CH 22

God Slayer.
The two are not so different when compared.
They share the same goal, which is to kill the existence that might be considered nothing but a myth, the Gods.
And if they want to kill, doesn't that mean 'they' exist and are real? Or perhaps 'they' are among us?

For those who lack belief, 'they' are simply meaningless and insignificant existences.
It might even be better to forget about them.
But for those who have faith, 'they' are everything.
'They' are the guiding light, the purpose of life, the way of life, the organizers, creators, and higher beings of existence.

The question is whether the God Slayer is part of those who lack belief.
The answer is no.
Just like 'they,' the existence of the God Slayer is also considered a myth, an illusion, a legend, or even just the imagination of someone with an excessive imagination.

But just like 'they,' the God Slayer truly exists; only a few people know they are real.
That is the existence of Kuro Kanata.
He can be considered a mythical existence.
But no matter if it's inside the game, another world, or even a world of imagination, that reality will not change.
And the people who know about it are the ones close to him, Chiaki and Ruko.

Both of them know that whoever their opponent is, he will win.
He will always win and continue to win.
They believe in it and will never doubt it.
Just like now.
Even though Kuro is facing the strongest enemy in CSO, he will win.

“Flamia, are you sure he is…
the famous Demon God?”

“Of course.
Are you blind?”

Flamia's answer caused the entire Liber in the Colosseum to become more restless.
They doubted whether the figure in all black with a white mask was the enemy waiting for them in the seventh world, Asgard.

“…of course not, but…”

Kuro stared at someone who had the same outfit as him, all black with the element of darkness, but the level and status bar indicating that he was a Demon God was still hard to believe.
Not only Kuro but perhaps the entire Liber witnessing this also had the same thoughts as him.

“Too bad, Flamia, Honey, before you raise that weapon, there's one thing I want to ask…
have you ever met the Demon God before?”

“…hm, of course not…
but the status bar he possesses shows that he has been our target all this time.
Isn't that enough?”

Kuro sighed immediately.
Ruko and Chiaki did the same.
Tera and the members of the Ouroboros guild were more interested in something else rather than the Demon God.

“Could it be…”

“Yes,” Chiaki interrupted.
“You might not know, but Flamia is actually foolish.
That's why she's more troublesome than the other Valkyrie Maidens.
You can imagine how difficult it is to deal with her.”

“…that's a bit surprising.

Albor cried heavily.
He was shocked.
And he wasn't the only one surprised.

“It must be difficult to face her, but I don't think it's the time to discuss that,” Tera said.


“I think the problem is whether 'He' is the Demon God or not…
if he is…”


Tera couldn't continue her words.
They all realized that the greatest enemy they had been pursuing wasn't what they had imagined before.

In the arena, Kuro gently tapped Flamia's head.
Then he stepped forward and faced the masked Liber directly.

are you really a Demon God?”

The Liber immediately smiled.
It could be seen from the part of his lips that was not covered by the mask.

“Who knows, I can be a Demon God if you want me to, but at the same time, I can be a Liber hunting Demon God together with all of you.”



Kuro could only hold back his anger as he felt manipulated.

“…s-so that's how it is.
So, you want to say that you are a Demon God, but also a Liber.
Is that right?”


The Demon God's body slowly floated and approached Kuro.
They stared at each other from a close distance.

you have good eyes, no, both of you have beautiful eyes.”

Kuro immediately narrowed his eyes.
He realized what was behind the Demon God's words.

The Demon God then floated away slowly, but this time, he floated as if sitting casually.

“Do you know that I have a dual personality? Honestly, you surprised me.
You are the first one to realize it.”


Flamia couldn't hide her surprise.
This was the first time she found out that Kuro had another personality.

But it didn't mean she hadn't sensed it.
Their time together had made her aware of the good and bad aspects of her husband.
And sometimes, she encountered more of the bad and strange aspects.

And now she knew the reason.

In the spectator stands, Chiaki sighed again.
She held her forehead as if having a headache.

“He is…”


Ruko/Anna certainly already knew about this.
Just like Chiaki/Chika, she felt that Kuro's dual personality should be kept a secret.
This was because Kuro's other personality (Shiro) was a seal that locked away his true power.
The power of the God Slayer.

“Of course, it's not just you who has someone in your mind…


Kuro's eyes widened.
He didn't expect there would be someone like him.
And this made the atmosphere in the Colosseum lively again.

