Wang Shengguo was shocked.

It looked like Wang Teng had extremely powerful support!

He got more and more excited.
The stronger Wang Teng’s support was, the greater the benefit their Wang family would receive.

But, on second thought, he suddenly found it harder and harder to see through Wang Teng.

Wang Teng wasn’t just strong in terms of ability, but he also possessed a powerful background unknown to him.
He had surpassed the achievements the Wang family had accumulated for so many years singlehandedly.

It was hard to have such huge achievements.

But, he didn’t probe further.

Wang Shengguo felt complicated in his heart.
After shaking off his thoughts, he chatted with Wang Teng about the restructuring of the company for a while.

Li Xiumei finished cooking and called everyone to the dining table.

Lunch was extremely sumptuous.
The family had a fun time eating.

After lunch, Wang Teng bade farewell to his family and left his house.
But, he didn’t go back to school immediately.
He contacted Lin Chuhan instead.

School had started for some time, but he hadn’t met Lin Chuhan yet.
He didn’t know how she was coping with the new environment.

After the call was picked up, he knew that she was at home, so he drove to her house.

When he reached her house, Mother Lin greeted him enthusiastically as usual.
She gave him fruits and snacks to eat and seemed exceptionally delighted that he came.

“Wang Teng, you haven’t visited us for a long time.
How’s your university?” Mother Lin asked.

“It’s not bad,” Wang Teng smiled and replied as he ate the fruits Mother Lin had served him.

“That’s good, that’s good.
Alright, you youngsters can chat yourselves.
I won’t disturb you.” Mother Lin winked at Lin Chuhan and happily went to attend to her shop.

Lin Chuhan rolled her eyes helplessly.
She said, “What drug did you give my mom? Why does she like you so much?”

“You won’t understand.
This is my charm,” Wang Teng laughed and replied.

“Show off.” Lin Chuhan was speechless.

This fellow was really thick-skinned!

“Let’s go up.
My younger sister hasn’t seen you for a long time and kept asking about you.
You’re amazing.
You mesmerized the young and the old,” Lin Chuhan teased him.

“Is Chuxia better?” Wang Teng asked.

Lin Chuhan sighed.
“Still the same.”

They came to Lin Chuxia’s room while chatting.

The windows in the room were opened.
Sunlight was shining inside and dissipated the coldness in the room.

Lin Chuxia was lying beside the window with her fists on her cheeks.
She was looking at the sparrows outside.
It was hard to figure out why she was staring at them so intently.

“Chuxia, look who’s here,” Lin Chuhan shouted.

“Sister!” Lin Chuxia turned around and saw Wang Teng standing beside Lin Chuhan.
She called out in surprise, “Brother-in-law!”

Lin Chuhan slapped her forehead.
“Fine, you can’t change your habit!”

Wang Teng burst out laughing when he saw her expression.

Many attribute bubbles had piled up in Lin Chuxia’s room.
Wang Teng greeted her while secretly picking up the attributes.

Poison Force*10

Demon Lotus Poison Body*6

Poison Force*10

Gun Kungfu*3

He received 56 points of poison Force and 45 points of Demon Lotus Poison Body attribute.

Poison Force: 35/500 (2-star)

Demon Lotus Poison Body: 260/10000

This time, his poison Force rose to 2-star, but the journey to form the complete demon lotus poison body was still long.

This special physique was indeed difficult to gain.

Wang Teng also received 18 points of Gun Kungfu.

It was obvious that this little fellow had secretly practiced Gun Kungfu during her free time.

Lin Chuxia’s talent seemed quite good.
Despite figuring everything out herself, her Gun Kungfu was still presentable.
She didn’t go on the wrong path.
Normal people might not be able to achieve this.

“Brother-in-law, when are you going to bring me out to play again?” Lin Chuxia asked.

“Next time.
I’ll take you out when I’m free next time,” Wang Teng smiled and replied.

“Huh, next time again.” Lin Chuxia was a little disappointed.

“I will definitely bring you out next time.
I promise.” Wang Teng stuck out two fingers and tapped her forehead.

“Aiya, don’t poke my forehead.” Lin Chuxia shook her head.
Then, she nodded and said, “Alright, you cannot lie to me.”

“If I lie to you, I’m a little dog,” Wang Teng smiled and said.

“Yes, little dog!”

Wang Teng stayed at Lin Chuhan’s house for more than two hours.
At around 4 pm, Lin Chuhan and Wang Teng prepared to go back to school.

“Let me send you,” Wang Teng said.

Lin Chuhan drew her hair back and nodded.
She didn’t reject him.

The two of them said goodbye to Mother Lin and Lin Chuxia.
They went to the intersection, sat in the car, and drove to the university town.

Donghai University Town.

A sports car drove into Donghai University.
Under the gazes of many students, it slowly stopped below the freshmen dormitory.

“Oh my god, it’s a sports car.
Who’s is it?”

“I have never seen this number plate before.
It’s not the young masters from our school.”

The students started chattering uncontrollably.
Suddenly, someone exclaimed.

“F**k, look.
It’s Lin Chuhan!”

“Lin Chuhan? Which Lin Chuhan?”

“What do you mean? There’s only one Lin Chuhan in our school.”

Lin Chuhan got out of the car.
When she noticed the gazes turning towards this side and stopping on her, she felt helpless.

However, this was the effect she wanted!

“It looks like you’re really popular in Donghai University,” Wang Teng smiled and said.
He parked the car and followed her.

“Of course.
An outstanding person like me will be in the spotlight no matter where I go.” Lin Chuhan flicked her hair.

“You’re getting arrogant!” Wang Teng teased.

…Lin Chuhan suddenly realized that she had been influenced by Wang Teng’s bad habits and was starting to speak randomly.
She coughed awkwardly and said, “Wait here for a while.
I will put my luggage in my dormitory and come down to treat you to a meal.”

Go ahead.” Wang Teng nodded.

Lin Chuhan carried her bags up to the dormitory while Wang Teng waited on the spot.

An uproar erupted among the students who saw this scene.

“F**k, f**k, who is that guy? Lin Chuhan got out of his car and even spoke to him so gently.”

“This is bad.
My ice goddess got melted by someone.”

“Ah, is my love going to end before it even starts?”

“Did you hear that? My heart seems to have shattered.”

Many people were guessing Wang Teng’s identity.

When school started, Lin Chuhan had gained high popularity because of her outstanding appearance and aura, as well as her exceptional results.

Many young men treated her as the new goddess of Donghai University.
She was placed side by side with the other existing goddesses.
They were neck to neck.

One month after school started, many young men who felt superior confessed to Lin Chuhan.
However, Lin Chuhan had never spoken to any one of them pleasantly.
She rejected all of them in a cold manner.

Lin Chuhan’s popularity soared even higher because of this.

But, now, Lin Chuhan sat in a man’s car to come to school, and her attitude towards him was ambiguous.
She seemed to like him.

The male students from Donghai University refused to accept this!

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