Chapter 233: Escape

At this moment, Wang Teng and his teammates had already arrived outside the Crimson Tiger City.

Gunshots were heard continuously, and all forms of Force rays rained down on them from every direction.

Wang Teng and his teammates drove their vehicles and sped through the bullet rain and Force explosions.
Fortunately, the reaction speed of martial warriors was swift, so they managed to evade the dangers, albeit from a hair’s breadth.

However, the impact of the Force explosions formed many airwaves that cut their skin like flying daggers.

In an instant, they were covered with blood.

Just like what they expected, there weren’t many garrisons and sentry posts at the back of the city.
Also, the military martial warriors from other places couldn’t rush over in time.

Their best hope was to stop Wang Teng and his teammates in the city.
Unfortunately, they had underestimated Wang Teng’s ability.

The fugitives had escaped outside the city, so the difficulty of catching them now increased tremendously.

Wang Teng and the others’ bodies were covered with blood, but they finally managed to leave the Crimson Tiger City far behind.

Not long after they escaped, many heavy armor vehicles and compact SUVs shot out of the Crimson Tiger City to chase after Wang Teng.

In the city.

“Fire God Cannon!” The man with a crew cut had an eerie expression.
He was still recovering from his injuries at the same spot.
He admitted that he had underestimated Wang Teng and his teammates, resulting in some losses from the Fire God Cannon.

A few rays of light fell from the sky at this moment.

There were no wings on the person.
He was walking in the air.

“Only a few prisoners managed to escape.
How can we trouble senior officers like you!” The expression of the man with a crew cut changed slightly, and he saluted the newcomers immediately.

“Li Tonghai from cell 99 has escaped!” one of the senior officers said.

“Let’s not waste any time.
Li Gang, which direction did they go?” The other senior officer was more impatient.
He asked the man with a crew cut directly.

“Northwest!” the man with a crew cut, called Li Gang, replied hurriedly.

“We’ll leave first.
Catch up with us quickly.”

The moment he finished speaking, they turned into a flash of light and soared into the sky, disappearing into the distance.

Li Gang looked in the direction where they vanished.
A hint of envy flashed past his eyes.

Drop your wings and walk in the air!

This was the mark of a 7-star soldier-level martial warrior and above.
He was only at 5-star soldier level.
There was still a considerable distance between him and that stage.

He refocused on healing his wounds.
Then, a few more military martial warriors flapped their wings and flew over.

“Hahaha, Li Gang, why are you in such a bedraggled state!” A laughter was heard from above him.
Someone was gloating over his plight.

“Go away!”

Li Gang was already frustrated.
When he heard his comrades teasing him, He glared at them and shouted.


“Li Gang, be quick.
Stop dawdling.”

The people went away quickly.

Li Gang’s expression changed a few times.
He spread out his wings behind his back.
They had been repaired completely.
He chased after his comrades.

There was a vast chain of mountains behind the Crimson Tiger City.
Wang Teng and his teammates had charged in that direction.

“Where are we going now?” Lin Zhan’s face was a little pale as he asked.

“After crossing this chain of mountains, we will head west and return to Yong City.” Wang Teng confirmed the direction before continuing in a low voice, “The Crimson Tiger Troop is very powerful.
We might not be able to return to Earth if we go to other places.
However, I had the pleasure of meeting General Shen from Yong City once.
We will only have a chance if we go to Yong City.”

The others nodded when they heard this.
They had no objections.

“Little brat, let’s part here,” the elder who had been sitting behind Lin Zhan all this while said abruptly.

“Elder, where are you going?” Wang Teng couldn’t help but ask.

We will meet again if we are fated.”

The elder’s body slowly floated into the air.
Then, he glanced behind him as a force of presence exploded from his body.
He found his direction and turned into a flash of light.

“Remember, my name is Li Tonghai!”

His voice echoed beside Wang Teng’s ears.

The elder is indeed a powerful warrior. Lin Zhan’s eyes widened in surprise.
He looked at the elder who suddenly flew away and felt a little fortunate.

