Chapter 290: Excuse Me, Sorry To Disturb

You Jingfu felt awkward.
However, he didn’t dare to face Li Rongxue’s anger. You are going to be one family in the future.
Why are you flaring up at me?

Yao Yu chuckled.
He patted You Jingfu’s shoulder and said, “Don’t worry.
I’m her man.
I’ll make the decision.”

You Jingfu smiled in embarrassment and didn’t dare to say much.
Since Yao Yu had promised him, he would get his benefits for sure.

Li Rongxue was so angry that her chest hurt.
Yao Yu was so brazen and shameless.
He was already claiming that he was her man.
What a pipe dream.

“Let’s go.
We shouldn’t stay here any longer.
Let’s find a good spot for the princess and me to spend a lovely night,” Yao Yu waved his hand proudly and said.
Looking at Li Rongxue’s beautiful face and perfect figure, he was already getting restless.

“Congratulations, Young Master, for achieving your dream.” Yao Yu’s subordinates congratulated him in unison.

You Jingfu also smiled and said, “Congratulations, Young Master Yao!”

“Hahaha, you’ve all helped me today.
I’ll reward you handsomely when we go back.” Yao Yu laughed loudly.
He was fully content.

Li Rongxue’s face turned green.

At this moment, a voice suddenly broke the jovial atmosphere.

“Erm, excuse me, sorry to disturb you!”

“Ha—” Yao Yu’s laugh was stuck in his throat by the sudden voice.
He jumped in shock and almost choked.
It felt as if someone had grabbed his throat.


“Who is it? Come out!”

Yao Yu and his subordinates turned towards the source of the sound and yelled.

They saw a young man standing not far away.
He was looking at them innocently.

“Who are you?” Yao Yu asked coldly after he regained his composure.
There was a malicious look in his eyes.
He had no good impression of this young man who had jumped out and frightened him.

“It doesn’t matter who I am.
I just want to ask the princess one question,” Wang Teng pointed at Li Rongxue and said.

“You eavesdropped on us just now.” Yao Yu’s face turned black.
There was killing intent in his eyes.

On the other hand, Li Rongxue’s gaze shimmered.

“Not really.
I didn’t hear much, only a little,” Wang Teng chuckled and replied.

Yao Yu’s face was as black as the bottom of the pot, but he wasn’t stupid.
Since Wang Teng dared to step out, he must have some confidence.
He couldn’t decide what to do.”What do you want to ask?”

Wang Teng smiled.
He seemed to know what Yao Yu was thinking, but he didn’t care.
Instead, he asked Li Rongxue, “Does your family collect poison element scriptures?”

“What if we don’t? What if we do?” Li Rongxue retorted.
She had a sudden thought.

“If you do, I’ll save you, and you can repay me with the poison scripture.
If you don’t, I’ll leave,” Wang Teng answered straightforwardly.

“If they do, I can give it to you.
Why do you have to ask her?” Yao Yu asked without changing his expression.

“Oh, nothing.
I don’t want to make a deal with a rapist.
I’m embarrassed to be in the same league as you,” Wang Teng replied directly.

Yao Yu’s face turned green and white with anger.

Li Rongxue’s eyes lit up.
This might be her only chance.
However, the man opposite her was very young, and he was also alone.
Could he really do it?

“How dare you!” Yao Yu’s subordinates turned furious when they saw Wang Teng humiliating Yao Yu.

“Do you want to beat me?” Wang Teng squinted.

Yao Yu raised his hand to stop them.
He asked without any expressions, “Do you really want to become my enemy?”

“Not really.
If you don’t start the fight, I’m too lazy to fight with you,” Wang Teng replied.

“Are you an idiot?” The corners of Yao Yu’s mouth twitched.
He realized that it was too difficult to communicate with the young man opposite him.
Although he seemed easy-going, he was actually infuriating.

“I’m not an idiot, but I sell swords[1].
Do you use a sword? Do you use the upper sword or the lower sword? Or do you practice the ultimate sword skill, the unity of man and sword?” Wang Teng said cunningly.

“I don’t use swords.
I use a blade,” Yao Yu replied instinctively.

“Pfft!” Li Rongxue’s expression became weird, and she couldn’t help but laugh out loud.
She looked at Wang Teng and felt that this fellow was a little cheeky.

“What are you laughing at?” Yao Yu frowned and asked.

“Young Master Yao, he might be calling you… a bitch,” You Jingfu reminded him kindly as he held back his laughter.

Yao Yu immediately understood.
His expression turned cold and gloomy, as though a storm was brewing inside him.
He gritted his teeth and said, “You’re looking for death!”

“Hey, the princess over there.
Do you have poison scriptures or not?” Wang Teng ignored Yao Yu and shouted at Li Rongxue again.

Yao Yu felt indignant and upset for getting ignored.
He ordered his subordinates in a cold voice, “Kill him!”

“Hey, don’t be impatient.
She still hasn’t replied to me.
There’s no point in fighting now,” Wang Teng shouted hurriedly.

Li Rongxue was speechless.
She felt that if she didn’t reply to him, he might really walk away.
Hence, she immediately shouted, “Of course I have.
As long as you save me, I’ll pass you the poison scripture as a repayment.”

“That’s what I was waiting for.” Wang Teng laughed.
He immediately dashed towards the martial warriors that were charging at him.

At the moment, he was wearing a boxing glove in one hand and held the golden brick in the other.
It was as though he had no plans of putting up any resistance.

He slammed the head of the first person who arrived in front of him with the brick.
This was the one who shouted the most furiously just now.