Dual personalities indeed existed, but they could be considered rare and uncommon.
It was often found in someone with a mental disorder, but everyone knew that the Demon God and Kuro were not like that.

Unfortunately, that wasn't what bothered Kuro.

“Are you saying that you…”

I'm just like you, maybe we are more alike than you think.”


Perhaps the Demon God's words were just a baseless lie, but Kuro didn't think so.
He regarded all of his words as the truth.


Flamia didn't fully understand, but she looked worried.

Suddenly, Kuro smiled.
And that surprised Flamia a bit, but there was something even more shocking.

“Are we…

Slowly, Kuro's body floated like the Demon God.
He even imitated the Demon God by assuming a sitting position in the air.

Seeing what Kuro was doing, the Liber who witnessed it became surprised again and curious about what skill Kuro was using.
Meanwhile, for some reason, Flamia's eyes were sparkling.

” Flamia immediately crowded around Kuro like a little child.
“Kuro, Honey, how did you do it? Could it be the [Fly] skill? Ah no, that skill is for flying at high speeds.
Hmm, then what…?”

Flamia's childish nature appeared.
Kuro let out a small sigh.

“I'll tell you later.”

is that true? Promise?”


After making sure Flamia returned to her usual self, Kuro looked at the Demon God who was apparently reading a book while floating.

“Are you done…?”

Demon God removed the book he was reading and refocused on Kuro.

“Alright, you may be a Demon God, and perhaps you and I are the same, but can you now tell me what you truly desire?”

Demon God smiled.

“As a Demon God, you should have waited for us in Asgard, but I didn't expect the Demon God, our greatest enemy, to come to this place.
Could it be that the Demon God is unemployed and has time to watch this insignificant battle?”

The Colosseum fell silent.
It seemed that Kuro wasn't the only one curious.

it seems you believe that I am indeed a Demon God.”

“Perhaps in the eyes of all the Liber here, you are no different from a normal Liber with a higher level than all of us.
Just seeing that already proves that you are a Demon God…
but to me, no Liber has an aura as dark and powerful as yours.”


“..and for some reason, that scares me.
…who are you really?”

For the first time, Kuro's gaze showed fear and anger.

Demon God stopped floating and set his feet on the ground.
Kuro did the same.

Suddenly, a sword appeared in Demon God's hand.
It was a katana.
Using the analysis skill, the sword almost matched Kuro's katana in terms of level and durability.

“If it's about my purpose for coming here, I only wanted to relieve my boredom.
Do you know how bored I have been waiting for all of you for two years? It doesn't mean I have a lot of time, but let's just say I came here for some entertainment.”


“And if you want to know who I really am, I'll give you the answer through this sword.”

“So, that was your goal from the beginning.”

Kuro closed his eyes for a moment.
He took a deep breath.

“It seems we were thinking the same thing.”

A katana appeared in Kuro's hand.

Kuro prepared himself in a fighting stance, but his arm was held by Flamia.


“Flamia, stay away.”

I don't want to.”


“..do you forget what happened when you fought that monster alone?”

Kuro recalled the six-faced monster he had slain.
It was a fierce and challenging battle for Kuro.
He had even come close to death but ultimately emerged victorious.

Kuro slowly held Flamia's hand and let go.

“I told you to stay away.
Can't you hear me? You're just bothering me.”


Flamia was startled by Kuro's sudden harsh words.

Flamia's feet stepped back.
She trembled and felt afraid.

This wasn't the first time Kuro had done this, but for Flamia, it was still painful.

At that moment, Chiaki and Ruko slowly descended beside Flamia.
They immediately pulled Flamia's body and flew back to the spectator seats, no, they flew away from the seats.

“Let's leave this place.
Onii-chan will fight using all his power.
It'll be dangerous for you.”


Tera and all the members of the Ouroboros guild didn't quite understand what was happening.
They could only think that something beyond their comprehension had occurred.

In the middle of the arena, the atmosphere was tense.
Both Demon God and Kuro exuded a dangerous and terrifying aura.

I think it's enough to pretend.
Show your true power, Kuro.”


Suddenly, a change occurred in Kuro's body, specifically in Kuro's status bar.
Liber, who used the analysis skill, immediately understood what had happened.

Kuro's level, which was originally in the 70s, had now changed to over 440.

