soon as she finished speaking, Mr.
Xu called out Lin Zhexia’s name.

“Lin Zhexia,” Mr.
Xu pushed his glasses, and after the student whose name was called out stood up, he took several extra glances at her, “110, the only three digits in our class, very well done, keep up the good work.”

After hearing a bunch of double-digit scores, when the students heard “110”, they couldn’t help but create a fuse, “Damn, 110.”

“Someone could actually get a three-digit score on this devil of a test paper?”

“I thought that 99 would be first in class.”

Lin Zhexia didn’t expect that on the first day of school, she would be held in the limelight because of her test score.

And that’s not even the most embarrassing thing.

The most embarrassing thing was that Mr.
Xu was quite satisfied with her score and asked her to make a speech.

Xu, “Is there anything you want to say to your new classmates?”

Lin Zhexia stood on the edge of the platform, holding the test paper.
Her mind was blank for a moment, and she did not know what to say.

Under the watchful eyes of her classmates, she did not know what to think.
In the end, she said, “I don’t really have anything to say.
If I must say something, I can only say that, you guys should be more like me.”

There was a moment of silence.

Then someone took the lead and clapped, “Damn!”

When she got off the stage, Chen Lin couldn’t help saying, “You’re awesome.”

Lin Zhexia wanted to travel back in time and strangle herself from a few minutes ago, “My brain might’ve been pinched by something just now.”

Chen Lin, “Nah, the way you spoke just now.
As expected, you are undaunted by waves1 .”

“…” Lin Zhexia didn’t want to recall, “You can just pretend you’ve never seen me.”

Right now, she.

Really wants to.

Tap open Chi Yao’s chat.

And then type a long string of “ahhhh” into it.

But she can’t, she can’t be on her phone during class.

She and Chen Lin got to know each other by accident because of this embarrassing incident.

After class, Chen Lin wasn’t able to completely understand the questions taken up in class.

So Lin Zhexia went over it with her one more time.

Chen Lin took back her test paper and asked, “Thank you.
Did you do extra lessons during your vacation? Like hiring a tutor or something?”

Lin Zhexia thought of that face of Chi Yao’s, one she couldn’t afford to hire, “I guess so…”

Chen Lin, “Then your tutor must’ve been quite serious, since you were actually taught all these questions.”

“He’s not that good,” Lin Zhexia said straight away since Chi Yao wasn’t here anyway.
“He’s ugly and has a bad temper.”

Chen Lin, “Ah?”

“And also like putting on airs.”

Finally, Lin Zhexia concluded, “…In any case, he’s not that good, it’s mainly because of my talent.”

What nobody knew was that she secretly took out her phone during the period between classes.

Then tapped opened someone’s chat.

Shen earnestly sent over an emote of an inferior man kneeling down, and typed a few lines of words.

-Super invincible handsome guy Chi Yao
-You’re great
-It’s so good to have you
-You, are, my, father!!!

And the super invincible handsome guy across the screen responded with seven words.

-Blocking you if you keep being crazy.

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