is on par with Zhao Yuanwu!”

They were flabbergasted, especially with the strength Wang Teng had displayed.
He was a worthy rival of Zhao Yuanwu.
He wasn’t at any disadvantage at all.

This was totally unexpected!

General Bai’s live steam room experienced a few seconds of silence before comments erupted like a volcano.

“Oh my god, what did I just see? Wang Teng is so powerful!”

“Wang Teng never used his full strength before.
He only showed it when he met Zhao Yuanwu.”

“Exhilarating! Impressive!”


Most people here were attracted by Wang Teng’s brick because they found it interesting.
But now, the stark contrast between his serious and interesting fighting styles enchanted them even more.
From the initial interest, they had turned into his fans.

On the second floor of the audience stand, Peng Yuanshan smiled.

“Good riddance!”

The other heads looked at each other with excitement in their eyes.
Their understanding of Wang Teng’s ability was refreshed time and again.

This felt invigorating for some reason!

Yan Kang, the president of the martial arts academy of Jinlin University, was dumbstruck.
He completely lost his cool.
How was this possible?

Was Wang Teng really a freshman? How could he be so strong?

How did Huanghai groom him?

Yan Kang felt frustrated in his heart.
He should have fought harder to get Wang Teng into their school.
Well, it was hard not to regret now.

Wang Teng used his bare fists to destroy all the flaming blade attacks Zhao Yuanwu threw at him.

The Eight Level Devil Scripture trained the physical body, making it indomitable.
Even if Wang Teng did not have any weapons, Zhao Yuanwu wouldn’t be able to hurt him.

Despite looking like a normal human with an average body, he seemed tall and towering at this moment.

He was like an ape that had gone berserk.
He strode forward, suppressing Zhao Yuanwu’s raging attacks.

Everyone felt their blood boiling with excitement as they watched this scene.

Zhao Yuanwu was infuriated.
He had never received such treatment ever since the start of the competition.
He was always the one who gave other people a thrashing.
Yet, he was the one getting trashed now.

By someone whom he had never taken to heart to boot.

“Move!” There was no way he could stomach this humiliation.
Zhao Yuanwu bellowed in rage, and a ferocious blade presence erupted from his body.
He waved his blade and swung it at Wang Teng.

The terrifying flaming blade presence swept through the arena.
Roaring flames attempted to swallow Wang Teng and burn him to ashes.

I was waiting for this move. A sinister smile appeared at the corner of Wang Teng’s lips.
At the same time, a battle blade appeared in his hand, and he swung it down.

An equally formidable flaming blade presence exploded from the blade.
It collided with Zhao Yuanwu’s blade presence like a tsunami.


The flames burst and soared into the sky.

Two gigantic blade glows started corroding one another.
In the end, Wang Teng’s blade glow won and chopped Zhao Yuanwu’s blade aura into two.

“How is this possible?”

Zhao Yuanwu widened his eyes in disbelief.
In his stupor, he couldn’t dodge in time and got hit by the blade attack.
At that moment, he felt as if he was struck by lightning.
He flew back abruptly and vomited a mouth of blood in mid-air.

“Zhao Yuanwu… was defeated!”

The audience found this incredible.

“Wang Teng’s blade presence is close to blade conscious!” Some people saw through his attack, and the conclusion left them thunderstruck.

Blade conscious was much more powerful than blade presence.
It was harder to understand too.

Yet, Wang Teng was close to enlightening his blade conscious.

How old was he!

What kind of a monster was he?

Wang Teng had merely revealed a fraction of his ability, but it was enough to make everyone’s jaws drop to the floor.
They found it unbelievable.

He was only a freshman, but he was a worthy opponent of a talent like Zhao Yuanwu.
He even won against him, displaying incredible talent.

Everyone was mind blown!

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