All the Liber's eyes widened in surprise.
They didn't know if their skills were wrong or not.

But what they saw was the reality.
Kuro had been hiding his true status by using the rare item [Faker Life] that was on his finger.


But that wasn't the only thing that happened.
Kuro's eyes were now both red with two boxes in the middle.
Shiro had taken over, but not completely.
Kuro was still conscious and aiding Shiro.

I knew it.
It wasn't in vain that I came here.”

Demon God assumed a ready position.
Even his fighting stance was the same as Kuro's.

Both of them smiled as they unsheathed their respective swords against their opponents.

Then, in the blink of an eye…
they vanished.

They appeared several times within the arena in a very short period.
But there was no doubt that they were fighting.
However, they moved with incredible speed.
Even using skills to enhance their vision couldn't catch their movements.

Less than seven seconds since the battle started.
They reappeared in the middle of the arena in their original positions.
They were almost no different from before the fight, but the clear difference was in their swords, which were shattered and unusable.



Both swords were destroyed and turned into particles.
After a while, they vanished.
But at the same time, the Colosseum was devastated, shattered into thousands of pieces.

The Colosseum collapsed along with the 10,000 Liber who witnessed their battle.

They didn't care and once again wielded their katana swords, ready to fight again.

“Not bad.”

“Same to you.”

They resumed their fight, but now they weren't just fighting in the Colosseum arena.
Their battle took place over the city, causing the buildings to be destroyed and in chaos from the powerful shockwaves.

The peaceful city is now completely destroyed.
But the worst part is, there's nothing that can stop both of them.

In the ruins of the Colosseum, Tera rises, crushing the debris that weighs down on her body.
Not only her but all the members of the Ouroboros Guild rise one by one.
The other Liber also does the same.

“Albor, is everyone okay?”

“We were lucky to be inside the city.
Well, technically, we don't need to worry because we're in a game.”

Tera then looks around.
As Albor said, everything seems to be fine.
But the sight of the city destroyed by sword strikes makes Tera restless.

She realizes from the numerous fragments that it is evidence that a fierce battle took place between Kuro and the Demon God in less than seven seconds.

“What actually happened here?”

“I also want to ask the same thing.
Unfortunately, I'm sure neither of them would give an explanation.”

Tera and Albor glance at the battle happening above the city.
Although their skills can't see what's happening, both of them can see orange sparks signifying the clash of swords at high speed.

“Neither of them has even used magic skills or sword skills yet.
It's impossible.
How can they…?”

“I also want to ask that, but we know Kuro is a Liber who has been using kenjutsu in the game all this time, but I didn't expect the Demon God to be the same.
The Demon God is right, they are very similar.
I think we should ask someone who knows the truth.”


Tera understands the meaning of Albor's words.
She uses her search skill to find Chiaki, Ruko, and Flamia.
They left before this happened, which means they knew this would happen.

After a while, Tera finds the three of them.
Their location is not far from her and they are at a safe distance from the battle between Kuro and the Demon God.

Tera immediately contacts Chiaki.

“[Chika, answer me.
What are you guys doing?]”

“We're having tea.
Want to join?”

“No, thanks…
hey, why are you drinking tea at a time like this? What are you thinking?”

“We're just doing what we have to do, which is waiting for their battle to end.
Want to bet?”


Tera is speechless.
She doesn't understand what is going through their minds to be so casual about it.


“You really know how to make my head spin.
Don't call me Tera-chan…
wait there, I'll join you.”

The call ends.
Tera sighs with a complicated expression on her face.

“Albor, let's move away from here.
Inform the other guild members to stay away from their battle.
Although we won't be affected, it's better to be cautious.”

“Alright, I don't want to be attacked by Kuro either.
This is not the real world, I don't want to feel pain.”

Albor contacts all the guild members and conveys Tera's orders.
Once finished, he leaves the place and heads to a safe location.

The incident when Kuro shattered Shun's sword still lingers in their minds.
They don't know how Kuro did it, whether by using an item or a specific skill, but one thing is certain if Kuro uses it again, they will all be in great danger.

In addition to Kuro's power, the appearance of the Demon God is also a mystery.
But the fact that the Demon God is also a Liber is an even more surprising mystery.
They know that monsters are AI programmed to fight against Liber, but the Demon God doesn't resemble an AI at all.
He is alive, and he even resembles a human more than an AI.

