Chapter 366: Wang Teng Versus Ji Xiuming

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Wang Teng looked at the lady lying below his feet and shook his head.
A lady’s chest was never in proportion with her intelligence.

Don’t you know every man is a liar?


You will suffer if you don’t understand this truth.

This is a free lesson for you.

Wang Teng almost got touched by his own kindness.
How can I be so outstanding? There aren’t many compassionate people like me in this era.




Wood Force*66

Wang Teng picked up the attribute bubbles and left.

Honestly, there were only a few people whom he took seriously among the top 16.

The other contestants were no doubt powerful, but they were still a distance away from the ones in the first tier.

The top four matches took place in the morning.

Wang Teng advanced successfully.
Ji Xiuming and Ren Qingcang didn’t spend too much time either in entering the top four.

The last person would be decided between Luo Cheng and Zhao Yuanwu.

In the end, Zhao Yuanwu lost.

In front of a true 6-star soldier-level martial warrior, much less an equally talented 6-star soldier-level martial warrior, the difference of one star was like a chasm.

Not everyone could defeat someone with a higher level like Wang Teng.

Thus, after losing to Wang Teng, Zhao Yuanwu suffered another painful loss.

The top four were decided very soon.
The other three were expected, while Wang Teng made his entrance as a black horse.
Even until now, many people were recollecting the pleasant memories of his previous match.

When the crowd dispersed, everyone was still engaged in heated discussions.

“The top two will be decided in the afternoon.
I wonder who will be fighting for the no.
1 title in the end.”

“I think Ji Xiuming and Ren Qingcang have higher chances.”

“Who knows? Wang Teng has been looking relaxed so far.
I don’t think he has displayed his full strength yet.”

“Now that I think about it, that seems to be the truth.”

When they returned to the hotel, Han Zhu asked, “You will be meeting Ji Xiuming or Ren Qingcang in the afternoon.
Are you nervous?”

Based on Han Zhu’s ranking, he would enter the top ten.
Hence, he was in a good mood and even started teasing Wang Teng.

“What’s there to be nervous about? To me, he’s just a normal opponent,” Wang Teng said calmly.

“How daring of you.
Those two are the hot favorites for the title.
How can they be compared to ordinary contestants?” Wan Baiqiu was speechless.

“You flatter them too much.
If you peel away their flamboyant shell, they are just normal people.
They will be defeated too,” Wang Teng shook his head and replied.

The students from Huanghai Military Academy glanced at one another.
They felt that his words made sense, but it still sounded weird.

“Fine, you’re right.
You’re the handsome one after all,” Han Zhu said.


Wang Teng: …

Everyone: …

The entire nation was talking about the competition.
When friends met each other on the streets in the afternoon, they didn’t ask “Have you eaten?” Instead, they greeted each other with “Have you watched the martial arts competition?” or “Who do you think will be the champion?”

The competition was trending on the internet too, and the topic regarding the champion rose to the top.
All the celebrities’ rumors had to move to the side.

The National Number One Martial Arts Competition had become the main discussion topic for the public.

In the afternoon, the Dragon’s Den was jam-packed.
There were no empty seats.
It was filled with people to the brink.

The commentator began the introduction, “Ladies and gentlemen, we’re about to welcome the finale of this competition.
Now, we need to determine the contenders for the champion title.
From Ji Xiuming, Ren Qingcang, Wang Teng, and Luo Cheng, who will emerge as the winner? Let us wait and see.
Alright, enough with the talk.
Let’s start the competition.
Please look at the big screen!”

When his words ended, the match list appeared.

Wang Teng versus Ji Xiuming

Luo Cheng versus Ren Qingcang


Wang Teng’s eyes lit up.
“My opponent is Ji Xiuming!”

He stood up and walked to the arena.

“Ji Xiuming!”

The girl fans went crazy when they saw Ji Xiuming, screaming at the top of their lungs.

Ji Xiuming’s popularity was frightening.

Wang Teng felt the corners of his lips twitching.
He would never admit that he felt a little jealous.

That brat isn’t even as handsome as me!

Tian Xiaoxiao kept swaying her head from left to right.
“What should I do? Oh my god, Ji Xiuming is so handsome.
However, I should be firmly supporting Little Brother Wang Teng…”

Lin Chuhan: …

“Can you have a bottom line?” Xu Wantong held her forehead.

“Alright, I’ll stand firmly on Little Brother Wang Teng’s side.” Tian Xiaoxiao resolutely nodded with a serious expression.

In the arena.

Wang Teng and Ji Xiuming walked up to the stage and stood still.

Ji Xiuming was like a sword.
His eyebrows, eyes, lips… all his features were as sharp as a sword.
Even a stranger could tell that he was a swordsman at one glance.


With his sword talent, he must have enlightened his sword conscious.
Wang Teng wondered to himself as he looked at his opponent.

Ji Xiuming held his long sword and turned to look at the judge.
“Please bring up the big arena.”

No one was surprised by his request.
The decision arrived quickly as well, and the big arena was activated once again.

“Alright, we can have a proper match now,” Ji Xiuming smiled at Wang Teng.
“At first, I thought that Ren Qingcang was the only person who needed my attention.
After some time, I realized that you’re not bad either.
We were wrong—”

“Cut the crap.
Let’s start!” Wang Teng cut him short.

Ji Xiuming’s gaze froze.


His aura exploded as he strode forward.
The long sword in his hand turned into lingering shadows as it danced in the air.
As expected, his sword skill was exquisite.

Wang Teng remained cool as a cucumber.
He grabbed Mo Que and chopped it down.

No matter how skillful your sword skill is, I have my way of breaking it!


Force erupted like a volcano.
Ji Xiuming was forced to retract his sword to evade the attack.

Ji Xiuming had to retreat in the first round!

The audience rubbed their eyes.
They found it unbelievable.

“No way.
Ji Xiuming has never failed in his sword attacks, but he suffered a setback because of Wang Teng!”

“Did Ji Xiuming underestimate his opponent?”

“Wang Teng gained the upper hand in the first round.
It looks like this will be an exciting competition.”

“Ji Xiuming, fighting!”

After forcing Ji Xiuming back, Wang Teng moved and disappeared on the spot.
He bolted towards Ji Xiuming and swung Mo Que down ruthlessly.

Ji Xiuming’s expression changed.
However, he didn’t retaliate.
Instead, he aimed his sword at Wang Teng’s heart, using an attack as his defense.

If Wang Teng didn’t abandon his attack, both of them would be injured seriously.
He wasn’t stupid.

A glint flashed past his eyes.
He hurled Mo Que back and punched his left fist out, aiming straight at Ji Xiuming’s face.

Ji Xiuming’s expression changed again.
He pushed his palm out.


Once the fist and palm collided, Force gushed out.
The powerful impact caused both of them to retreat a few meters.

They exchanged glances with each other and released their wings..
An instant later, only flashes of their figures were visible as they soared into the sky, engaging in an even more intense battle.

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