In the morning, everyone finished filling in the application form.
They just needed to wait for the notification now.

Fortunately, in this era, the results would come out really quickly.
They would be able to know if they got accepted three days later.

It wasn’t like his past life where they had to wait for more than ten days before getting their results.
It was so agitating!


They would be parting soon after their graduation.
Hence, the students discussed for a moment and decided to go out and have some fun.

A gathering!

How could there be no gatherings during graduation? Many male students were waiting for this chance to confess to the female student they liked for a long time.

Everyone decided on a time.
They planned to go to the karaoke place after dinner tonight.

Of course, the headteacher and the other teachers were called too.

At night.
At a hotel near the school.

Everyone chipped in.

There were more than 50 people from the class.
Including the teachers, they took up six entire tables.

There were beers and even baijiu on the table!

The university entrance exam was over, and the turning point of their lives was right in front of them.
Tonight, everyone could finally indulge for once.


They must drink!

Everyone, male or female, poured themselves some alcohol.
Those that couldn’t drink didn’t want to make a fool of themselves in front of their classmates either.

It was as if you matured only if you drank alcohol.

Wang Teng was sandwiched between his classmates and teachers.
Suddenly, he felt a little absent-minded, as though he wasn’t part of this celebration.

He was like the black and white figure in a colorful painting or a stain on a white canvas.

“What’s the matter?”

A familiar voice pulled him back to reality.
He turned and saw Lin Chuhan’s beautiful face.
Smiling slightly, Wang Teng replied, “Nothing.
Come, let’s have a drink.”

He raised the wine glass in his hand and looked at her.


Lin Chuhan lifted her glass and touched his lightly.
She took a sip of the alcohol and whispered, “Hope you will have a bright future ahead.”

“You too.”

Wang Teng finished his drink in one gulp.

My past life, my current life, which is real and which is fake?

Maybe that’s not important anymore.
I should just treasure what I have now!

As the top scorer in his class and a black horse as well, Wang Teng naturally became the person everyone wanted to offer a toast to.
That was what they said.
Actually, though, they planned to make him drunk.

Their results were nothing compared to his, so they could only gain some face back in this manner.


If he didn’t drink, he wasn’t giving them face.

Wang Teng decided to let go this time.
Since everyone was happy, he ought to have fun drinking too.

Unfortunately, all of them ended up getting dizzy and drunk, even though they were the ones who wanted to make Wang Teng drunk.
They even went to the bathroom multiple times.

Little brats, do you think you have the ability to make a martial warrior drunk? Wang Teng sniggered secretly.

Once his classmates beat a retreat as though they had seen a ghost, Wang Teng offered a toast to all his teachers.

After this meal, the teachers wouldn’t join them anymore.
The students were all in high spirits, so they went to the KTV together and opened a private room.
They sang their lungs out.

‘Ten Years’ (a Chinese song)!

‘King Of KTV’ (a Chinese song)!

Wang Teng was filled with emotions as he listened to the familiar old songs.

In the past, he was always busy practicing martial arts—cough, picking up attributes… so he didn’t have the time to enjoy the different entertainments.

“Liu Qian, I like you!”

A loud voice suddenly sounded in the room.

Everyone turned quiet.

Wang Teng was shocked too.

Damn it, I was just getting emotional.
Why did you suddenly do this!

I know that you like her, but why do you have to shout so loudly? Are you afraid that other people won’t know about your feelings…? But I’m quite envious.

The lady that got confessed to blushed in embarrassment.
However, she was looking at the young man happily.


Everyone kicked up a fuss when they saw the two people’s expressions.

“Liu Qian, I like you too!” someone followed and shouted.

“Get out!” The young man who had confessed earlier laughed and scolded in a joking manner.

“Liu Qian, I’ve liked you for a long time.
This ‘Love Song’ (a Chinese song) is my gift for you!”

The music sounded thereafter.

The young man started singing.
His voice was filled with deep love and emotions.

Everyone turned silent as they listened to his song.
Some were envious, while others were emotional…

Some admired his courage and were envious that he had someone he could confess to!

They lamented at how fast time passed and how some relationships were gone forever.

The student left very late at night.

They went crazy, they were noisy, and they cried…

This was a night destined to be remembered.
Many years later, when they recalled this night, some people might not be able to forget it while others would just smile and move on…

Who knew what the future held?

Wang Teng sent Lin Chuhan home.

He parked his car at the side.
The road leading to Lin Chuhan’s house was a little narrow, so his car couldn’t go in.
They had to walk for some distance.

“Why don’t you accompany me for a walk?” asked Lin Chuhan.

Lin Chuhan and Wang Teng walked into the small alley.
Their surroundings were quiet, and only their footsteps accompanied them.

The road lamps gave off an orange light, casting a long shadow behind them.
The shadows started to merge gradually.

The route wasn’t very long.
After some time, they finished walking.
Wang Teng sent Lin Chuhan to the entrance of her house.

“I’m going back now,” he said.

“Okay.” Lin Chuhan nodded her head gently.

Wang Teng remained silent for a moment.
Eventually, he didn’t say anything.
He just turned around and left.

After taking a few steps, Lin Chuhan’s voice was heard again.
“Hey, if I get into Donghai University, will you come and see me?”

Wang Teng turned around and glanced at Lin Chuhan.

Her face was covered by the shadows of the house behind her.
He couldn’t see her expression.

“I’ll visit you if I’m free.”

He waved his hand and left in huge strides.

Three days later, Wang Teng received the enrollment letter from Huanghai Military Academy.

Indeed, they replied really quickly.

Although it was certain that Wang Teng would be accepted, Wang Shengguo and Li Xiumei only felt relieved once they had the admission letter in their hands.

The two adults looked at the letter for a long time.
They couldn’t hide the smile on their faces.

“Tsk, tsk, a military academy.
My son is so outstanding!” Wang Shengguo clicked his tongue and said happily.

“He’s my son too!” Li Xiumei said proudly.

“Yes, yes, yes, he’s our son.”

“Quick, let’s give a call to our fathers to inform them,” Li Xiumei said hurriedly.

Wang Shengguo slapped his forehead and picked up his phone, which was on the table.
He gave his father a call and told him the good news.

The two grandfathers laughed happily.
They kept praising Wang Teng.

Their grandson was amazing!

Surprisingly, the two grandfathers had the same thought.
They said that they wanted to organize a graduation banquet for Wang Teng when he was free.

However, Wang Teng felt that these two old kids just wanted to flaunt in front of their friends.

Still, considering that he had to head to Xingwu Continent soon and needed to make preparations for the trip, he decided to hold the banquet just before his university started.

The two grandfathers agreed with him naturally.
They spoke a few more words and hung up.

Then, Wang Teng received Lin Chuhan’s message.
She got in!

Donghai University!

She finally got into Donghai University, and it was even the martial arts course.

Wang Teng felt happy for her.
Donghai Technology University was at least two levels lower than Donghai University.
Entering Donghai University would affect Lin Chuhan’s future greatly.

At night, Fu Tiandao called and asked Wang Teng to come to the martial arts academy.

Jixin Martial House.

This time, Wang Teng went directly to the martial warrior building.
He saw Fu Tiandao, who had been waiting here since a long time ago, as well as five other new faces.

From afar, he could feel a powerful and fierce aura surging towards him.

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