past, they had a limited understanding of martial warriors.
Their only source of information about martial warriors was the internet.
However, many gory scenes or even news about martial warriors were restricted content.
Ordinary civilians didn’t have access to them.

But the restriction had been loosened now.
For instance, ordinary people were allowed to view the National Number One Martial Arts Competition so that they could personally view these ghastly scenes.

This was to let everyone know what a martial warrior represented!

“This, this is so scary!” Tian Xiaoxiao’s face turned white as she muttered to herself.

“What else? This is the real martial warriors’ world,” said Xu Wantong.

Tian Xiaoxiao looked at Xu Wantong silently.
Then, she glanced at Lin Chuhan and was surprised.
“Chuhan, don’t you find it scary?”

“My father was a martial warrior,” Lin Chuhan gritted her teeth and replied.

Tian Xiaoxiao and Xu Wantong were stunned.
They thought that Lin Chuhan came from an ordinary family.
They had no idea that her father was a martial warrior.

Why didn’t she mention it in the past?

They exchanged glances with each other before observing Lin Chuhan’s expression.
In the end, they didn’t probe further.

At the same time, on the other side of the audience stand, Wang Shengguo and Li Xiumei went silent.
They knew that the martial warriors’ world was full of dangers, but they had a deeper understanding of it after the competition today.

Now they understood the grim reality behind the glamorous front of martial warriors.

Blood, cruelty, death…

These harsh words flashed past their minds.
When they looked at Wang Teng’s figure again, their gazes were filled with worry.

Wang Teng was used to these scenes, though.
He had experienced worse battles.
Compared to them, the brutality in the arenas was nothing.

Time passed slowly.
Wang Teng returned to the resting area again after his match ended.
He sat down in a corner and secretly collected all the attribute bubbles scattered around Dragon’s Den.

Fire Force*10

Water Force*5 Enlightenment*12

Metal Sword Presence*10

Huh? Metal sword presence? Wang Teng wondered to himself.
This attribute bubble had caught his attention.

It was another sword presence attribute!

Wang Teng already possessed a metal sword presence, but it was only at the seventh level.
He was still a distance away from enlightening his metal sword conscious.

He never expected to receive this sword presence in the competition.

After collecting the attribute bubble, he felt that he had a deeper understanding of his metal sword presence.

Are there any more?

Wang Teng retraced the path of his spiritual power and found the arena where the metal sword presence came from.
He looked in that direction and saw a familiar figure battling in the arena.

This person was none other than his Senior Sister Wan Baiqiu!

During this trip, Wang Teng had gotten familiar with Han Zhu, Wan Baiqiu, and the other seniors.
Hence, when he saw her match, he stopped to take a look.

The metal sword presence came from Wan Baiqiu’s opponent.
Wang Teng had some impression of this young man.
He was the young master of the Qianyuan Sect, Zhao Yuanwu.

Holding a longsword in one hand, he exuded a fierce metal sword presence.
Rays of golden sword aura intertwined in the air and draped over Wan Baiqiu like a huge net, leaving bloody wounds on her body.

Wang Teng couldn’t help but frown.

Wan Baiqiu wasn’t Zhao Yuanwu’s match.
However, his senior sister was a proud lady.
Even at this stage, she refused to admit defeat.

“Zhao Yuanwu is already at the 5-star soldier level.
Senior Sister has no chance of winning.” Wang Teng sighed and shook his head.
He observed Zhao Yuanwu’s cultivation level using his Spiritual Sight.

In the arena, Zhao Yuanwu remained expressionless and said calmly, “Admit defeat.”

Wan Baiqiu didn’t reply.
Instead, the long whip in her hand flashed like water waves as she twirled it around.
It formed the shape of a python when she lashed it out at Zhao Yuanwu.

“Hmph, you overestimate yourself.” Zhao Yuanwu sneered, bright golden rays congregating at the tip of his sword.

He slashed his sword out.

The python was beheaded instantly.
Wan Baiqiu’s long whip got chopped into two from his attack.

Zhao Yuanwu continued his victorious pursuit and executed another attack.

Wan Baiqiu was startled.
She evaded hastily, but it was too late.
She had no choice but to set up a defensive wall with her Force.

The attack hit the barrier like a speeding truck.
Blood dripped down from her lips, and she flew backward by the momentum.


Wan Baiqiu slammed violently on the ground.
She vomited another mouthful of blood.

Her aura was weak, and she couldn’t get up.
Despair flashed past her eyes.
She opened her mouth and wanted to admit defeat.
“I admit _11


Unexpectedly, someone kicked her on her back.


Wan Baiqiu leaned back.
Her face turned pale, and blood flowed out of her mouth uncontrollably.

“Zhao Yuanwu!” Han Zhu and the others were watching the match too.
When they saw this scene, they were infuriated.
They glared at Zhao Yuanwu like daggers.
“She hasn’t admitted defeat yet.” Zhao Yuanwu smiled as he looked at them.
He raised his leg and stepped on Wan Baiqiu again.


Wan Baiqiu vomited blood and fainted.

“Useless.” Zhao Yuanwu smiled in contempt.
He didn’t have any tender feelings for the fairer sex.
Instead, he wiped his shoes on Wan Baiqiu’s back and said coldly, “You should have admitted defeat sooner with this little ability of yours.
Why did you waste my time? You were just asking for a beating.”

“Bastard!” His words ignited flames of anger in the other students’ hearts.

Wang Teng also stood up gradually and squinted.
There was a vicious glint in his eyes.
This fellow is infuriating!

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