Chapter 158: A Clock As A Present

Wang Yalong sat in a corner alone and played with his phone.
He seemed extremely out of place.

Wang Teng knew what he was thinking and he could understand him too.
After all, they were once the same kind of person.


Wang Yalong disliked everything about Wang Teng now.
Everything Wang Teng did would be wrong, including voluntarily getting close with him.

Thus, the best way was to do nothing.

As time passed, the guests slowly arrived.

Wang Shengguo and his brothers attended to all the middle-aged guests.
These people were mostly CEOs of companies or the leaders of the various elite families.

The Wang family was just a minor family in a larger circle.
They couldn’t reach the highest status in society, but they had some influence among the smaller families.

Also, Wang Teng had become a martial warrior and was going to Huanghai Military Academy.
This allowed the Wang family’s reputation to rise to another level.

Hence, many people came today.

Certain people who looked down on the Wang family in the past came for their banquet today.
They even seemed exceptionally eager to get in their good books.

Grandpa Wang and Grandpa Li were chatting with the older guests.

Grandpa Wang was boasting about his grandson most of the time.
He said that Wang Teng had always been talented since he was young.
He learned to walk in a few months, and by the time he was one year old, he could run like the wind.

His proud laughter could be heard from afar.
It was loud and confident.

What do you mean by run like the wind?

Do you think that your grandson is Nezha?

The other elders rolled their eyes in their hearts.
They were too lazy to expose him.

Wang Yanan was chatting cheerfully with those young and talented youths.

Honestly, it was a little funny that she was the only one who was able to bear responsibilities in Wang Teng’s generation.
The others were either too young or too useless.

Fortunately, there was Wang Teng now.

However, he didn’t like this kind of networking and would only greet the other people symbolically to perform his duty as the host.
Then, he went back to play with the other young children.
Wang Yanan could only shake her head helplessly.

However, she could distinctively feel the change in the attitude of the young people.
In the past, they were never so enthusiastic.
They were all incredibly proud.

Forget it.
Since Wang Teng doesn’t like networking, let him be.

With him out, the Wang family had many things to gain.

“Miss Wang, your cousin entered Huanghai Military Academy, right?” A voice pulled Wang Yanan back from her thoughts.

“Yes, I heard that the top five universities in China sent someone over to persuade him to join them.
My cousin probably wants to stay closer to home, so he chose Huanghai Military Academy,” Wang Yanan seemed a little proud as she said.

“He’s really outstanding.
Even the top universities put down their status to look for him personally.” The young man who spoke just now sighed.

The other people quickly came forward and flattered Wang Yanan.
They didn’t want to lose to this young man.

Wang Yanan kept a reserved smile on her face.
She was happy, but she didn’t get confused by their flattering.

They were just passing remarks to one another so that both parties felt happy.

“You’re praising my cousin too highly.
Thanks, everyone, for coming today.
There will be good food and drinks later.
I still have to greet the guests that just arrived, so I’ll leave for a while,” Wang Yanan said apologetically.

“Go ahead.
You don’t have to care about us.”

Wang Yanan nodded at them and then turned around to welcome the guests that just arrived.

Xu Jie, Bai Wei, and their friends also came to Wang Teng’s graduation banquet along with their parents.

Wang Shengguo was familiar with their parents, so they started chatting really quickly.

Xu Jie and his peers came to find Wang Teng at his corner.

“Brother Wang Teng!” Bai Wei said sweetly.

“You’re here.
Have a seat and get yourself a drink.
Make yourself at home,” Wang Teng welcomed them.

The group sat down and chatted casually as they drank.

“Have you heard? Li Rongcheng’s family seemed to have provoked a martial warrior and suffered heavy losses,” Xu Jie suddenly said.
He seemed elated at their suffering.


Wang Teng couldn’t help but exchange glances with Xu Hui.
They thought of that auction.
It must be the doings of Xie Kun.

Xu Hui couldn’t help but say coldly, “He deserves it!”

Xu Jie noticed that she seemed to know something, so he asked hurriedly, “Sister, what do you know?”

Xu Hui explained what happened during that time briefly.
After Xu Jie and the rest heard the story, they were filled with righteous indignation and cursed uncontrollably.

“Forget it.
There’s nothing much to be said.
He’s just a clown,” Wang Teng said calmly.

He didn’t care much about Li Rongcheng.

In the past, they might have had some grudges, but after experiencing so many things, his perspective had widened.
He wouldn’t quibble with someone who wasn’t a martial warrior.

Of course, if Li Rongcheng provoked him again, he wouldn’t hold back.

It was almost 12.

The guests had all arrived and taken their seats.
Grandpa Wang got up and said, “Thank you, everyone, for attending my grandson, Wang Teng’s, graduation banquet.
Let me offer a toast to everyone.”

He raised his head abruptly as he spoke and finished the wine in his hand.

Wang, you’re really bold!”

“Hahaha, Old Wang is still the same young man from the past.


All the guests in the hall showed respect to Grandpa Wang and raised their cups.
They congratulated him one after another…

“Hey, the banquet is just starting.
It looks like I came just in time.”

Suddenly, a voice came from outside the door.

The voice wasn’t loud, but its penetrating power was quite high.
It suppressed all the sounds around it and pierced into everyone’s ears.

An ordinary person wouldn’t be able to do this!

Also, from his tone, he didn’t come with good intentions…

Everyone glanced at Grandpa Wang before shifting their gazes to the entrance.

A figure sauntered in.
What astounded everyone was the thing he was carrying on his shoulder… It was a giant clock!

“Who are you?”

Before Grandpa Wang could open his mouth, Wang Teng’s eldest uncle, Wang Shenghong, stood up and shouted in anger.

“A delivery man,” the young man smiled calmly.

“A delivery man?” Wang Shenghong’s gaze landed on the huge clock.
His expression changed.

Grandpa Wang and Wang Shengguo’s expressions turned ugly too.
They knew that this young man was here to deliver a present.

Sending you a clock!

Sending you to death![1]

“Who sent you?” Grandpa Wang stood up and asked.

The young man sniggered.
Suddenly, a light shot out from his wristwatch, projecting the figure of an elder on the wall.

The elder was sitting in a wheelchair.
His face looked aged, and he seemed to be on the brink of death.
He smiled in Grandpa Wang’s direction and said, “Long time no see, Wang Zhenwei.”

Grandpa Wang was stunned.
He frowned and thought for a moment.
The elder waited quietly and didn’t disturb him.

After some time, Grandpa Wang’s expression changed entirely.
“It’s you!”

“You finally remember,” the elder said.

“Ren Jianping, aren’t you dead? That time…” Grandpa Wang was in disbelief.

“You thought that you killed me with the gunshot, right? Unfortunately, I didn’t die.
Do you regret not firing a few more shots at me?” Ren Jianping sneered.

Everyone’s curiosity got ignited when they heard this.
The flames of gossip were burning in their eyes as they looked at the two elders, who seemed to bear a deep grudge against each other.

It’s a pity that I didn’t kill a bastard like you and allowed you to live a few more years.
What’s wrong? Have you decided to come and take revenge?” Grandpa Wang sat down and looked at the screen on the wall calmly.

[1] In Chinese, sending a clock has the same pronunciation as sending one to death.
They are both ‘song zhong’

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