High school life was a little different from what Lin Zhexia imagined.

It seemed that there wasn’t any significant change, it was still attending classes and writing exams.

But what actually made her feel more of a change was the students around her.
It seemed that everyone began to pay attention to scandals and gossip, such as “so and so are dating”, and “so and so used to be from the same school, their relationship isn’t so simple”.

The girl in the row in front of her would secretly go to the bathroom to reapply her lipstick after classes, even if the lipstick was very light, and there was not much difference between wearing it or not.

And the one beside her, Chen Lin.

She always knows the hot topics at school.
When chatting with her during breaks, she would share everything from “there’s a hot guy in our grade who killed the school forum on the first day” to “we’re probably having a five-day military training next week”.

Lin Zhexia buried herself in her homework.
Chen Lin’s topic changed too quickly.
She could only remember her last sentence and answered casually, “We’re having military training next week?”

Chen Lin, “Yep, I originally thought we could escape it.
Such a hot temperature, yet we still have to go out and get barbecued under the sun for five days.”

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This topic quickly passed.

After finishing her homework, Lin Zhexia secretly turned on her phone under her desk and sent a message to Chi Yao: Are you here are you here are you here

It was the break between classes, the one on the other end responded very quickly.

Chi Dog: ?

Lin Zhexia immediately reported: how can you be like this? you’re actually on your phone at school.
this is your 1st warning.

Chi Dog: you are mental

Lin Zhexia got to the point: show me your class’ timetable

She then sent another sentence right after: I want to see if there are overlapping classes between our classes.
like physical education, it’s usually taught together with several classes.

Chi Yao didn’t continue to attack her this time.
He took a photo and sent it to her.

Chi Dog: [/Photo]

Lin Zhexia’s prophecy came true.

The PE classes of Class 1 and Class 7 were really together.

And it happened to collide today, both in the last period.

Before PE class, Chen Lin took her to the concession stand to buy food, “…I’m so hungry.”

Lin Zhexia packed up her things, “Let’s go then, I wanted to have a look too.”

Chen Lin was very excited, “I heard that the sushi rolls there are really good.”

The concession stand was right next to the canteen.

Chen Lin picked up the sushi roll and was about to pay, but when she felt her pocket, she said, “I forgot my money.”

Lin Zhexia dug out her pocket and only found two coins, “I… also didn’t bring it.”

“Oh well then,” Chen Lin put things back and said sadly, “I’ll just hold back my hunger for one class.”

Lin Zhexia thought for a while and suddenly said, “Do you believe that I can let you eat this sushi roll with only two yuan?”

Chen Lin looked at her, “Is the owner of the concession stand your relative?”

Lin Zhexia, “…No.”

Chen Lin’s expression began to get complicated, “Are you planning to put it on tabs?”

Lin Zhexia, “Also no.”

Chen Lin’s expression became even more complicated, “Eating without paying, isn’t a good idea.”

Lin Zhexia took a bottle of water from the fridge, the cheapest kind.
Then she paid the owner with the two coins she took out of her pocket, “Hang on, I’ll go rob.”

Lin Zhexia, “I’ll be able to feed you after I come back from robbing.”

Lin Zhexia ran to the sports grounds with the bottle of water, looking for shadows of Class 1 as she ran.

However, because they haven’t formally started class, people were scattered everywhere and had no fixed position.
It was difficult to find.

That is to say, she knew Chi Yao too well.
Even if she only saw the view from his back, or even the back of his head, she can recognize him at a glance.

She hadn’t run very many steps before she saw Chi Yao on the basketball court.

“Chi Yao!”

Chi Yao was actually surrounded by many people.
The boys were crowded together.
In the near distance, there was a group of girls who also seemed to be looking over there.

But Lin Zhexia didn’t notice at all.
Like usual, she stood in front of Chi Yao and looked at him all smilingly, “Chi Yao, are you thirsty? Or tired? Playing basketball must be tiring, I just saw your heroic posture in the distance.
It was like the reincarnation of Kaede Rukawa1.”

Chi Yao wanted to play, so he changed into his own clothes, a gray T-shirt hung loosely on his body.

Class hasn’t started, he sat in a squatting position on the flower bed at the edge of the court.

After hearing Lin Zhexia’s words, he gave let out an “oh” and raised his chin slightly, “Keep going.”

“Your skills are out of this world,” Lin continued, “It’s breathtaking, and mind-blowing.”

Chi Yao, “Your language skills are pretty good.”

Lin Zhexia, “You flattered me.
I, Miss Lin, know a bit of culture indeed.”

After sucking up to here, Lin Zhexia felt that the atmosphere was pretty much there.
She handed him the water in her hand, “Do you want to drink water? I bought it especially for you.”

Chi Yao did not take her water.

The hand he kept on his knee moved, a finger reached out and pointed in a certain direction on the court, “Do you see that ball?”

Lin Zhexia looked in the direction he pointed and said, “Yeah.”

Chi Yao, “I’ve only been here for two minutes and haven’t touched it yet.”

Chi Yao retracted his finger and looked at her, “I don’t know which Kaede Rukawa you saw just now.
I’m quite curious, why don’t you introduce me?”

Lin Zhexia, “…”

She ain’t saw shit.

She didn’t see anything at all.

So this man was on the court, only sitting, not playing.

Is this even reasonable?

Lin Zhexia decided to not struggle with this issue any further, “Anyway! I bought you water!”

Having known each other for many years, Chi Yao did not believe that she would be so kind, “Free of charge?”

Lin Zhexia, “No.”

Chi Yao took the water, “How much.”

Lin Zhexia, “2 yuan.”

After Chi Yao unscrewed the cap of the bottle of water, she immediately said, “…Plus an 8 yuan labor fee for running the errand, so the total is 10 yuan.”

Lin Zhexia reached out her hands and was prepared to receive the money, “If you are kind and want to give more tips, I also wouldn’t mind.”

A few minutes later, at the convenience entrance.

Chen Lin was stunned with the sushi rolls in her hands.

Lin Zhexia, “Don’t worry and eat, I’m a legal robber.”

However, the reason why Chen Lin was shocked was not the act of “robbery” itself, but the person her deskmate “robbed”.

After a while, she finally found her voice, “The one just now, Chi Yao? You know him?”

Lin Zhexia briefly introduced, “My childhood friend, we’re good brothers from birth to death.
But how do you know his name?”

Chen Lin said word by word, “Because he, is, very, popular.”

Lin Zhexia, “?”

When Chen Lin said this, she was interrupted by the PE teacher’s whistle.
Everyone gathered in the direction of the sports ground.

She hurriedly pulled Lin Zhexia to line up, “We’re gathering, I’ll send you the link after school, you’ll get it when you see for yourself.”

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