Chapter 272: Ghost Fire Talent

Wang Teng came to the platform outside the Force floating airship.
He saw a layer of yellow glow covering the entire Force floating airship like a giant bubble.

The fight between the martial warriors and the bird star beasts had come to an end.

The red fire sparrows had flames all over their bodies.
Balls of fire kept spurting out of their mouths as they attacked the Force floating airship and the martial warriors on it.

However, most of them were 1-star level.
Only a few of them had reached 2-star.
Thus, they posed no threat to the martial warriors.

The corpses of the fire sparrows fell from the sky above.
Some landed on the platform, while others dropped directly to the primary forest below.

The Force floating airship continued on its fixed route.
It wouldn’t stop to pick up the corpses of these fire sparrows.

Furthermore, it was a primary forest, which was extremely dangerous.

The corpses of the fire sparrows might have been eaten by other star beasts by the time they went down.

Fortunately, many fire sparrows’ corpses dropped on the platform, so the martial warriors managed to earn a fair amount of money.
They would decide how the items would be split among themselves.
It had nothing to do with Wang Teng.

He had already gotten what he wanted.

Fire Force*90

Blank Attribute*200

As their names implied, these fire sparrows were undoubtedly fire element star beasts.
They gave him 90 points of fire Force!

Fire Force: 715/2000 (4-star)

Wang Teng smiled when he saw the rise in his fire Force on his attributes panel.
This was a good sign!

Including the past blank attributes he had collected, he had a total of 750 blank attributes now for his emergency needs.

After the battle ended, everyone in the Force floating airship heaved a sigh of relief.

No other accidents happened during the rest of the journey.
Two hours later, the Force floating airship slowly landed in a prosperous and massive city.

Wang Teng walked down from the Force floating airship.
There were many similar airships parked on the plaza in front of them.
Lights were shining down from the sky as more Force floating airships came towards the city from afar.
They landed on the plaza.

The plaza was filled with people.
It was bustling.

Yang City was a huge and prosperous city.
Numerous people traveled here or left this place on Force floating airships every day.

Fei Qingxin and Meng Qiao walked down from the Force floating airship too.
When they walked past Wang Teng, Fei Qingxin bade farewell to him politely, “Wang Teng, we’re leaving first.
Hope to see you again.”

Meng Qiao didn’t even look at him.
She pulled Fei Qingxin and left in a hurry as though he was some sort of a virus.

Looking at them, he knew that her words were just polite.
They probably hoped that they would never see him again.

Wang Teng shook his head.
It was irritating enough to meet a lady like Meng Qiao.
He hoped that he would never meet them again, or else he might hit her uncontrollably.

He followed the crowd and walked out of the plaza.
He asked for directions before heading into the city.

Even at night, Yang City remained noisy and lively.
All the buildings along the street were lit up brightly, and the entire city was ablaze with lights.
Small shops and stalls were everywhere.
The cries of street vendors echoed in the air.

The buildings in the city were magnificent, and the shops along the streets sold all kinds of high-class items.
They were all exquisite and extravagant.
It was overwhelming for the passers-by, who could indulge in pleasures without stopping.

However, Wang Teng came from Earth, so he had seen this kind of scene before.
He wasn’t surprised.

Still, the city streets of the Xingwu Continent gave him another perspective of this world.

Peng Yuanshan was right.
He might be able to see extraordinary things if he came out to travel!

Haiyue Hotel.

Wang Teng stopped outside a building.

Let’s stay here.
I heard good reviews along the way.

When he walked in, someone came to welcome him immediately.
The person bowed and asked, “Mister, are you staying or eating?”

“Please give me one of your best rooms,” Wang Teng said.

“Alright, follow me.” The attendant brought Wang Teng to the lobby and booked a room for him.
Then, he passed him the keys.

“This is your room.
It’s on the third floor, the fifth room after you turn left.
Do you need me to bring you up?” the attendant asked.

I will go by myself.”

Wang Teng rejected him and came to the third floor alone.
He opened his room and scanned it once.
The facilities inside were complete and beautiful.
This was how a five-star presidential suite in the Xingwu Continent should look like.

As expected, as long as you had the money, you could get anything.

He opened the window.
After some time, a black dot landed from the sky and stopped outside the window.
It was the Spirit Flame Ghost Crow.

The little crow was a good helper.
Besides, it needed to raise its ability too.
Naturally, Wang Teng brought it along so that they could progress together.

“Are you full?” Wang Teng smiled and asked.

When the Force floating airship was attacked by the fire sparrows, he had ordered his little crow to dine on the dead fire sparrows secretly.
That was why he asked the question.

“Caw, caw!” The little crow cried two times.
It seemed to be in a good mood.

It suddenly lowered its head and spat out a fiery-red ball-like object with an uneven surface.
It raised its head and looked at Wang Teng.

“Star core!” Wang Teng was shocked.

This was a 1-star star core.

The little crow got a 1-star star core?

Wang Teng was dumbfounded.
He thought of something and asked, “Is this the star core of a fire sparrow?”

They were able to understand each other through the pet contract, so the little crow nodded.

“Really?” Wang Teng exclaimed.
“You are quite lucky.”

On the Force floating airship, he had heard that none of the martial warriors managed to get the most worthy items, a star core or a star bone.
After all, the intelligence and level of the fire sparrows weren’t that high.

Yet, his little crow managed to pick up one!

“Are you sharing your master’s good luck?” Wang Teng touched his chin and muttered to himself.

“Caw, caw!”

“You want to eat this?” Wang Teng asked in astonishment.

Through the pet contract, Wang Teng could feel the little crow’s desire.
He said immediately, “Eat it then.
You are the one who found it.”

It hurt a little, but it was good for the little crow.
He wouldn’t be stingy.

This bit of money was nothing to him.

When the little crow got stronger, he could get it back from it with interest.

After the little crow got Wang Teng’s consent, he picked up the fire element star core.
It swallowed the star core in one mouth, not knowing what its unscrupulous master was planning.

Once the fire element star core went down his throat, its body was covered with a red glow.
A wisp of flame spurted out of the little crow’s body.

Wang Teng suddenly remembered that the little crow had another talent called Ghost Fire.
However, it hadn’t awakened this talent yet.

From the name, one could tell that this was a fire element offensive talent.

Was the fire element star core about to activate the little crow’s Ghost Fire talent while raising its ability?

Wang Teng looked at his attributes panel.
Unfortunately, the talent was still dormant.

But, he felt that he had found a method.
He could find more fire element star cores to feed the little crow.
Its talent might awaken one day.

The little crow was only an assistant now.
But, once it awakened its Ghost Fire talent, it would be able to actively participate in battles.
Just thinking about it made him excited.

“Hurry and grow up.
Your master is so impressive.
You mustn’t be weak either!” Wang Teng expressed his expectations shamelessly.

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