The entire unit responded furiously too.

They turned around abruptly and marched towards the entrance at an orderly pace.
Even though they were injured, their backs were ramrod straight.

Wang Teng finally saw the soldiers at the front holding a few urns in their hands, and the country flag was decorating the urns.
Some people were crying violently, but they remained resolute.

Wang Teng was astounded.
He stood on the spot and watched them leave with his gaze.
He remained silent for a long time.

“You died a worthy death.”

He muttered to himself as he walked towards the dimensional rift.

Wang Teng took a step into the dimensional rift.
He felt dizzy.
He tried his best to open his eyes, but unfortunately, all he saw was pitch-black.
He couldn’t see anything at all.

After feeling the solid ground underneath his feet, he still couldn’t see anything.
He opened his eyes, but everything was pitch-black.

Did I go blind!?

Wang Teng was shocked, finally regretting his actions.
Fortunately, after some time, he slowly regained his vision and managed to see the things in front of him.

“Little brother, it’s better not to open your eyes in the dimensional rift.
You will lose your vision otherwise,” another martial warrior who just came out of the dimensional rift smiled and said to him.

“Thank you for your reminder.” Wang Teng nodded.

“Old Chen, let’s go!” The martial warrior’s teammate called out to him.

The martial warrior called Old Chen nodded at Wang Teng and followed his teammates.
Wang Teng could faintly hear their conversation.

“He looks like a newbie!”

“Old Chen, why do you care about him? You don’t know him.”

“Haha, we’ve all been through this stage.
If we can help, let’s just help.”

“Speaking of it, this fellow came to the Xingwu Continent alone.
He’s quite bold…”

The voices got fainter as they moved further away.

Wang Teng retracted his gaze and picked up the attribute bubbles these people had dropped.


He noticed that the space attribute bubbles only existed for a very short time.
Also, only people who just came out from the dimensional rift would drop this attribute.
There were no space attribute bubbles around him left behind by the martial warriors who came before them.
If not, there should be more bubbles.

Should I set up camp here? Wang Teng thought to himself.

Currently, he didn’t have many space attributes.
When he went back to earth to rest, he tested this attribute.
This amount of space attribute couldn’t do anything at all.
It was just for show.

The space talent was very important.
He needed to collect more of them.

Without hesitating any longer, Wang Teng went to the back of the dimensional rift and sat at the corner of the hall.
He hid in the dark.

Only newbies would observe their surroundings curiously.
Experienced martial warriors left the moment they came out, just like the team that came with him.
To them, staying here a second longer was a waste of time.

Thus, no one would notice him.

Wang Teng stayed in the hall for several hours.
There weren’t many people who came in and out of the dimensional rift.
Not everyone would drop space attribute bubbles either.
It was all based on luck.

Space attribute*3.4

He looked at his attributes panel.

Space (4.8/10000)

Wang Teng glanced at the time and knew that he couldn’t stay here any longer.
If the guards patrolling outside came in to check the area, without a doubt, he would be taken away as a suspicious person.

It was unrealistic for him to stay here and wait to pick up space attributes.

He would be taken as a lunatic even if he wasn’t.

When will I be able to collect enough space attributes?

Wang Teng sighed.
He got up helplessly and walked out of the hall.

At this moment, a few martial warriors walked out of the dimensional rift.
They saw Wang Teng strolling out of the corner of their eyes and got a rude shock.

They looked at Wang Teng with a puzzled expression.

Wang Teng’s eyes lit up. Pick them up!


Oh my god, these martial warriors had dropped quite a few space attributes.
There were 1.3 points in total.
This was the highest number he had seen until now.

Space (6.1/10000)

Indeed, life is full of small surprises.

Wang Teng walked out of the hall in satisfaction.
He ignored the people inside who were still in shock.

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