Wang Teng didn’t show any mercy in his actions.
He had instilled Force into the brick, so it became extremely heavy.
The person was pushed to the ground by the overwhelming strength.

The lower half of the person’s body was buried into the ground, and his bones were all broken.
However, his upper half was still above the ground.
There was a massive bump on his head.

Wang Teng had used finesse to hit the person into the ground without splitting the person’s head.
If not, based on the weight of this brick, even a martial warrior would die in one hit.

The other martial warriors were given a scare when they saw the miserable appearance of their companion.

This fellow was so cruel.

Wang Teng didn’t give them time to react, though.
He rushed towards the nearest person and wanted to repeat his earlier action.

The person’s expression changed entirely as he slashed his battle blade at Wang Teng.
The blade glow lit up the air around him.
Although his movements were fast and ruthless, he still wasn’t able to hit Wang Teng.


The person was shoved into the ground with a loud bang.

At that moment, a sword glow attacked Wang Teng from the back.
He tilted his body and evaded it just in time.
Then, with a step, he appeared behind the attacker and sent him into the ground.

Yao Yu’s subordinates weren’t his match at all.
They were all shoved into the ground after a few attacks.
Their uncovered heads had huge bumps on them, looking like plants growing on the field.

Wang Teng stopped.
He patted the dust off his body and raised his head to look at Yao Yu.
“What do you say now?”

“4-star soldier level.
If that’s your confidence, you can die now.” Yao Yu held the long blade in his hand and walked towards Wang Teng slowly.

“Be careful.
Yao Yu entered the 4-star level not long ago.
Although his character is lousy, he’s a famous talent in Yang City,” Li Rongxue shouted.

“Thank you for your compliment.
It looks like your impression of me is not that bad.” Yao Yu smiled slightly.

“Unfortunately, you used your talent in the wrong areas.
You embarked on the crooked path and brought destruction on yourself,” Li Rongxue said coldly.

“Who cares if it’s the enlightened or the crooked path? They all lead to the same end.” Yao Yu couldn’t care less about morality.

“You’re obstinate,” Li Rongxue said in disdain.

“Alright, stop bickering with one another.
You make me look like an outsider.
Let’s finish this quickly.
I still have to go back and sleep.” Wang Teng yawned uncontrollably as he said in a helpless tone.

Li Rongxue rolled her eyes and turned quiet.

“Since you’re so eager to die, I’ll fulfill your wish.” Yao Yu shook his head as though he was feeling pity.

The next moment, he turned into lingering shadows and dashed towards Wang Teng.

Wang Teng smiled slightly.
The moment he took out his battle sword from his weapon carrier casket, Yao Yu had already arrived in front of him.
He swept the blade at his head.

Wang Teng raised his hand to block it.


When the blade and the sword collided in mid-air, sparks flew everywhere and lit up the dark night.
The collision of Force caused an eruption to occur.
Their hairs flew up because of the strong wind.

“You have some skills.”

Yao Yu’s gaze froze slightly.
He swept with his left leg, but Wang Teng raised his leg to block it.
He retrieved his battle sword and formed a flaming sword glow.


Yao Yu tilted his body, dodging the sword glow as it flashed past in front of him.
However, the edge of his shirt got scraped by the fire.
It started giving off a burnt smell.

Neither of them used their full force until now.
They were just testing each other.

The battle started for real now.
Within a few breaths, they had exchanged many blows.


A loud explosion shook the surroundings.
The two of them retreated while panting slightly.

“Who on earth are you?” Yao Yu had become more serious when he stared at Wang Teng.
His mind was working furiously, but he couldn’t remember where Wang Teng came from.

He possessed such ability at such a young age.
He was definitely not some nobody.
Hence, he must be an outsider.

“My Yao family is quite powerful in Yang City.
You still have a chance to stop now,” Yao Yu said with a flickering gaze.

The Yao family! Wang Teng wondered to himself. What kind of coincidence is this? He said, “I’m sorry.
I seem destined to clash with the Yao family.”

Yao Yu’s expression turned gloomy.
What kind of reason was this? He was just saying that there was no room for discussion.

I’ll just help you on your way to Netherworld.”

He held the long blade in his hand and focused, releasing a sharp blade aura.
Yao Yu’s body was engulfed in gold Force.
They turned into numerous blade glows.

“Blade presence!”

“Be careful.
Yao Yu has already comprehended his blade presence!” Li Rongxue shouted in fear.

Wang Teng remained calm.

“Sword presence!” Li Rongxue was flabbergasted.
This fellow had gotten his sword presence too.


The sword presence and the blade presence collided forcefully.

The sword glow and the blade glow intertwined with each other.
It felt like the bombardment of gold and iron.
They frittered each other away, not refusing to give to the other.

In the end, no one was able to come on top.
Along with a loud explosion, they disappeared at the same instant.

A black figure dashed out from the dust.

“Your Force should almost be depleted!”

A glaring ice blue glow erupted from Yao Yu’s palm.

“Ice Force.
Yao Yu is a double-element martial warrior.” Li Rongxue seemed to have discovered something incredible, and her face became a little pale.
Was her hope going to be destroyed?

“Go and die!” A killing intent flashed past Yao Yu’s eyes.
He pushed his palm on Wang Teng’s chest.

A strange smile appeared at the edge of Wang Teng’s lips as a similar ice blue glow congregated on his palm.
He met his opponent’s palm with his own.


Yao Yu was sent flying back.
He felt a powerful Force enveloping his body.
He was thunderstruck.
“How is this possible?”

[1] In Chinese, it’s ‘fan jian,’ which means I’m bitchy

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