p>The commentator repeated Luo Cheng’s words like a loudspeaker, “Luo Cheng wants the big arena!”

“F**k, what’s the big arena?”

“That’s right.
Can you explain it?”

Most of the ordinary people didn’t understand what the big arena was.
They were confused and kept whispering to each other.

The two words weren’t hard to understand, but in this situation, they didn’t know what they represented.

“Cough.” The commentator coughed awkwardly before hurriedly explaining, “When the participant feels that their arena can’t allow them to display their full capability, they can ask for a large-sized arena.
Normally, only extremely confident contestants will make this choice.
They have to be 5-star soldier level and above too.
We all know that 5-star soldier-level martial warriors can escape the bind of the earth and fly into the sky.
It looks like Luo Cheng is taking his match with Wang Teng very seriously.”

Everyone was enlightened.

“I see.
So the match will be exciting.”

“Both of them have reached the 5-star soldier level? That means that they might fight in the air.”

“Zhao Yuanwu is a 5-star soldier-level martial warrior too.
Why didn’t he choose the big arena?”

“Hmph, he looked down on Wang Teng.”

Zhao Yuanwu’s face turned black when he got mentioned for no reason.

He was already furious after losing to Wang Teng.
Yet, these people were exposing his scars continuously.
Who could bear with this?

Ji Xiuming and Ren Qingcang couldn’t help but stare at Luo Cheng.
They were surprised.

This was a quiet fellow, but he knew how to play the game.

“The application for the big arena won’t be approved so easily.
The leaders who are supervising this match are discussing this matter.
Let’s wait for their decision,” the commentator said.

On the platforms, the important figures were exchanging silent whispers.
A few minutes later, they arrived at a conclusion.

“Alright, the result is out,” the commentator said.

“Luo Cheng’s application is… approved!”

“Now, let’s invite the two participants off the arena for a break.
We’ll proceed with your match after the other 14 participants finish theirs.”

Wang Teng shook his head.

So troublesome!

However, he still walked down the arena, not thinking too much about it.

The big arena was just another venue for his match.
It didn’t matter to him.

The other matches continued normally.
Wang Teng found a random seat after he went down and started watching the matches happily.

Ji Xiuming and Ren Qingcang’s matches were exceptionally exciting.
As expected of the hot favorites of this competition, they were powerful.

Everyone was in the top 16, but their abilities trampled other contestants.

They didn’t take long to end their matches.
They didn’t even need to display their full strength.

Wang Teng was a little disappointed.
He picked up the attribute bubbles they dropped.

Metal Force*50

Earth Force*68

Lightning Force*46

Fire Force*60

The metal Force came from Ji Xiuming, while the lightning Force belonged to Ren Qingcang.
Their elements were obvious.

Wang Teng ignored them and watched the other matches.

Han Zhu’s opponent was Chao Qihe from Jinlin University, their leading figure in fact.
It was a fierce fight.
The two contestants were pretty even.

Mind you, the students from Jinlin University weren’t weak.
The first few got tormented by Wang Teng until they questioned their lives, but fortunately, Wang Teng didn’t fight with any more Jinlin University students after that.

They managed to keep some of their dignity.

The president of Jinlin University’s martial arts academy sighed in relief.
Without a doubt, he knew that Chao Qihe would get smashed by the brick too if he had met Wang Teng.

Thank God!

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