was a gift from his friend (?).
Even though he couldn't remember the name of the person who gave it to him, he couldn't show porn magazines to his sister.


“I know Onii-chan is a grown man, but I didn't expect Onii-chan to like mature women more than your cutest sister in the world.”


“Onii-chan baka !”


Ruko shed tears and left Kuro's room.

(She is angry for no apparent reason again.
I guess this is for the best, …probably.)

Inwardly Kuro was grateful for the porn magazine a friend gave him whose name he didn't even remember.

Kuro put down his bag and bamboo sword.
He then picked up a pornographic magazine with a cover of adult women posing sexy with skimpy clothes.

That's when he heard footsteps coming toward his room.

Of course, that person was-


“Onii-chan, why don't you come after me?”



Ruko immediately showed a surprised expression when she saw the object in Kuro's hand.


“O-Onii-chan you idiot!!”


Ruko left again.

This time Kuro even heard Ruko's crying sound quite loudly.




Why is he the bad guy here?

Kuro sighed and then went to the bathroom.

(I hope Mom and Dad come home soon.
Frankly, I can't help myself..)

He prayed that he could still control himself.

As a man, he might be tempted by Ruko's beauty, but right now he could still think that Ruko was his sister.

After changing clothes and going to the dojo not far from the main house to practice kendo.

3 hours passed.
Kuro was full of sweat and tiredness made him gasp for breath.

In his hand a real katana sword he gripped tightly.

The katana sword in his hand was a sword that had been in his family since the Edo period.
This is because the Kuro family is a descendant of samurai, more precisely the kind of samurai who were famous at that time.

After putting the sword back in its place, Kuro went to the bathroom to get rid of the sweat and body odor.

And in that bathroom, he got a second surprise from Ruko.


“Why are you here? And why are you wearing a swimsuit?”


Ruko was waiting for him who was now only wearing a towel in the bathroom.

Ruko is wearing a red bikini which allows Kuro to see most of Ruko's skin.
Her beauty will make every man tempted.
Even including Kuro.

But this wasn't Ruko's first time doing this, so Kuro was already getting used to it.

Thankfully he was able to control the sword beneath him.


“Fufu fu…
of course to wash Onii-chan's back.
If you don't want it, I'll be naked straight away.”


That's a terrible threat.


“…Fine, but if something else happens, I'll tie you up right away.”

“After that raped me and make Ruko yours Kyaaaaa…!!”

“I'll tie you up and lock you in the shed”

“………after that raped me.”



Ruko is really troublesome.

Kuro finally sighed and took a shower.

Kuro didn't expect Ruko to do anything, but something made Kuro worried.

It was because Ruko smiled to herself like she was planning something.

Kuro had better prepare mentally to get a third surprise from Ruko.

……and he got a shock.

When he returned to his room, he found a box wrapped in paper and a ribbon.


“Happy birthday, Onii-chan.”



Ruko appeared beside Kuro and smiled sweetly.
She has also changed into the clothes she wore before, which is a one-piece dress. 


“Could it be that Onii-chan forgot that today is your birthday?”



He forgets.

Not only this year, Kuro always forgot his birthday.

There is nothing special like celebrating birthdays in the Kuro family.
They think of birthdays as just a reminder of their age is reduced by one year.

But thanks to Ruko, Kuro always gets a surprise every year.


As expected Onii-chan forgot.
…but I never understand why Onii-chan always forgot.”


Kuro without a word walked to his wardrobe and got ready to put on his clothes.


“I don't know.
You know the tradition of celebrating birthdays doesn't exist in our family, but I'm glad you always remind me.
Thank you.”


Ruko's face turned red.


you don't have to thank me.
It's my duty as your future wife…”


Now Ruko was squirming like a caterpillar.


I'll do it anyway.
One thing I want to ask…”

“Do Onii-chan want to ask if today is a safe day for me? Don't worry Onii-chan, I don't care about that sort of thing.
So, if Onii-chan attacks me, I'm willing at all times to satisfy your lust…”


Ruko said as if Kuro was a beast that would attack anyone.

If the neighbors heard what Ruko just said, Kuro's life might soon be ruined.




Kuro just sighed.

Without a word, Kuro who was only wearing a towel approached Ruko. 




Ruko's face reddened even more.
Her heart was beating fast too.
Her legs were also shaking from a bit of fear.


“Onii-chan you finally…”


Kuro held both of Ruko's shoulders and glared at Ruko.




Ruko's face reddened even more.



“When will you come out of my room?”




Kuro threw Ruko out and immediately closed the door quite hard and didn't forget to lock it.

After feeling quite safe, Kuro quickly put on the clothes.

He sighed and asked himself.
Why is this happening?

He sat on his bed and sighed again.
How many times had he sighed today? He didn't know the number anymore.

That's when he glanced at the sizable gift box.

He smiled happily because Ruko was so considerate.

He slowly opened the gift box.
That's when he was surprised because Ruko's gift was so unexpected.




Ruko's prizes are VR gear and a game.

VR Gear is shaped like glasses.
From the outside, it can be seen that the VR gear is a high-tech object.

As for the Game, Kuro knew because he saw it often, game Celestial Soul Online with a human cover uses a sword and magic.


“He he…
Does Onii-chan like it?”

“Rather than like, I'm more surprised you bought such an expensive thing.
Where- Huh?!”



Kuro jumped to the corner of his room in surprise.


“Ru-Ruko how did you get in.”

don't underestimate the power of Ruko's love that can destroy any thick wall-“

A small object fell near Ruko.
It is a key.




