of the wall, and in the next second, it landed easily by the virtue of its height.

When the man came near.

She saw clearly that the man was also carrying a plastic bag.

“…Chi Yao?”

“How did you come in over the wall?” Lin Zhexia never thought that Chi Yao would appear in front of her in this way.
She was still in a squatting position and looked up at him in shock, “You sneaked out to… fool around?”

The wind at night was different from that during the day, revealing a slight coolness.

Chi Yao said, “Mn, I went out to fight.”

“I was in a bad mood and my hands itched.
I wanted to put someone in sacks and beat them up.”

Lin Zhexia’s jaws dropped, “Then how many did you beat up?”

Chu Yao said without care, “Three or four.”

Lin Zhexia, “Did you win?”

Chi Yao, “If I didn’t win, I would be in the hospital right now.”

“Even if you won, you shouldn’t be here,” Lin Zhexia said, she was shocked but still had some rationality left, “You should be at the police station.”

Chi Yao didn’t continue this topic.
He gave her the plastic bag he was holding.

Lin Zhexia almost picked it up with her face, she was hit by a plastic bag filled to its brim.

It was too dark, and the way Chi Yao came out was so unique that she didn’t notice the bag until now, let alone what was in it.

Now that she was holding the bag, she could see clearly.

It was full of food, including milk-flavored biscuits, milk bread, and two bags of candies, all of which she loved.
Of course, the most striking thing was that several cups of braised beef noodles could only appear in her dream.

Lin Zhexia held the food and asked, “Didn’t you go out to fight?”

“In the middle of the fight, someone cried and begged me to let them go,” Chi Yao said.
“They also bought a pile of useless things to bribe me.”

No matter how dense Lin Zhexia is, also understood that Chi Yao was lying to her about the “fight”.

She had a dizzy feeling as if happiness came too suddenly.

When she looked at Chi Yao, she felt that this person was extra pleasant to the eye today.

Lin Zhexia didn’t mince her praise, “I apologize for what I said a few days ago.
In fact, you look like Pan An1, your handsome face changes the color of heaven and earth, and even makes the gods weep.
I only said that you look ordinary because I was so jealous of you.”

“That day I went crazy and praised that you’re a handsome guy because I couldn’t help but speak the truth in my mind, but was too embarrassed to admit it.”

She said as she gave Chi Yao a big thumbs up.

“Jealousy is my highest praise for you.”

Chi Yao, “Keep going.”

Lin Zhexia was in a very good mood at the moment.
She can even compliment all night, let alone a couple of phrases.

“I can also switch to English.”

The street lamp lengthened the shadows of the two people that were close together.

Lin Zhexia struggled and began to speak English, “I’m sorry about…uh, I say you ugly2.”

Chi Yao, “The syntax is wrong.”

Lin Zhexia, “Oh, my English isn’t very good, how about just forget…” it.

She wanted to say that since you don’t want to hear it, the English version will just stop here.

However, Chi Yao didn’t let her go so easily, “Since you can’t help but praise me—”

“After returning, write an English version of no less than 300 words and send it to me.”

Lin Zhexia, “…”

How can someone accept a short composition about praising…

Their appearance.

So calmly???

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