Anastasia And The Other Humans

I became vigilant when my wolf sensed the approaching footsteps. I instantly turned off the light and stood behind the door. The door parted slightly and a foot stepped inside the room. I got ready to attack the person but was distracted by appearance of lavender colored light in the room. I averted my attention towards the source of this light. A ball of light was shining brightly above the desk where that elfs belonging were placed.

It was a magical letter. A male voice echoed through that ball saying,

”That woman doesn belong to this pack Centauri. Give us that woman and we will assist in breaking the curse. We will also prove to be your best ally in the war. All we need is Anastasia. Burn this letter within two days and we will start negotiations. Hope you make the right decision in the given time because if you resist I will burn you pack down to ashes to get her. ”

The light ball disappeared leaving a letter on the table. I turned around and the door was closed. I instantly opened the door and ran out but the corridor was empty. Who so ever it was, was gone now. I ran towards Anastasias room. The door creek open and she was sleeping peacefully on her bed.

I headed towards the basement again and picked up that letter. Its strange that I didn pick any scent. I wasn hallucinating. Who was that person and why he is in need of my mate so desperately.

”Alpha! are you alright? ” Dr. Park said approaching.

”Have you seen anyone enter or leave the hospital? ” I inquired

”No one is allowed to do so. Ethan has surrounded hospital with warriors. No one can enter or leave without your permission. ” He informed

”Sent someone to bring Ethan and Astereo here. ” I ordered and headed towards Anastasias room. I entered again and she was still sleeping. I moved closer to the window and examined it. It was shut and there were three warriors down there. I turned around and covered her with sheet. I dragged the couch and placed it near her bed and sat there comfortably.

I have been examining the letter and that talisman along with the shirt of that elf. They all had some link. My only worry at the moment was to find who Anastasia was and why they wanted her.

”Alpha ” both Ethan and Aster whispered upon entering the room. ”Is everything okay? ” they asked in unison

”No, we have traitor in our pack. We need to stay vigilant. Tell my spies to spread among the omegas and bring me the suspects. ” I sighed.

”Ill pass the order immediately. ” Astereo left the room

”Where did this letter come from? ” Ethan asked

”It was among the elfs belongings. ” with this I told him about my encounter.

”Its a witch craft. I wonder why Anastasia is so important to them. This elf even knowingly sacrificed himself for the task. ” Ethan was also confused

”What will be our response? ” he asked again

”If they are this much desperate for her, she surely is someone important. We cannot give her away like this. ”

”Alpha, but what about the war? ” Ethan asked

”We will use her. If a war is imposed, we will use her then. They will do anything for her. We will put forward our terms and conditions. ”

”Alpha, what should we do now? ”

”Wait for their next move. I want to see if they will cross this cursed mist in winter again or their spies in our pack will do this work. Keep your eyes and ears open. Watch closely for two days. ” I ordered

”Alpha! The task has been assigned. ” Astereo said coming inside the room again.

”Astereo! You have to stay with Anastasia like a shadow. Don leave her alone. Don keep her out of your sight. Ill keep the link open, inform me instantly if anything suspicious happens. You have to protect her at all costs. These two days are extremely crucial. ” I ordered him. He looked so happy and dumbfounded at the same time. He is surely wasted.

I left the room with these orders. Ethan followed me outside and Aster had his wish come true. He looked like a Kangaroo jumping all around the room. He was really enchanted by my mate. Little did he know she was his Luna.

”Are you sure Astereo is the right candidate for this task. He is already taking a lot of interest in her. Don you think it will make things difficult for us in future? ” Ethan said

”No, when he will find his mate he will forget about this foolishness. As for now he is best for this task because he will protect her at all costs. ”

”Where are we going Alpha? ” Ethan asked again

”You should examine the portions and herbs you found in the boat. Ill go in the royal graveyard. ” I informed him and headed towards the royal palace.

The palace was sealed 50 years ago by my grand father. Only the royals were allowed to enter here. I was told that after the death of king Canopus and queen Isabella no one lived in this palace. My mind was bombarded with questions.

I entered through the massive gates and headed towards the forbidden room. This room was adjacent to the library. I pushed one of the frame and a magical door appeared. I entered through this door and was welcomed by the deathly silence of the royal graveyard.

I moved pass the graves and pushed the stone of the Saintes grave. The wall on my left side opened exposing a small corridor made of bricks. It was so small that I had to turn side way to pass it. Upon reaching the end of the corridor I opened the wooden door and was welcomed by the secret garden. This garden was unusually green and was surrounded by trees. In the center of the garden was a large black Pillar made of stone. It was rectangular its length was 20 feet in air. There were engravings on this pillar. I stretched out the cloth fabric on the grass and observed closely. The pattern on the shirt was similar to the pattern made on one side of the stone pillar. I picked the talisman that elf dropped and removed that coin shape structure from the chain and placed it in the center of the pillar. It fit perfectly in it.

I wish they had caught the elf alive. He surely knew something about this pillar. I have to find out as soon as possible about the secret of this pillar. It can be one of the possibilities that they are using this pillar to enter my land.

I left the garden and went to the royal library. There has to be some information about it. Ive been reading thousands of books of this library to search about this pillar since childhood but all my efforts go in vein.

I picked a few books from the sealed rack and went back in the garden and resumed my work.


My dear readers. I know this chapter is a bit short, I wanted to add more about Anastasia in the end but I thought I must ask you all for some guidance

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