Chapter 284: Soft Muddy Baby Killer

The two of them finished their breakfast outside and went back to the rune society.
They brought a serving for Gorlin too.

Su Lingxuan wasn’t polite when she asked Wang Teng to treat her.
She chose the best and most expensive dishes.

Wang Teng didn’t mind, though.
After all, you couldn’t spend too much on food.

After breakfast, Gorlin started teaching them rune studies.
As the president of the rune society, his knowledge of runes was unmatched in the entire Yang City.

But he didn’t spend much time teaching.
After talking to them for two hours, he passed the time back to them and allowed them to practice and fumble their way around.

Wang Teng used the opportunity when Gorlin went out for business to sneak into the rune society and picked up the rune attributes dropped by the runemasters.

Rune Knowledge*2

Rune Knowledge*5


Rune Knowledge*4

After Wang Teng picked up all the attribute bubbles, his rune knowledge and spirit attributes increased exponentially.
Approximately one hour later, he received a total of 45 points of rune knowledge and 28 points of spirit.

Spirit: Spiritual realm (78.1/100)

Runemaster: Intermediate stage (151/500)

Hehe, I might be able to become an advanced-stage runemaster within a few days.
Will Master Gorlin be shocked if he knew? Wang Teng thought of this happily.

After picking up a round of attributes, there weren’t many bubbles left.
Wang Teng didn’t plan to waste his time here anymore.

He returned to the garden behind the rune society, but Su Lingxuan wasn’t there.
He didn’t know where she had gone.

Just when he was about to go back to his room to sleep, he saw a bunch of slimes jumping around among the bushes… Oh wait, they were called the soft muddy babies.

His eyes suddenly lit up.

He then looked around him.

Very good, there was no one around.

Wang Teng walked forward carefully.
He reached out and grabbed a soft muddy baby.
They weren’t agile and even seemed a little clumsy.
With his speed, he was able to catch it in one try.

The soft muddy baby kept struggling in Wang Teng’s hand.
Its entire body was like a ball of jelly, soft and flexible.
Its shape kept changing, and it almost slid out of Wang Teng’s hand.

It kept making strange ‘ewww’ sounds with its mouth.
It was quite cute.

In the past, Wang Teng had seen the description of this kind of creature in all kinds of dramas and novels.
However, he had never touched one before, so he didn’t know where their sound came from.

He was curious as he sized up this strange creature.

Speaking about it, this world was really weird.
It gave birth to this kind of creature.

But nothing’s impossible anymore since an alternate world has already appeared. Wang Teng thought to himself mockingly.

Then, his gaze turned serious.
He scanned his surroundings again and even used his spiritual power to check the area to confirm that there was no one around.

So… hehehe!

He activated the fire Force in his body.
A ball of flame rose on Wang Teng’s palm.


The soft muddy baby didn’t even have time to cry in agony.
It turned into ashes instantly.

“I’ve sinned, I’ve sinned!”

Wang Teng had three seconds of silence for this soft muddy baby.
Then, he looked at the attribute bubble that was dropped on the ground.

Water Force*1

That was it!

Nothing else!

There was only 1 point of water Force.
Nothing else.

What happened to the morphing talent?

Wang Teng looked at the 1 point of water Force speechlessly.
This soft muddy baby didn’t fail to live up to its useless reputation.

Unfortunately, a useless creature couldn’t become the main lead!

Never mind, 1 point means 1 point. No matter how little the attribute was, it was still an attribute.
He mustn’t waste it.

Wang Teng picked up the attribute and touched his chin.
He wondered to himself: Talent attributes are rare.
The probability of it dropping is low, so… should I kill a few more just to make sure?

Will Master Gorlin explode in anger if he knew that I killed his research target?

He couldn’t make up his mind.
However, when he thought of the possibility of a morphing talent, Wang Teng forced himself to be ruthless and grabbed another soft muddy baby.

“Don’t blame me.
I’m doing this because I have no other choice…”

A ball of flame emerged in his hand.
Poof, another soft muddy baby was dead.

Earth Force*1

Wang Teng: …

Let’s continue!

Wood Force*1

Fire Force*1

Metal Force*1

More and more soft muddy babies died in his hands.
However, they only gave 1 point of attribute each.
A thin layer of sweat appeared on Wang Teng’s forehead.

This was too difficult!

Too difficult!

Could it be that the morphing talent doesn’t exist? Wang Teng was puzzled.

Should he just give up?

He looked at the few soft muddy babies left and felt a little guilty.

“The last one!” Wang Teng felt a little unwilling to give up after spending so much effort.
His eyes flickered as he tried to convince himself.

Yes, that’s right.
This will be the last one.


Another small life was taken away by the ruthless flame.

Wood Force*1

Wang Teng was about to go crazy.
He clenched his fist and took a deep breath.
“Shall I… try another one?”

“This will really be the last one!”

Wang Teng’s gaze was firm.
He caught another soft muddy baby and sent it to heaven.

Another attribute bubble dropped on the floor.
Before he could pick it up, he heard a shout.

“Wang Teng! What are you doing?”

Wang Teng shuddered.
His head turned numb as he flicked the ashes on his hand away stealthily.
He then stood up and looked innocently at Su Lingxuan, who had suddenly appeared.

“Junior Sister, when did you come back? Where did you go and play just now?”

“Don’t try to fool me.
Tell me, what were you doing just now?” Su Lingxuan glared at him with wide eyes.
She strode over and looked at the mess on the ground, as well as the few soft muddy babies left.
They shrunk together pitifully.
Her expression turned malicious as she said, “You, you, you…”

Wang Teng shifted his feet secretly and said, “I didn’t do anything.
Junior Sister, you must believe me.”

Su Lingxuan obviously didn’t believe him.
She glared at Wang Teng in disbelief and said, “You’re crazy! The soft muddy babies are so cute.
How can you kill them!”

“I didn’t do it.
I didn’t.
Don’t bullshit.” Wang Teng shook his head fervently.

“I saw it personally! I will tell Master,” Su Lingxuan said.

I admit; I admit.
But I didn’t kill for the sake of killing.
I’m doing experiments!” Wang Teng rolled his pupils and said hurriedly.

“Experiment? What are you experimenting with?” Su Lingxuan asked curiously.

“I, I’m studying their morphing talent.
Master Gorlin is so stubborn about it, so as his disciple, I need to inherit his will.” Wang Teng started talking nonsense with a stern face.

“Really?” Su Lingxuan’s expression softened.
However, she still had her doubts.
She felt that something was weird here, but she couldn’t figure out what it was.

That is the truth,” Wang Teng nodded his head furiously.

“What did you find out?” Su Lingxuan asked.

“This…” Wang Teng was stunned.
He looked around him and suddenly saw the attribute bubble he hadn’t picked up beside him.
His eyes lit up.


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