This may be the biggest mystery for Tera.
She has never encountered anything like this in any game she has played before.
It becomes a strong reason to keep playing, but at the same time, she realizes that what she's playing might not be just a game.
It is a world created similar to a game.

In the sky, the battle between Kuro and the Demon God intensifies and becomes a hot topic.
There is a live broadcast that allows the whole world to witness the battle.
Someone has recorded it.

Within a short period, the battle receives numerous comments.
Some say that their battle is extraordinary, but at the same time, they claim that their fight is just a deception.

Among millions of comments, the most common one is a comment that says, “How is this possible?”

The duel battle system causes them to harm each other, but neither of them had time to register for the duel, which means they shouldn't be able to fight or harm each other.
Unfortunately, the opposite happened.

They fought in a style that had never been seen before.
They fought fiercely.
Even high-level Libers wouldn't be able to fight like them.
And although they were fast, there were moments when they stopped to change weapons, and that's when their HP and MP status became clear.

Kuro: HP 70%, MP 100%.

Demon God: HP 90%, MP 100%.

Considering the level difference between them, which exceeds 200, the Demon God should have an advantage in attack, speed, and power.
He was toying with Kuro, but unfortunately, that wasn't the case.

Even without using skills, their seriousness in battle can be clearly seen.
It is their fight without using skills that set them apart.

Without skills, only kenjutsu.
This is a rare battle within a game.
It may even be the first time it has happened since CSO began.

But such a battle has reached its limit.
Swords clash, and at the same time, they shatter and get cut in half.
Kuro and the Demon God leap back and slowly descend.
They land on the edge of a destroyed building.



Both of them show satisfied smiles.
At the same time, they discard the sword hilts that they can no longer use in battle.

“Not bad for a level 447 Liber.”

“You're not bad for a Demon God either.”

The battle is over, but the aftermath remains, a total destruction spanning 3 kilometers with them at the center.

Chiaki gracefully finishes sipping her tea.
Ruko does the same.
Flamia and Tera, for some reason, can't do the same.

“I still feel like it's not the right time to do this,” Flamia complained.
“Are you sure we don't need to help Kuro, the one fighting the Demon God? Aren't you worried?”

“Flamia-chan, why are you acting like this is the first time something like this has happened? Of course, we're worried about Onii-chan, but once Onii-chan has decided to fight, no one can stop him.”

“Besides, do you even know how to stop both of them?”


“As you can see, Kuro-chan and the Demon God are fighting with powers far beyond ours, well…
it's more accurate to say that they're not using their Skills yet.
If we get close, we'll die.
If it's just the two of us, it's not a problem, but what about you? You must know the consequences, so calm yourself.”


Chiaki sighed.
She realized Flamia was the type of girl who needed clear explanations.

“There are several reasons why Kuro is fighting.
First, with this battle, we can learn the power of the Demon God.
So when we really fight later on, we'll be able to strategize.
You could say this is also for your sake and your sibling's.”


“For the next reason, I think Onii-chan is just bored…” Ruko continued.

“For some reason, the first reason seems like something you both made up, but I also feel the same way.”

“Since when have you been here?” Ruko and Chiaki asked in unison.

“….I can't believe you've been ignoring me all this time…”

Kuro and the Demon God summoned their swords again, but this time, it wasn't a katana sword, but a double-edged sword.

I believe we're thinking the same thing again, right?”

“Stop joking around.
I don't understand why you're equating your weapon with the one I'm using.
Are you making fun of me?”

Kuro was annoyed.
After all, he was a swordsman.
He respected the actions of the Demon God, but his pride didn't want to engage in a half-hearted battle.

“Is it because I have a lower level and weaker weapon than you? If so, I think you're really underestimating me.”

The Demon God fell silent and sighed.

“..I'm sorry if you think that way.
I didn't mean to do that, but you must know that if I used a stronger weapon, your sword would be destroyed in an instant even before the battle begins.
Honestly, I don't want that.
It would only make you more humiliated…
Am I wrong?”


“But aren't you the same? You're not fighting seriously either.
Doesn't that mean you're belittling me too?”

Kuro fell silent and didn't refute the Demon God's words.
Slowly, Kuro smiled a thin and menacing smile.

“Fine, I don't care anymore.
I'll kill you here.”

Kuro's double-edged sword vanished.

