e they using weapons? What if they get hurt?”

“What do you think? This is a martial arts duel, not playing house,” Yu Hao took a deep breath and said.

This was what he said on the surface, but he had only become a beginner stage martial disciple not long ago.
This was also his first time facing such a situation.

“Wang Teng, you have good strength, so you have probably become an advanced stage martial disciple.”

“Honestly, I’m shocked.
Everyone is mistaken about you.
You hide very well.”

“But, who gave you the confidence to challenge me with a blade?” Obviously, Li Rongcheng looked down on Wang Teng.

He had started practicing martial arts ever since he was 15 years old.
He became an advanced stage martial disciple in three years.
During these three years, he only practiced his blade skills, advancing it to the big achievement state.

Thus, he had the right to be arrogant.

He also found it funny that Wang Teng dared to use a blade in front of him.

“Let’s start.” Wang Teng didn’t say much and went directly to the point.

“Sure!” Li Rongcheng opened his eyes wide and shouted fiercely.

He stomped his feet on the ground.


A dull and loud sound resounded in the hall.
There seemed to be waves churning in the air.
Due to the recoil of the force, his entire body flew towards Wang Teng like an arrow leaving its bow.

In that split second, the ferocious aura appalled Yuan Zhenghua, Xu Jie, and the other two.

However, Wang Teng, who was the first to bear the hit, showed no change in his expression.

Li Rongcheng thought that he was shocked from fear, so he displayed even more contempt on his face.

He raised his blade up high and struck it down in a simple move.

Just as the long blade was about to touch Wang Teng’s body, he shifted without any warning and appeared on Li Rongcheng’s right.

When his blade cut the air instead of flesh, Li Rongcheng’s expression changed instantly.
He forcefully twisted his body and slashed his blade at Wang Teng at 180 degrees.


The two blades collided and let out sparks and metallic clangs.


Another dull sound was heard.
Before Li Rongcheng could figure out what the hell was going on, he felt a pain in the back of his head and lost consciousness.

“Weak, so weak!

Wang Teng shook his head.

Basic Blade Skill*20


He picked up the attribute bubbles Li Rongcheng had dropped and walked to the side to place the blade back.

Yuan Zhenghua, Xu Jie, and the rest of the people finally regained their senses.
They stared at Wang Teng with their mouths agape.

The exchange between them looked simple, but the speed of advanced stage martial disciples was more than a little exaggerating.
The four of them only saw everything in a blur.

As the saying went, ‘the insider knows the ropes, while the outsider just comes along for the ride’.

The four of them were purely watching the show.
Even Yu Hao wasn’t considered an ‘insider’.

Hence, they didn’t understand the battle, only feeling that Wang Teng was very powerful.

Especially the time.
It was too short!

Was it three seconds or five?

Li Rongcheng lost even before they could fight properly.

They watched Wang Teng as he put back his weapon and walked over.
He seemed to be muttering to himself, “Too weak, why is he so weak? That’s impossible…”

The four of them were rendered speechless.

Li Rongcheng was a real advanced stage martial disciple.
He was one of the top five most powerful students in Donghai No.
1 High School.
Yet, Wang Teng said that he was weak!

Brother, we are close friends.
Do you have to act so arrogantly?

But, this also indirectly showed how powerful Wang Teng was.

Li Rongcheng wasn’t weak among the students, but Wang Teng was stronger than him.
In fact, he was much stronger.

“Let’s go home and eat dinner.”

Wang Teng called out to his three friends as he walked down the stairs.

Xu Jie, Bai Wei, and Yu Hao hurriedly caught up to him.
On the other side, Yuan Zhenghua was left standing alone on the same spot in a daze.

He didn’t dare to greet Wang Teng.

This Wang Teng was unfamiliar to him.
At the same time, he was frightening.

In the past, Wang Teng didn’t like studying.
However, since his family background was better than his, Yuan Zhenghua didn’t dare to offend him.

Now, he felt fear towards Wang Teng personally.

He had betrayed Wang Teng.
Would he take it to heart? What if he came to find him for trouble one day when he wasn’t in a good mood?

The instant he thought of this, Yuan Zhenghua felt anxious.
He looked at the unconscious Li Rongcheng on the ground.
He didn’t seem to be able to protect him.

Regret filled up his heart immediately…

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