“When did you double my room key?”



Ruko didn't answer and picked up the key so that Kuro wouldn't take it.

Not only that, Ruko put the key into her bra.




Kuro didn't react to anything.

If he tried to snatch the key, he would do what Ruko expected.
That's very bad.

Kuro took a deep breath and tried to calm himself down.
Every day he could hold back Ruko's attacks, but today Ruko did more attacks than usual.

️how bothersome


how did you get the money to buy that expensive thing?”

“I work part-time and most of the money is from games.”



Games with cash prizes are now a common thing.
Games like that even become the work of professional gamers.

And Ruko is one of them.

Ruko spends 5 hours a day just playing VR games.
Kuro's parents did not forbid her because Ruko's grades never dropped, even better than Kuro's.


“Then why did you buy that useless gift?”

Ruko has worked hard for 1 year to buy VR gear so she can play with Onii-chan, but Onii-chan calls it useless…



It's really troublesome.


I get it.
I'll play whatever game it is…
but I don't know anything about that game.”


This is all Kuro can do to repay and appreciate Ruko's hard work.


calm down.
I'm a veteran player in CSO.
I'll teach Onii-chan.”


Kuro nodded in understanding.


but doesn't that game require a high-end computer? I don't have one.
You know that right?”

“Onii-chan really doesn't know that game …don't worry, even though Onii-chan's computer is old and rusty, the game can still be played on Onii-chan's computer.”


What Ruko said was right, but Kuro still felt insulted.

Kuro's computer is a not very old computer, even though its specifications are one of the most complete and best, but that was one year ago.

Computers today are very different because of technological developments that are too fast to advance.


then how to play it?”


leave everything to me.”


Smiling, Ruko picked up the CSO Disc and inserted it into Kuro's computer.

After the installation is complete, Ruko fiddles with the computer to do the initial steps.

When finished, Ruko plugged the VR connection cable into the computer.


Onii-chan lie down on the bed and put on the VR.”


But Kuro did not immediately obey Ruko.


“Don't worry, I won't do anything to Onii-chan…”


Ruko showed a mischievous smile which made Kuro hard to believe it even more.


“If you do anything strange, I will leave this house.”

“Onii-chan won't do that.”

“We will see about that…”


With a feeling of trepidation, Kuro lay down and used VR which can only be used to play CSO.

Even though Kuro didn't know much about VR, he knew that while using VR, the body in the real world couldn't move.
That's what scared him.


“Onii-chan, after creating a character, wait for me in Early Town.”



He didn't really understand games, so he just complied.


“But what should I do?”

“Onii-chan just closes your eyes and says 'Transfer Start'.
Onii-chan will log in automatically.”



Why not say “Link Start” like in a novel? Maybe it's just a variation in VR games.

Kuro obeyed Ruko.
He closed his eyes and said:


“Transfer Start.”


In Kuro's mind, he saw the light of various colors which were distorted like sucked by something.
After a while, his entire vision darkened.

Then above it appears the words, “Welcome in Celestial Soul Online” along with futuristic sound effects.

After the word disappears, various menus appear.

(Here I have to create a character in the game right?)


[Please Enter Your Name]

Not wanting to bother, Kuro typed his real name “Kuro”.



-15 years.



Is this a game or an introgation?



[Mail Address]



The menu disappears and switches to the next step. 


This time, a character who has a face like Kuro appears.
Under the character appears a menu to modify the appearance.

(I see.
I've heard the characters in CSO look like real faces, but-)

This is a bit too much.

Maybe this is meant to make the game look more real.

But how do they know Kuro's face? It's legal, right?

The question had come to Kuro, but as long as there are no problems, everything is fine.



Kuro neglected to modify it and left it as it is.

After that, the final step appeared.


[Soul Points 10]


Below that menu, various menus with strange names appear.

Kuro was a little confused, but after thinking, he realized it was a menu for in-game magic and skills.

There are 6 magic elements to choose from.
As the name suggests, the menu is indicated by a symbol that represents each element.

Water, Fire, Wind, Earth, Light, and Darkness.

Kuro chose darkness.

His name means 'black'.
Why not choose based on that?

After that another menu appears again.
Kuro was a little frustrated with this.

>[Dark Absorption]

>[Dark Flame]

>[Acid Blade]

>[Vital Curse]


5 skills appeared in front of Kuro.

(Do I have to choose one?)

Kuro chose [Vital Curse], but the menu hasn't disappeared.

(One more?)

The skill that Kuro chose next was [Dark Absorption], but the menu hasn't disappeared yet.

Kuro decided to choose [Acid Blade], [Dark Flame], and [Raising].

After that, the menu disappeared.

So like that ..)

He noticed the moment the number of [Soul Points] decreased to 5.

(But what about the rest?)

Kuro didn't really understand then decided to ignore it and pressed the [Done] menu.

After that, the words “Welcome new Liber” appeared along with a female voice like on a telephone operator.

The light immediately shines brightly which can make the eyes hurt.

Kuro reflexively covered his eyes with his hands and when he opened his eyes, he was surprised because all he saw was a city.

But not a city like the one in the real world.

The city buildings are dominated by European and medieval-style buildings.
Not only that, he saw quite several fantasy beasts.
From the size and appearance of the beasts, they probably weren't dangerous or low-level monsters.

Could it be that the monsters were like pets in the real world?

Kuro doesn't want to be dizzy.
He decided to survey his surroundings.

Many people were mo

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