Suddenly, a black aura emerged from Kuro's body.
The aura even had a strong pressure that shattered the ground beneath him.

that's what I wanted.
Let's fight to determine who is the strongest.”

The swords disappeared from the Demon God's hands.
A stronger black aura emerged, destroying the ground beneath them, just like Kuro.

A magic circle appeared around both of them.
Their auras grew increasingly powerful, causing winds to howl like a hurricane around them.
Electric sparks clashed with each other.
The battlefield entered a new phase.

“Anna, tell Kuro-chan that if we get hit by his attack, he won't be able to have sex for a year.”


I thought I misheard, but did you three really do…”

Tera didn't continue because she already knew the answer.

“I can't believe this.
Is this what they call an anime harem?”

Meanwhile, their auras grew stronger and stronger.

“Oh darkness that opposes light, show your power to those who reject you.
Prove that you are the eternal darkness.
Come forth, the sword that banishes darkness, the eternal darkness [Holy Eater, Banishing Darkness Sword].”

A dark black katana sword with a dark aura slowly emerged from the magic circle.
The sword emitted a chilling and terrifying aura, even more, frightening than the sword used against Shun.

At the same time, the Demon God recited a chant.

“Oh, star in the night sky.
The illuminator of darkness, devourer of darkness, light, and darkness.
Together, side by side, sharing light and darkness.
With a sacred and cursed contract, I summon you, the light and the darkness, come forth [Longinus Darkness].”

A katana sword appeared from the magic circle.
Light and darkness shone brightly, even though the katana sword had not fully emerged.
Thunderstruck and a powerful aura immediately dispelled Kuro's aura like a gentle breeze.

Kuro broke out in a cold sweat.
He felt a danger he had never felt before.

The katana sword finally fully emerged, radiating a radiant light like a second sun.

you have a good sword, but unfortunately, it doesn't compare to mine.”


Kuro fell silent, sweating profusely.
He knew that the Demon God's sword was truly on a different level, but that wasn't the issue.

how can you…”

The Demon God smiled.

“You must be wondering how I obtained a weapon capable of splitting a planet in a single strike, a forbidden weapon created from darkness and light.”


“You should already know how to obtain this sword, and I believe you understand who I truly am,” said Demon God as he unsheathed his sword, simultaneously mounting his horse.

Kuro recognized Demon God's horses, and that was bad news for Kuro.
In a short amount of time, Kuro did what Demon God did.

“Shin Kamikiri-ryu [Kami Kazuki].”

“Shin Kamikiri-ryu [Kami Kazuki].”

Both of them shot forward at high speed like rockets.
No, even faster.
Flashes occurred in an instant as their swords clashed.

An explosion like a nuclear bomb happened, engulfing everything within a 5-kilometer radius.

But that was just the beginning.

The explosion suddenly split like a saw, and within the explosion, two shadows collided and clashed in the sky.

Just like before, there was no sign of them using their skills.
They continued their previously interrupted battle.


Kuro looked down from the sky and saw Demon God smiling below.

“Shin Kamikiri-ryu [Yamitsuki].”

Kuro spun and attacked, just like when using [Eagle Blade].
The difference from Eagle Blade was that Kuro used both hands.

The precise slash aimed at Demon God, but Demon God did not evade and instead smiled slightly.

Demon God immediately mounted his horses and changed his grip on the sword.

“Shin Kamikiri-ryu [Kagami no Yami].”

Kuro's slash was blocked by Demon God's sword.
Kuro's attack only hit the split land for 7 kilometers.

Although Kuro's attack was incredibly powerful, Demon God was stronger.
He managed to withstand it and, at the same time, immediately broke Kuro's attack.

Kuro's eyes widened.
He still didn't understand how Demon God could use Kamikiri-ryu, but now all the mysteries were almost solved.

“You must know, Kamikiri-ryu is a forbidden technique capable of killing gods, but you also know that Kamikiri-ryu is not an absolute power.”

Demon God pushed Kuro's sword.
Kuro was immediately sent flying back into the air, and at the same time, Demon God was waiting for him.

“Shin Kamikiri-Ryu [Kyuu Orochi].”


Helpless, Kuro could only surrender and accept Demon God's deadly attack.

Kyuu Orochi was a technique that swiftly slashed nine times, making it appear as one slash.

Kuro's body soared at high speed, crashing into the ground like a meteor.