Had he really provoked the other party, he wouldn’t have been able to withstand a single slap from him with his current ability.

Wang Teng raised his head and looked up.
He saw multiple streams of light shooting out of the Crimson Tiger City.
At first, they were heading in their direction, but now, they changed their target and flew towards the direction where the elder left.

Li Tonghai! Wang Teng’s eyes flickered.
He repeated the name in his heart.

“He attracted the attention of the powerful warriors in Crimson Tiger City!” Liu Yan said joyfully.

However, their expressions changed almost immediately.
After the first few streams of light, multiple streams of light leaped out of the Crimson Tiger City again and flew in their direction.

“More powerful warriors are coming.
Let’s leave quickly!”

They dived into the forest and traveled through it quickly.

After some time, Wang Teng frowned uncontrollably and said, “We can’t continue like this.
It’s too slow, and the target is too obvious.”

The pursuing troops were getting closer and closer.
5-star soldier-level martial warriors were able to fly in the air.
Hence, they were extremely quick.

“What should we do?” asked Lin Zhan.

“Abandon the vehicle!” Wang Teng hesitated before saying.

“Abandon the vehicle? Are you sure?” Lin Zhan’s expression changed slightly.
Based on their current state, abandoning the vehicle wasn’t a good option.

“Little Yue is injured.
We have exhausted our stamina and Force, so if we abandon the car, there’s a high chance that we might get caught,” Yan Jinming said.

“Trust me!” Wang Teng said seriously.


The others hesitated for a few seconds before they decided to leave the car.

“Take your weapons out and stand on them.
I will let you experience the awesome feeling of riding on your weapons,” Wang Teng said.

After some time, they stood on their respective weapons and flew through the forest.

“Spiritual power is seriously an amazing thing!” Liu Yan exclaimed uncontrollably.

“If not, how can someone with spiritual power be considered a one-in-a-million talent,” Lin Zhan said with jealousy.

Mind you, they were traveling at a much faster speed than before using this method.
Also, Wang Teng repeated the same thing and executed his concealing skill.
They were engulfed in the darkness once again.

A few figures landed at the spot where they had abandoned their cars.

“They have disappeared!”

“The Force detection device can’t sense their Force fluctuations.”

“They must have used a concealing skill.
If not, they wouldn’t be able to escape from prison successfully.”

“This is getting troublesome.
Concealing skill and the complex topography in this area will make it very hard for us to find them again.”

“Let’s split up!”

They quickly conversed before splitting up instantly and searching the surroundings.

In the depth of the forest, a figure landed beside a pool.
He scanned his surroundings, but he didn’t notice anything.


Suddenly, an angry roar came from the bushes beside him.
A black shadow pounced on the figure.

“Go away!” the person shouted furiously.
He smashed the black shadow to death with a single punch.
Then, he cursed and turned around to leave.

At the bottom of the pool, Wang Teng and his teammates held their breaths and hid in the dark water.

“That guy is gone!” Lin Zhan spoke using voice transmission.

“There’s no hurry.
Let’s wait first,” Wang Teng shook his head and said.

His face was a little pale.
His spiritual power and Force were seriously depleted.

Fortunately, there was an increase in his spiritual power and dark Force recently.
If not, he wouldn’t be able to bring his teammates along.

After a few minutes, the figure who left came back to the side of the pool again.
He muttered in a low voice, “It looks like they are really not here.”

This time, he didn’t come back anymore.
However, Wang Teng and his teammates still waited for a long time.

More than ten minutes later, they slowly floated up from the bottom of the pool.
Wang Teng and Liu Yan used their fire Force to dry the clothes on their bodies.

However, Lin Zhan and the Yan siblings were still drenched.
They said with hidden bitterness, “Don’t just take care of yourself.
Dry our clothes too.”

“Hehe.” Wang Teng and Liu Yan sniggered.
Then, they helped them in drying their clothes.

Moments later, they merged into the darkness once again…

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