me over!” When Yao Yu turned around, the first thing he saw was the brick.
He remembered how his subordinates had ended up, and his expression changed.
He kept moving back on all fours.

“Don’t worry.
I’ll be gentle,” Wang Teng said softly.

“Why will I believe you? Don’t come over.” Yao Yu used all his limbs as he tried to move away from this harmless-looking yet a ruthless and vicious young man.

“Sigh, no one is willing to believe me.” Wang Teng felt helpless and stopped chasing the pitiful guy.
Instead, he threw his brick into the air, and it flew towards Yao Yu.




The brick smashed onto Yao Yu’s head with a dull thud.
Yao Yu screamed in agony.
Then came the sound of him slamming onto the ground.
These three different sounds appeared almost at the same instant.

“Why do you have to do this? If you didn’t run, I wouldn’t have to be so harsh.” Wang Teng picked up his brick and let out a sigh.

Li Rongxue felt the corners of her lips twitching.
She could almost see a foxtail swaying behind this young man.

Wang Teng lifted the unconscious Yao Yu and carried him over to Li Rongxue.
He then threw him on the ground in front of her.

“This is for you.”

Li Rongxue felt a little awkward.
She said, “I have no energy, and I can’t move.
Can you help me check if there’s any antidote on him?”

Wang Teng nodded.
He took down Yao Yu’s space ring and used his spiritual power to break it forcefully.

“Ah!” Yao Yu suddenly shouted in pain.
He woke up with a start and vomited a mouthful of blood.
His face was pale, and there were huge beads of perspirations on his forehead.

Wang Teng: …

“What are you doing?” Yao Yu was astounded.
He then noticed his space ring in Wang Teng’s hand.
“That’s my space ring.
Return it to me!”

Wang Teng ignored him.
He used his spiritual power to scan the contents of the ring.

“Found it!”

After some time, a jade bottle appeared in his hand.
He poured a pill out and stuffed it in Li Rongxue’s mouth.

“Cough, cough.” Li Rongxue was caught off guard and choked on the pill, falling into a coughing fit.
She rolled her eyes and said, “Can you be more gentle?”

“It was a mistake! A mistake!” Wang Teng laughed awkwardly.

“You don’t have a girlfriend, right?” Li Rongxue asked.

I’m handsome and talented.
Many girls are chasing after me.
How can I not have a girlfriend? What a joke,” Wang Teng replied in a righteous tone with no chance in his expression.

“Hmph!” Li Rongxue glanced at him from the corner of her eyes as she snorted.

“Oh right, wasn’t there another person just now? Where did he go?” Wang Teng felt a little awkward.
He looked around and changed the topic.

“He ran away when he noticed the situation going south,” Li Rongxue replied.

“What a pity!” Wang Teng found it a little regretful.

Li Rongxue glanced secretly at the martial warriors who were buried in the ground.
She wanted to know what there was to regret.

“What do you plan to do with this fellow?” Wang Teng asked.

“I want him to pay the price.” Li Rongxue shifted her gaze to Yao Yu.
There was anger in her eyes.

“Princess, I was blinded by lust.
Please spare me once,” Yao Yu immediately pleaded.
His face was pale, and he was shivering.

Li Rongxue had regained her ability to move after consuming the antidote.
She picked up a long sword and walked towards Yao Yu.

“Don’t kill me.
Don’t kill me….” Yao Yu was startled.
He said agitatedly, “You can raise any requirements as long as you spare me.
My father will definitely agree.
Don’t you want to concoct the Purple Core Bone Revitalizing Pill for Lord Yang to cure his poison? The cockscomb of the Cockscomb Jade Scale Python is just one of the main ingredients.
Our Yao family has one of the remaining two main ingredients you are looking for.”

Li Rongxue stopped in her tracks, and her pupils moved quickly in her eyes.
After some time, she let out a long sigh and asked, “Which one?”

“Purple Core Herb!” Yao Yu replied instantly.

“Purple Core Herb! It’s the Purple Core Herb.
Where did you get it?” Li Rongxue was elated.

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