Knowing his opponent had been defeated, Demon God sheathed his sword and slowly descended to where Kuro lay.
A 30-meter diameter crater became visible.
Demon God jumped into the center of the crater and looked at the battered Kuro.
Kuro's sword was stuck not far from him, gradually disappearing.

“I am the winner,” said Demon God proudly.
“I knew this was the best way to dispel my boredom.”

Without hesitation, Demon God reached out his hand and helped Kuro stand up.

“You cheated, that's why you won.
I want to rematch the battle we just had.”

“Don't call me a cheater; after all, I only used what I possess.”

Kuro sighed.

“Well, I guess you're right, but I'm still unsatisfied with this fight.”

While they were engrossed in conversation, Ruko, Chiaki, Flamia, and Tera arrived, slightly disheveled for some reason.

“I guess you have a problem…”

“And you surely haven't forgotten who got me into trouble.”

Kuro sighed again.
He could guess what had happened to the four of them.

“Are you finished playing? If so, who will take responsibility for this mess?” Chiaki asked.



Demon God and Kuro dared not answer.
The aftermath of their battle was total destruction within a 10-kilometer radius.

“Wait a minute, I don't think it's the time to discuss that,” Flamia said.
“I'm more curious about why suddenly you two are getting along? Or is it just my imagination?”

“I'm also confused about what happened.
My head is spinning.”

Kuro and Demon God glanced at each other and then smiled.

“It's nothing.” “It's nothing.”

Not only did they become harmonious, but they also became a cohesive unit.

“Well, in short, I just wanted to greet all of you, but I think you already know who I am.”

“You are bad news,” Kuro replied.
“But I want to know a few things from you.”

“I'm sorry, but I won't tell you.
Isn't it more fun to remain a mystery? And Ruko, stop giving me that look.”

“I can't.”

“Ha ha ha, well, I guess that's true.
Someone must have something that can't be changed.”

Flamia and Tera could only remain silent.
They didn't know what was really happening.

“Alright, can I at least know the reason why you came here? Just be honest.”


Demon God suddenly became nervous and pale.

At that moment, cracks suddenly appeared in the sky, as if the dimensions were breaking.
From those dimensions, two masked women emerged, just like Demon God.
The woman had red and snowy white hair.

Flamia's eyes widened instantly as she recognized the figures.

“Archid, there are two of them.”

With their automatic skill to view their opponents' status, they could only stand still, petrified, as they saw the unexpected statuses.

Red Archid

Level 2250.

Blue Archid

Level 2100.

Both of them were unexpected enemies.

Kuro, Chiaki, and Ruko immediately looked at Demon God with disbelief and pity.

“I know what you're thinking, but I have a good explanation for this.
Now I have a request, can you-“

“Honey, I can't believe you've done this…”

“We better hear a good explanation.”

Demon God turned pale.
Despite wearing a mask, he couldn't hide his bluish face.

“Aha ha…
I didn't expect you to come so soon.”

Demon God suddenly sprouted white wings and flew away.

The two Archids could only sigh.

“When will you learn, Honey? [Fire Chain]”

Chains of fire emerged from around Red Archid and chased after Demon God, binding him.
Demon God couldn't move and eventually fell to the ground with a thud.

“For some reason I seem to have see this a lot,” Flamia said.

Unexpectedly, one of the chains of fire targeted and bound Kuro as well.
Kuro couldn't react and ended up being bound as well.

Just like this…

Red Archid slowly pulled Demon God's body as if pulling a sack, but she also pulled Kuro.

“Why did you also capture him?”

“It was unintentional, but it's been a while since I've done it ehe he..”

quickly release him, let him become someone else's problem.”

Red Archid released the chain and finally dropped Kuro harshly to the ground.
No one made an effort to help Kuro.

Red and Blue Archid looked at Chiaki and the others.

“We apologize for the disturbance.
As you saw, our husband is indeed a troublemaker.”

“We will all punish him, so don't worry.”


No one dared to answer.
They could only watch as the three beings returned to the dimensional rift.

“Chika-chan, do you know what I'm thinking right now?”

“Of course.”

Chiaki immediately glared at Kuro with an irritated look.

“If those two Archids earlier were Demon God's wives, that means…”

“Don't continue, my head is already spinning with all these problems.”

The only one who didn't understand the situation was Flamia, who had a big question mark on her head all this time.


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