>He got more interested as he looked at his palm.

He stared at it a while longer and started muttering to himself, “However, with the current level of my talent, it’s difficult to even change my palm’s appearance.
I will not be able to change my entire body.”

His gaze landed at the last row of his attributes panel.

Blank Attribute: 814

He had been saving them for a long time.
It was time to put them to use.

With a thought, 99 points of blank attributes were deducted from his total.
The description behind the Morph talent immediately changed to perfected.

Morph: 100/100 (perfected)

Wang Teng savored the feeling of having a perfected Morph talent.

Then, he smiled.
The muscles all over his body started squirming and changing.
His face, his body… every spot was changing.

After a few moments, he had changed completely into a different person.

His appearance was rough, and he had a fat figure.
He wasn’t the handsome young man anymore.

Even my mom won’t be able to recognize me! Wang Teng touched his chin as he looked at the mirror and wondered to himself.

He got addicted to playing with his appearance.
He stood in front of the mirror and started morphing without stopping.

He found it very interesting.

He was able to change into a lady and shrink Adam’s apple.
However, there was no way he could make a certain part of his body disappear…

Wang Teng looked down with a weird expression.
“Is this what you call a man in women’s clothing? Cough…”

After some time, he walked out of his room with his original appearance.

Wang Teng left the rune society and found a secluded spot.
He changed his appearance.
Soon, he turned into another young man around his age.
Once he changed his attire, he became a wholly different person.

He asked around for the location of the alchemist society and the blacksmith society in Yang City.
Wang Teng went to the alchemist society first.

The alchemist society wasn’t far from the rune society.
In fact, the blacksmith society was also nearby.
They formed a triangle.

The alchemist society was a strange building shaped like a furnace.
It was more eye-catching than the rune society.

When he walked near, he could smell the faint smell of herbs.
It was pleasant.

Wang Teng walked into the alchemist society.
He scanned his surroundings and noticed that it looked similar to the rune society.
It was quiet and clean.
The staff was doing their jobs in an orderly manner.

Similarly, many attribute bubbles were floating in the building.

Wang Teng used his spiritual power to pull them over quickly.

Last night, Gorlin gave him a personal lesson.
He had already taught him how to hide his spiritual mark.
Thus, he didn’t have to worry about getting found out.
It saved him much trouble.






After a round of collections, Wang Teng had a huge gain.
He received 188 points of alchemy and 32 points of spirit in total.

Spirit: Spiritual realm (81.3/100)

Alchemist: Intermediate stage (88/500)

His secondary job also changed a little.
A new Alchemist row appeared, and he jumped directly from the beginner stage to the intermediate stage.

Other people had to spend a long time building their foundation, whether they were alchemists, runemasters, or blacksmiths.
However, for Wang Teng, he just skipped levels and achieved what other people had to spend a few years or even tens of years to get in a blink.

Two hours later, Wang Teng walked out of the alchemist society.
He had successfully passed the intermediate-stage alchemist exam and gained the position of an intermediate-stage alchemist.

Beside him, two alchemists from the alchemist society were talking to him enthusiastically…

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